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 "Calypso's MANUAL OF HOOKLESS FISHING is a book which will appeal to all those interest in the world of fishes is more than just a fleeting one. The manual itself serves two purposes.

It itemises and explains in detail all methods of fish catching where the objective is to obtain undamaged, healthy specimens. It discusses at length the use of nets ( both hand and stationed ), traps and lures, dopes and tranquillisers , and the techniques involved in the use of these items of equipment - both from 'dry ground' and diving viewpoints It also discusses most aspects of the catch's capture, sorting, temporary storage, transportation, and eventual settlement in captivity. The ancillary equipment required for successful movement of the catch - from the collecting site to base -together with associated problems such as oxygen supply, packaging, and customs specifications is also detailed. The latter point is extremely useful should cross- border travel be encountered or anticipated. Whether the reader does or does not know the difference between a Coral Cod and a Clownfish a Pike and a Tilapia; or from a Lionfish and a Seahorse, the use, either jointly or singly of some of the ideas contained in this book should enable anyone who so wishes to catch any or any of them , and transport them home alive and well."

Publisher Description :A guide to the catching and transportation of living specimens,. The complete D.I.Y. for aquarists and students. Covers every aspect of preparation, collection and the return journey. Marine and freshwater, coldwater and tropical, using nets, traps, dopes end other methods. Also includes a comprehensive chapter on customs barriers and how to avoid getting caught without the correct paperwork and documentation. Undoubtedly THE manual on hookless fishing.

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine . 1979



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