Code: Pool 1 125 gallon Emergency inflatable pools. Ideal for temporary storage and large enough to house most pond collections. Approximately 1.3 metres wide and 60 cm plus deep. or just to amuse the children as a paddling pool., though this may be a bit of a waste for serious fishkeepers!

LIMITED STOCKS.  11.99 plus 3.99 postage

Picture to follow BIOHOME Biological Filtration medium. Sintered Glass  system in 5 litre tub.. Ideal for Koi pool filtration and outdorr pond use. 

Our Price 5 plus postage/carriage at cost  ( Its heavy)


Picture to follow NO MORE Blanket Weed. One litre tub with measure.

Seems to be a powder you just drop into the pool.

Our Price 2.50 plus postage/carriage at cost


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