The Jennings Family

 of Canada, London , Shropshire and Cheshire


Malbon's Memorial of the Civil War.

(Cowper Mss.)

A breefe & true Relacon of all suche passages & things as happened & weire donne in and aboute Namptwich in the Countie of Chester & in other plac'[es] of the same Countie. Togeither wth some other things in other Counties (not farr distant) acted and donne by some of the Com'anders officers & Soldiers of the said Towne of Namptwich (after the same was made a Garrison for Kinge & Parliamt,) scythens [since] 10 Aug 1642. Soe trulie as the wryter hereof cold [could] come by the knowledge of the same, viz.:-

Com'issioners of Arrey & Com'issioners for the Milicia.

Uppon or about the Eleaventh of Aug 1642 Sr. Will'm. Brereton, & the Deputie Lieftente for the said Countie of Chester (beinge Com'issioners for the Mylicia) wth some Considerable strength for the setlinge of the Mylicia, as was intended (on the Parliamts behalfe) came to Namptwiche. And the Commisionrs of Arraye, on the Kings behalfe (hereinge thereof) came the same daye vnto Ravensmore, a myle from the said Towne, (wth purpose to hinder theire p'ceedinge), Having wavered [i.e. waited] for many Township men both of Namptwiche Hundred, Broxton Hundred & other plac[e]s wth speciall com'andemt to come furnished wth Armes matches powder & Bullets: But to what purpose or intente the Countreymen weire most of theim altogether Ignorant. But by mediacon & meanes made vnto both p'ties (by some gents wch desyred Peace) nothinge was donne att that tyme; But agreed on both sides & soe p'mised [promised], That the People & Com'issionrs in both p'ties shold dpte. [departe] home agayne peaceablie, and the Comissioners of Arraye nor theim on theire side, not to come to the Towne that day.

Yett neu'thelesse the said Com'issioners of Arraye wth a greate company (contrary to theire p'mise and agreemt) hearinge that the said Sr Will'm.Brereton & the deputie Lieftents & theire company, weire disperced & gonne awaye, (accordinge as the same was agreed) Came in a bravado wth greate showtinge & reioycinge into the said Towne, and theire stayed a certyn ty[me] spendinge theire money and drinkinge merrilie wthout offringe any of ... [? offence] vnto the Towne & in the Evenynge depted peacablie awaye.

Lord Grandisons comynge to Namptwiche. Afterwards vpon wednesdaye 29 Sep 1642 beinge ... [Michaelmas] daye The said Towne of Namptwiche, beinge firme for the P. [arliament] standinge in opposicon agaynst the Com'issioners of Arraye, having ... [? but] smale p'vision of Armes and Am'unycon and a little ayded by the C ... [? common] people neere adioynynge & haveing began to make some ... [barricades at the] streete ends for theire owne saufeties, was assaulted ... [by the royalists] beinge under the Com'and of the Lord Grandison() ... Lord Cholmondeley, Hughe Calveley, Esqre, Heighe Sher.[riff] . . of the said countie of Chester and about 13 Troups () of Trowpers & Dragoneers amountinge in all to 11 hundred horse or more & many other gent., Came vnto the said Towne, to the Aspell Streete End, (where the Chayne was drawen ouer the streete ende) and some fewe of the said Towne wth musketts & other weapons weire placed theire sufficient for a tyme to haue opposed them & kepte theim furthe. But consideringe that then the Kinge being att Shrowesbury wth great forces And by reason of the feare [i.e. fair] speeches & p'mises [promises] of the said Lorde not to Wronge the said Towne noe [nor] doe theim any harme, the Chayne was withdrawn [&] the said Lorde, Sheryff & whole Army, peaceablie vpon theire said p'mises, entered the said Towne.

But p'sentlie vpon theire entrance (contrary to theire words and p'misses) they disarmed eu'y [every] man and tooke all theire Armes & Armor from theim & all that colde bee found in eu'y howse, threatninge that whoesoeu'[er] had any Arms and did not bringe theim In, shold bee plundred. And seu'all dayes followinge the[y] yssued furthe (many of theim) And took all the Armes from Woodhey, dodington, Haslington, Baddeley and many other places. And plundered many Countrey howses & tooke many horses. And after they had had free quarter in Namptwiche vntill Mondaye then nexte followinge. They depted. [departed] away wth all they had gotten from thence, and wente to the Kinge and Prince to Shrowesbury. But the Kinge & Prince beinge att that instant att Chester & havinge intelligence of theire cominge to Shrowesbury wente thither to theim.

Edge Hill Battell.

Vpon Sondaye beinge 23 Oct 1642 his Matie & his Army And the Parliamt forces mett togeither att Edge Hill neere Banbury; wheare theire was foughte a greate & bloddye Battell many slayne and taken prsoners on bothe sides; to the nu'[m]ber of Tenne thowsand (as was supposed). But the Parliamt side had the daye, & kepte the field. The Kinges gen'[er]all was slayne; & his Sonne, the Lord willoughbie, Sr Edward Stradling, Colonell Lunsfford and others taken prsoners; The Kinges Ryall standerd berer [Sir Edmund Verney] slayne & his Standerd beaten downe & taken. But throwe the treachery of some ytt was restored agayne; many of the Kinges force fledd & the rest absolutelie Rowted.

Earle of Derbies cominge into Cheshire.

About the begynynge of Dec 1642 The Earle of Darbie (beinge on the king's p'tie) assisted wth some men and horse, (wth the Lord Cholmondeley) entered Cheshire intendinge to have plundered mr. maynwarings of Caryncham & some other of the Deputie Lieftents, Commissionrs for the milicia, & to haue seazed vpon some Parliamt Carryages wch weire cominge into Cheshire, (but they miste [missed] of theire purposes); ffor Mr Maynwaringe & the reste haveing intelligence theirof Raysed the Countrey, wch the Kings p'tie p'ceaving fledd; The Lord of Darbie came by backe wayes into Lancashire, wth his company beinge about twoe hundred. But 24 of the said Lord Cholm[onde]leys men & horse, comynge to Northwiche, weire taken theire, theire Armes & horses beinge taken from theim, & theire men sente home on foote.

Colonell Leigh of Adlington (on the Kings p'te) wth a considerable force p'sentlie afterwards entered Macclesfield in the said countie of Chester. But the said Mr. Maynwarynge wth assistance of the Countrey did dryve him thence, & hee, disgysed in a Soldyers habit, escaped; But his Drummer & more of those of his soldyers weire theire slayne ... afterwards Manchester forces comynge in to Mr. ... [? Maynwaringe's] Ayde & hee growinge stronge to the N'[m]ber of ... fyve thousand horse and foote. The Com'issioners of Array hearinge thereof All fledd wth theire goods, some into Chester Citie, some into Shrowesbury, some one waye & some another; And soe alsoe did all Parsons, viccars & others wch took p'te wth the Array p'tie; not one cold bee mett wthall. The said Mr. Maynwaringe did take (wth his company) from Colonell Leighes howse, Armes for one hundred & twentie men: and from Wrynehill Hall, old Armes for as many.

Maynwaringe his forces comynge to Namptwiche.

Vpon 10 Dec 1642 , & begynnyinge of the nexte weeke after, a great p'te of the said Mr. Maynwarings force & a brave troupe of Manchester horse & men, come all to Namptwiche, wth Captyns Lieftents, and Com'anders, bringing wth theim Three smale peeces of Ordnance, well mounted, wch weire placed att seu'all streete ends theire. And the Captyns & Souldyers, to the nu'[m]ber of one thowsand trayned eu'y daye, and behaved theim selves very well & honestlie, payinge in all theire quarters what the[y] boughte or agreede for.

Peace concluded.

The Com'issioners of Arraye, viz., Earle Ryvers; & his brother, mr Thomas Savage; Lord viscounte Kilmorey; Lord Cholmondeley; and the rest wch weire fledd to Chester, Reased [raised] all theire force together to Chester wth many Horse & foote from all theire frends & tenants in Shropshire, Cheshire, & Wales, wth many threatnynge speeches to dryve theim awaye from Namptwiche; But the[y] fortifyed theim selves in Chester Citie, and durst not sturr furthe; And att lengthe, they havinge intelligence that greater Ayde wold come to theim att Namptwiche, and suspectinge that Chester wold be assaulted, They offered p'lye & mocens (?) [parley and motions] of Peace wch the gent. att Namptwiche consented vnto. There were no'iated [nominated] for the Com'issionrs of Array on theire p'tie, The Lord Kilmorey & mr Bridgeman: and on the other p'tie, The for[e]said mr Maynwaringe and mr Marbury of Marbury; And the place appoynted was att Bunbury, in the said Countie of Chester; the 23 Dec 1642 , where the p'ties nominated did meete the same daye, and made an agreemt as followeth, viz.:-

An Agreemt made att Bunbury in the Countie of Chester for pacificacon and setlinge the Peace of the Countie by vs whose names are subscrybed aucthorized theire vnto, by the Lords and gents Com'issioners of Array & Deputie Lieftents in the said Countie.

Imprimis ytt ys agreed that theire bee an absolute cessacon of Armes from henceforthe wthin this Countie, & noe Armes to bee taken vp to offend one & other, but by Consente bothe of the Kinge and twoe howses of p'liamt vnless ytt bee to resist force broughte into this Countie.

2.-That all (but two hundred of either side) shalbe disbanded tomorrowe beinge Saturdaye, and on Mondaye all on both sides, bothe horse and ffoote.

3.-That all prsonrs on bothe sides bee enlarged As for mr Moreton whoe ys now p'sonr att Manchester the gent. (appoynted Deputie Lieftents) doe declare that hee was taken wthout theire privitie or encouragement by some Trowpers of Manchester vpon a pryvatt quarrell for takinge powder & other goods belonginge to one of Manchester; yett they will use theire utmost endeaver to p'cure his enlargemt, & desyer that the lyke endeavers bee vsed by the Lords & others Com'issioners of Arraye for the enlarginge of mr Danyell of Daresbury.

4.-That the fortificacons. att Chester, Namptwiche, Stockporte, Knottesforde, & Northwiche, or any other Towne in Cheshire, (latelie made by either p'tie) bee p'sentlie demollished.

5.-That all goods and Armes taken on bothe sides (nowe remaynynge in the Countie in specie) bee furthwth restored, and for all others that are taken furthe of the Countie, ytt ys p'mised on bothe pts. that sythens [since] the b'nefitt of the pacificacon redounds to the whole Countie That they will vse theire vtmost endeavors for a joynte contrybucon of the Countie towards satisffaction of the owners.

6.-That the Lords and gents. Com'issioners of Array before the 08 Jan 1642 nexte will p'cure [procure] from his Matie a letter, thereby declaringe, That in regard a peace ys made in the Countie, Hee will sende noe forces into this Countie, And yf any other p'son shall contrary to suche declaracon bringe forces into this Countie (passage for forces wthout doinge any hostile acte onelie excepted) The said Lords & gents. will Joyne to resiste theim. And yf any forces (wthout the consent bothe of the Kinge & bothe howses of Parliamt) shall come into this Countie (a passage for forces wthout doinge any hostile Acte onelie excepted) The said gents. (nomynated Deputie Lieftents) will resist theim & vse theire vtmost endeavers therein.

7.-In regard (that by the blessinge of God) theire ys lyke to bee a peace wthin the Countie (yf this agreement bee observed) ytt ys agreed that the Com'issioners of Array shall not any further putt the Com'ission of Arraye in execucon, nor the gent. no'iated Deputie Lieftents the ordynance of the Milicia, or execute theire Com'ission.

8.-Lastlie all the said pties. doe agree and p'myse eyche [each] to other in the worde of a Gent. and as they desyer to prosper, That as well they theim selves as alsoe all theire frends, tenants, servants and all other (in whome they haue any Interest) shall as muche as in theim lyes, p'forme this agreemt. And ytt ys further desyred that all the said pties. Joyne in a peticon vnto his Matie & bothe howses of p'liamt for puttinge an ende to the great distracons and misery fallen vpon this kingdom, by makinge a speedy peace. And ytt is agreed that Sr George Bouthe & all others wthin this Countie, whoe haue appeared either as Com'issionrs of Array or as Deputie Lieftents by reason of the ordinance of Parliamt shall (with all convaynyente speede) subscrybe this Agreemt.

The makers of this Agreemt for the Com'issioners of Arraye. My Lord of Kilmorrey. Orlando Bridgeman, Esq. for the Lieftents. Mr.[Henry] Maynwaringe of Caryncham. Mr. Marbury of Marbury.

The next daye afterwards (being Christmas Eve) All the Companyes on bothe sides weire disbanded. The tyme the forsaid Mr Maynwaringe & the forsaid company contynued in Namptwiche was iust a fortnighte. But this Peace did not longe contynue, but did breake on the Com'issioners of Arrayes side, in that the fortificacons att Chester weire not throwne downe & the said Com'issioners contyneued still in Chester encreasinge theire forces & renewinge theim daylie.

Will[ia]m Brereton comynge to Namptwiche.

Vppon Saturday the 28 Jan 1642[-3] then nexte following 1642[-3] Sr Will'm. Brereton Baronett (Colonell and Com'ander in Chiefe of the p'liamt forces in these ptes.) Comynge towards Namptwiche, wth reasonable good strength to releave the said Towne (beinge in greate danger to bee plundred & destroyed by the Kinges Armye and Com'issioners of Arraye) in this Countie (contrary to theire p'mises & agreemt as aforesaid) Sr Thomas Aston wth about fyve hundred horse of the Kinges forces lyinge in wayte for the said Sr Will'm., and meetinge wth him & all his carryedges & forces hee had neere the end of the Aspell streete att Namptwiche betwixt & Cheerbrooke (being more in nu'ber than the said Sr Will'm.) aboute four a Clocke in the afternoone The[y] joyned Battell, wch contynued very sore, & doubtfull on bothe sides, vntill about seyven a Clocke in the Nighte ytt beinge soe darke they cold not see one the other. But Sr Will'm. havinge a case of Drakes vpon Carryage readie charged, discharged the same vpon the Kinges ptie., wch did some execucon. & soe affrighted theim, that they weire all scattered & quyte Rowted; And tooke p'soners Captyn Chom'ley, (a base sonne of the Lord Chom'ley) Captyn Bridgemann, & of officers & Soldiers about one hundred; And three score horse or aboue; wth many Armes, Cloakbages, and pillage (as was thought) to the value of one thowsand pounds; many wounded; & some men & horse slayn; the certyn nu'ber (beinge a very darke Nighte) cold neu' [never] bee certynlie knowne. Sr Will'm. Brereton lost a Lieftent, & one Vernon, and William Brereton, (beinge twoe com'on Soldyers); had many wounded (thoughe neither mortaly nor meamed [maimed]). And soe (God gyvinge him the victory) about 8 a Clocke in the Nighte hee entered the Towne, wth great reioycinge of the inhabitaunce thereof, & the saufety of the same whoe gave & ascrybed all prayse & Glory vnto God for his greate mercyes towards theim (wth his p'soners & pillage). Sr. Thomas Aston Rowted at Namptwiche.

Captyns wth Companyes cominge to Namptwiche.

On Sonday the Towne was quyett, And vpon Mondaye the 30 Jan 1642[-3] , The foresaid mr Maynwaringe & other greate forces bravely Armed, came in Ayde of the Towne to Sr Will'm. Brereton; And the nexte weeke followinge come vnto him alsoe to Namptwiche Captyn Duckenfield, Captyn Hyde, Captyn Marbury, & many other Captyns, and Com'anders wth a good nu'ber bothe of horse and foote; And lykewyse came to theim, all or most of the gent. (well affected to the Parliamt) lyvinge in the Countrey, to the nu'ber of twoe thowsand; wch many tymes yssued furthe & broughte In prvision, & great store of prysoners.

Battell on Tilston Heath.

In ffebruary Sr Willm. Brereton. sente furthe his warrants to Somon [summon] In the Countie all betwixte the Age of 16 yeres & threescore To meete att a gen'all muster att Torpley [Tarporley] & ffroddesham on Tuesday the 21 Feb 1642[-3] ; wch the Comissioners of Arraye havinge notice of yssued furthe of Chester, wth all theire forces, well mounted and armd & broughte wth theim twoe greate Peeces of Ordnance, & entrenched theim selves neere Tilston Heath, by the Swannes Nest, & theire planted theire ordnance, where Sr Will'm. Brereton shold haue gonne to Torpley. Sr Willm. commynge wthin muskett shott of theim discharged att theim very freely and the Kinges ptie. lykewyse att him, wth theire shott & ordnance. But theire shott went over Sr Willms. company soe that non of theim weire either slayne nor maymed. But another pte. of bothe sides foughte towards Beeston & Tiverton towne fielde where an officer of Mr Maynwarings was Slayne: And 7 of the Kinges side weire Slayne & buried att Torpley, as was reported. The twoe meane [main] bodies cold not come together to feighte by reason of Bogges, & bad loe [low] wett growne [ground] wch laye betwixt theim, wch the Kinges ptie. had taken on purpose, or els ytt ys supposed that the Parliamt forces wold haue Rowted theim. But in the ende, bothe sides retreated wthout any more harme doinge; the one ptie. to Chester, And the other to Namptwiche where they contynued that weeke vntill they had fortafyed all the Towne Round aboute wth stronge Trenches & mudwalls of Clodds & Earthe.

Norton howse plundered and Barne there burned.

On Saturday the 25 Feb 1642[-3] Sr Willm. Brereton, mr Maynwaringe & some Captyns officers & Souldyers bothe horse and ffoote aboute ffyve hundred marched from Namptwiche to Knottesfford & Northwiche. And hearinge that Chester forces were plu'dringe Norton howse, (where the[y] burned a very goodly fayre Barne of 11 Bayes, havinge much Corne In the same) and that alsoe they weire plu'dring Wea[ve]ram and tooke & carryed away wth theim all that eu'y [every] one had theire, and allsoe the[y] tooke all men p'soners that they cold meet wthall, to the nu'ber of Thirtie or more, Sr Willm. did dryve theim awaye from thence & contynued there aboute fortefyinge those places well, But especially Northwiche (beinge a markett Towne) And putt a sufficiente garrison therein, whoe fetched in Daylie many horses, goods, Cattell & prsoners.

Battell att Middlewich

Vppon Saturday the 11 Mar 1642[-3] Sr Thomas Aston entered into midlewiche (a markett Towne), wth fyve hundred horse & many companyes of ffoote, & that Nighte & the Saboth daye nexte after, plu'derd & tooke from many places theire nexte adioynynge, both horses & howsholde goods wch ymedyatlie hee sente to Chester Citie. That Saboth Colonell Brereton approched to the said Towne twyse, & discharged some Shott agaynst the Towne (beinge Newter). But retyred back agayne to Northwiche (beinge not aboue three myles) where hee then laye wth part of his forces. And upon mondaye morninge nexte after & the 13 Mar 1642[-3] , hee with the best forces hee had theire came early in the mornynge backe to Midlewiche, & vpon Sheathe Heathe att the west end of the said Towne, Sr Thomas Aston havinge taken the advantage of the said ground & wynde, & planted his ordnance, sett upon him; the fighte contynuynge longe betwixt theim equall, vntill aboute 9 or 10 a Clocke; And then about Eleaven hundred horse & foote came downe Bouthe Lane, from Namptwiche into Newton att the Southe ende of the Towne (where Sr Thomas Aston had planted a good Brasse peece of ordnance) and made ytt well manned wth foote & horse, wch Namptwiche forces p'ceyvinge did wth theire horse & foote leape into the fieldes on both sides the Lane; And wth often discharging upon Sr Thomas Astons forces and they att theim agayne, did at the longe [i.e. did at length] wyn ground of them; & did gett soe neere the ordnance, that they did dryve the mr [master] Gunner from ytt; And seazed the same, & havinge gotten ytt, the adversaryes all fledd; and the Namptwiche forces, wthin one hower or lesse entred the said Towne (wthout losse of any man), wch when the adversary p'ceyved, Sr Thos. Aston, Colonell Leighe (then the Heighe Sherryff) and as many as cold gett away vp Kinderton Streete (where wee had not any to garde that Streete) fledd awaye.

Theire was taken Prysoners Captyn Massy, [of Cuddington], Captyn Hurleston, Colonell Ellys, Maior Gilmore, Captyn Corbett, Captyn Starkie of Stretton, Captyn Morris, Captyn John Damporte, [Davenport] of Woodforde, Captyn John Johnes, Captyn Horton, Captyn Eaton, Captyn Lloid, Captyn Massie, Lieftent Thomas Dodd, Sharley, Hosyer, Jeinyinge, & Maxie, ensignes; Warde, Proudlove, Morrye, Davenporte, three Cannoniers; twoe Corporalls, Lea & Gleave; two peeces of ordnance, foure Barrells of Powder, two Barrells of Matches; ffoure hundred Comon Soldyers, Armes for fyve hundred men; And alsoe Sr Edward Mosley, [Moseley] a greate welthy Baronett of Lancashire & Lorde of Manchester, wch weire all broughte prsoners to Namptwiche, wth losse of Comon Soldyers under or about tenne; And not one Captyn or Comander on the p'liamts side, neither slayne, or hurte.

A daye of thankesgyvinge. Vppon Wednesdaye nexte after, was a very soleme daye of thankesgyvynge held att Namptwiche, wth preachinge, prayers & Ringinge of Bells.

Battell at Salteheath.

Vppon Sondaye the 19 Mar 1642[-3] Sr Willm. Brereton wth some troupes and Companyes of horse and foote did meete Sr John Gell wth his forces vpon a Comon, about twoe myles from Stafford (called Salte Heathe) The[y] Joynynge theire forces together entendinge to have beseiged Stafford (beinge then held by the Kinges ptie.) weire interrupted by meetinge a stronge ptie. furthe of Staff.[ord] to the nu'ber of 17 hundred horse (as was supposed) where theire was a fierce & bloddy Battell, the Kinges ptie. being in nu'ber almost three to one: And there the Parliamt forces, wth losse of 14 Comon Soldyers did Rowte the Kinges forces, & slewe the Earle of Northampton & broughte his bodie awaye & tooke one mr Chamberlayne & some others prsoners, And also slewe all or most of theire Captyns & chefe Comanders to the nu'ber of threescore or thereabouts, (whereof Captyn Bagshawe was one) and fyve or six hundred Soldyers, and had the pillaginge of some of theire dead.

And after they had dryven those of the Kinges ptie. wch weire lefte into Stafford Sr Willm. retorned wth his forces to Namptwiche on Thursdaye nighte afterwards & broughte ytt. Soe that the fyer encreasinge and they p'ceyving his Crueltie, to save the Towne from utter desolacon, Colonell Brereton Reased the seige & wthdrewe his forces away, after they had lyen agaynst ytt three dayes.

Prisoners removed to Manchester.

Vpon Loe [Low] Sondaye att Nighte, about midnighte, was p'soners removed from Namptwiche, & sente to Manchester, (wch Colonell Brereton had longe kept their) viz: Sr Edward Mosley, Colonell Ellys, Maior Gilmore, Captyn Cholmley, Captyn Massie, Captyn Hurleston, Captyn Johnes, Captyn Eaton, Captyn Horton, or Captain Morrys whoe weire garded thither wth twoe Companyes of Dragoners & theire saufelie deliv'ed.

Captyn Massie plu'dred.

Vpon the 10 Apr 1643 The Kinges ptie., wch lay in Whitchurch, yssued furthe and plu'dred Captyn Massie, of Moshowse, [near Audlem] & tooke awaye from him Three score head of Cattell, & some of his howshold goods, & horses from many others: the newes thereof beinge broughte to Namptwiche, some companyes, beinge speedylie readie, marched towards Whitchurche, thinkinge to haue mett theim before they had gotten into the Towne, but they came halfe an hower to[o] late: Yett notwthstandinge, the[y] mett wth some of theire company; slewe three of theim, tooke 12 Oxen, some Armes, wch they had throwen awaye in theire fleight, & 15 p'soners whereof yonge mr Bulkeley of Buntingsdall was one.

Battell at Burledam.

The nexte daye afterwards Intelligence was broughte to Namptwiche that Whitchurch forces (beinge very stronge) entended wth theire Carts to fetche all the goods that Captyn Massie had; where vpon the[y] Reased almost all the forces in Namptwiche, bothe horse & foote, to the nu'ber of one thowsand or more, And marched towards Whitchurch. Att Burledam, they mett the Kinges ptie., But after a shorte skirmishe they fled back towards Whitchurche, yett not soe speedylie, but fyve of theim were slayne, & some p'soners of theim taken, wthout losse or hurte of any; onelie the[y] tooke three of our men p'soners, viz: John Abnett, Thomas Parker, Captyn Croxtons man & horse, wch the[y] carryed wth theim to Whitchurche; And the nexte daye after the[y] sente theim to Shrowesbury. And the Namptwiche forces retorned home in saufetie, havinge preserved Captyn Massie from any further plu'dringe att that tyme.

Sr Richard Wilbraham decessed.

Vppon Mondaye in Easter weeke the 03 Apr 1643 Sr Richard Wilbraham, of Woodhey, Knight, and Baronett, a verie worthie gent., and a good Justice of the Peace, & p'vidente for his Country, beinge kepte prsoner by the Kinge, eu' [ever] scythens his Maties first comynge to Chester Citie; first in Chester, & afterwards to Shrowesbury, where hee ended his Lyfe: and towards the later ende of the same weeke, was broughte to Acton Churche (a myle from Namptwiche) where hee was p'vatlie Buried. (the occasion of his ymprsonmt was neu' [never] certynlie revayled.)

An Alaram on Chester.

The nexte weeke after Easter most of the Captyns, officers, trowprs and Dragoners marched from Namptwiche vp & downe to p'serve the Country from plu'dringe; and on Saturday in the same weeke, The[y] faced the Citie of Chester, came to Boughton & killed one of the Citie garde And gave a stronge Alaram vpon the Citie; they of the Citie tooke one of the Namptwiche soldyers p'soner & noe more donne att that tyme: But the daye followinge beinge Sundaye & on Monday nexte after, they all marched backe to Namptwiche agayne.

Battell att Cholmley house.

Vpon Tuesday mornynge, att Springe of daye, the 11 Apr 1643 , most of Namptwich forces marched to Cholmley howse (a garrison kepte by the Kinges ptie.) beinge enformed that foure hundred of theim theire weire in that garrison. And comynge neere to the Howse they found theim ready a waytinge theire comynge; whoe yssued furthe; & theire was for the p'sente a fierce & crewell battell: But after a whyle the Namptwiche forces havinge slayne & wounded many of theim, did dryve theim into the howse & planted theire Drakes about the garden and wth theim and the muskett shott, discharginge att the howse did muche harme, soe as they hard [heard] a greate crye in the howse. But after some shott on bothe sides, & Namptwiche forces, seeinge the advantage that they in the howse had of theim, They wthdrewe of[f] from the howse & marched backe agayne to Namptwiche, havinge many of theim wounded; theire was Slayne of that side Seriant maior Lestead [?] his seriant and one Wade a Com'on Soldyer wch they broughte alyve to Namptwiche but hee died prsentlie afterwards. And about three score of the Kinges ptie. horses. But the Bodie of the Lieftent they cold not fetche awaye, but lefte the same behinde theim: ytt was reported that theire weire fyftie & twoe slayne of theim in and aboute the howse.

Prysoners removed.

The same Tuesdaye in the Nighte weire sente prsoners to bee kepte att the Hall of Crewe, viz: Sr Edward Mosley, & Maior Gilmore (wch had byn sent backe from Manchester) mr Dudley Norton, and mr Saringe (the Towne minister) And vpon Wednesday weire apprehended & sente p'soners to Dodington Hall, Edward Olton, Roger Wright, John Wilkes, Will'm Barnes, John Leighe, Edward Hitchenson & some others for that they weire held to bee malignants & suspected to have betrayed the designe vnto Cholmley the Nighte before. But vpon ffrydaye nexte after Edward Olton and John Wilkes weire deliu'ed & sente home; And upon the same daye att Nighte Maior Gilmore, mr Norton, and mr Saringe were removed from Crewe Hall & carryed to Stockporte & Sr Edward [Moseley] remayned att Crewe.

Lord Capell & others: his first comynge.

On the 20 Apr 1643 Colonell Breretons horse beinge furthe of [the] Towne: The kinges forces came from Whitchurch & Cholmley even wthin sighte of the Towne, And tooke from Derfold, litle Acton, Ravensmore & Sound, & all the Countrey thereabouts, all the Kyne & yonge beasts they cold fynd, to a very greate nu'ber; and from the elder will'm. Jackson, & many others, all or most of theire hows-hold goods, takinge them all awaye; & alsoe the[y] tooke, att litle Acton, Richard Edgley of the Hall of More, p'sonr. The ffoote Companyes in the Towne, (beinge onelie lefte to tend the Towne) for feare lest the Towne had byn taken, Durst not yssue furthe to Rescowe any thinge from theim. The nu'ber of theim beinge in horse (att least) fyve hundred, beside ffoote Companyes (the nu'ber not knowne certynlie).

Alarams 2 dayes.

On Tuesdaye the ... [? 25] Apr 1643 An Alaram was beaten vp in Towne of Namptwiche & most of the forces yssued furthe, but did neither meete or heere of the Kinges ptie., And vpon Wednesdaye (beinge the exercyse day) Another Alaram was beaten, & Bells Ronge backewards, and almost all the forces in the Towne yssued furthe; & did heere that the Kinges ptie. had taken about 20tie Kyne and yonge beasts from Thomas Litler, dwellinge neere Ravensmore, & had sent furthe two of theire Trowpers to warne Carts for Carryage awaye of Haye from Baddeley; But those twoe weire taken wth theire horses & Armes, & alsoe a foote Boye belonginge to mr Thomas Walley of Cholmley, & broughte in p'soners; & the rest fledd & one of theim slayne. And the same daye, Sr Edward Mosley was broughte p'sonr backe agayne to Namptwiche.

Broughte [prisoners] from Whitchurch.

On Saturdaye the 30 May 1643 , some horse & foote did march furthe of Towne towards witchurche, And neere that Towne they tooke Captyn Morris, a Leftent & a quarter mr [master] & about 4 Com'on Soldyers & broughte theim p'sonrs to Namptwiche; And alsoe three score Kyne and yonge Beasts, And the same att Night Colonell Brereton wth his horse retorned to Namptwiche.

Drayton Battell.

On Thursdaye att Nighte in May 1643 , some horse & foote aboute Midnighte marched furthe of the Towne towards Drayton (where Sr Vincett Corbett & aboute three hundred Cavaliers horse & foot laye, begynynge to make some workes (for theire saufetie) aboute the Towne: But a litle after Sonne Rysinge Namptwiche forces comying thether, on the sudden (before they weire furthe of theire Bedds), entered the Towne the[y] havinge neither garde nor scouts abroad, but secure (as they thoughte); And killed nyne of theim, tooke many p'soners, horse & Armes; Soe that all or most of Namptwiche foote Soldyers weire horsed home; & many of theim had 2, 3, or 4 musketts & Karbines a peece; Beside app'ell [apparel] & other goods of theires. And alsoe three Ensignes, foure Drumes & other weppons. But Sr Vyncett fled in his shirte & wascot leaving his app'ell. behind him, wch Captyn Whitney had wth his money & many letters in his Pockett.

Captyn Kynnaston & Captyn Sandford weire theire Slayne, beinge Cavaliers: Namptwiche forces did noe wronge nor harme to the Towne, but onelie threwe downe theire workes, after the Cavaliers weire all fledd & slayne, & taken p'sonrs.; & then retorned back to Namptwiche in saufetie wthout losse of any man, savinge some fewe Com'on soldyers about three or foure wch weire hurte in the streetes wth shotts furthe of wyndowes.

Stafford taken.

Vppon Mondaye the 15 May 1643 Colonell Brereton wth his Trowpers of horse & Dragooners did prvatlie gather together about Audley in Staffordshire, & Joyninge wth Colonell Ridgeway, (whose Companyes then laye att Newcastle & Leeke) on Tuesday morninge by three a Clocke almost peaceablie entred Stafford Towne, throwe [through] the pollicey & manhood [i.e. manfulness] of Maior Broomehall & a fewe others (The people in the Towne beinge quyett in theire Bedds), and possessed theim selves thereof, wthout losse of any man; They tooke aboue ffoure hundred Prysoners, & many gent. of worthe, viz: Captyn Sneyde, Captyn Bydolph, Captyn Leighe of Adlington, Captyn Bagott, Captyn Collyer, Captyn Hunt, Captyn Tresswall, & many other Comanders & gents. & Colonell Lane was Slayne, beinge on the Kinges ptie. Beside many Townesmen wch weire alsoe taken prsoners.

Lord Capell comynge agaynst Namptwich.

On Wednesdaye in the Evenynge the 17 May 1643 , The Lorde Capell wth a greate Company of Cavaliers bothe of Whitchurch and Shropshire & other places to the nu'ber of 15 hundred or more (as was supposed), came agaynst Namptwiche (almost to the Aspell Streete end) & shott at the towne: & they in the Towne lykewise att theim (havinge notice by the Scouts of theire approche, & beinge well p'vyded to haue bidden theim welcome); slewe three of theim & wounded other some of theim; where they contynuynge, indeavoringe to plante foure peeces of ordnance (wch they broughte with theim) about Malpas-field But fyndinge all the groundes thereabouts to[o] heighe over the Towne, (not fittingtheire purpose) And the Towne Gunner throwinge wyld fier Balls a mongest theim (beinge not able to staye) betwixt on[e] & twoe a Clocke on Thursdaye mornynge, the[y] marched backe to Whitchurche wth greate disgrace, havinge p'formed nothinge nor soe much as hurte one man: onelie the[y] killed a calfe of mr Thomas Maynwarings, wch they lefte behind theim, & brooke some Barnes for Haye; Wherevpon theire was a Ryme made on theim, viz.:

The Lord Capell wth a thowsand & a halfe Came to Bartons Crosse & theire they kild a Calfe: And stayinge theire vntill the breake of Daye, The[y] tooke their heeles & fast the[y] fled away.

Att that tyme Colonell Brereton & all the horse were att Stafford from whence wth his horse hee retorned to Namptwiche on ffryday evenynge.

Warrington Taken.

On ffryday evenynge the 19 May 1643 Manchester forces & some others furthe of Cheshire mett att Warrington; vpon Whitsonday [ 21 May 1643 ] & on Mondaye mornynge in Whitson weeke, they planted theire ordnance & besett the said Towne Round & plaid vpon ytt, & the Towne vpon theim all that weeke vntill Saturdaye: The Towne beinge strongelie fortified they wthin did defend theim selves & the Towne very bravely & resolutelie. But theire prvision growinge smale, The[y] admitted of a plye. [parley]; where ytt was agreed that the Towne shold bee Rendred vpp, & some Captyns & Comanders shold depte. awaye, onelie eu'y [every] one wth his horse & pistolls & all the Comon Soldyers wthout Armes whither they wold, (wch was truelie prformed) And to leaue all Armes, Amunycon, and prvision behind theim: And vppon Trinitye Sondaye, Sr George Bouthe, (Lord of the Towne) was Joyfullie receyved In by th'inhabitaunce. Theire weire some slayne on the p'liamt side, And but twoe of the Towne.

Whitchurch taken.

The 29 May 1643 beinge Mondaye aboute 11 or 12 a Clocke in the Nyghte, Colonell Brereton, wth the horse & almost all the foote in Namptwiche together wth all the Townesmen (exceptinge some fewe to garde the Towne) marched towards Whitchurch And came thether about three a Clocke on Tuesdaye mornynge, whoe sett vpon the Towne & the[y] did Resist theim wth all theire power, bothe horse & foote (beinge in the Towne as was supposed) about 6 or 7 hundred: The Namptwiche foote soldyers ffyringe very fearcely vpon theym, and they in the Towne did the lyke, maynteynynge theire workes & Towne very bravely: But ytt pleased God, after twoe howers fighte very galantlie on bothe sides, that Namptwiche forces (wch weire about Eyght hundred) killed some of the Gunners and others at theire workes neere the Claye pitts, dryvinge the Townesmen from theire workes, & entered the Towne, wth losse of one man onelie slayne outrighte twoe or three sore wounded wch dyed afterwards. And beinge in the Northe pte. of the Towne (many other Streets beinge not entered but lyinge open) Theire horse & many of the townesmen & Soldyers fledd.

But theire was taken about 20tie prsonrs; one very fayre foote Collors; foure good peeces of Ordnance; very many Armes; and much money & brave app'ell of the Lord Capells & other gent. Twoe Covered waggons, powder, Bulletts, matches, & goods of the Soldyers greate store, many Drumms, one Trumpett & many horses; the Soldyers havinge most of the pillage: Soe that theire weire scarce any Soldyer, but hee retorned backe either horsed, or well laden wth pillage, or both; onelie taking theim; not doinge the Towne any harme; And about 3 a Clocke the same daye in the afternoone, They retorned all back agayne vnto Namptwiche, leavinge much Cheese, goods & Am'unycon behind theim onelie for want of Cartes and carryage: wch uppon ffryday nexte after weire fetched thence, & broughte to Namptwiche; beinge wagons & Cartes Loades of Cheese, Bacon, Malte, Wheate, Corne, Armes, & goods, fourteene loads, wch came all saufe wthout any opposicon [opposition], taking noe mans goodes but onelie the Cavaliers.

Booties taken from Shocklage & thereabouts.

On Monday the 12 Jun 1643 some companyes of Dragoners marched furthe towards the Holte (beinge then the fayre daye theire) and in ffarne [Farndon] gave theim an Alaram, wch affrighted theim sore: But they bended theire course towards Shocklage in wch pte. the[y] tooke fourescore and eighteene good Oxen & Cattell: And many horses & att Nighte retorned wth theim all saufe to Namptwiche.

Mr. Leeches howse & a Com'issionr of Array taken.

On Saturdaye the 10 Jun 1643 some Companyes marched furthe to Carden & sett vpon mr Leeches howse, (a Com'issionr of Arraye) whoe did oppose theim; But in the end they gott the howse; apprehended him; broughte him wth theim prsonr; plu'dred his howse; Kild a servant maid wth shootinge att the howse, & broughte wth him, some others, and some horses alsoe to Namptwiche.

Ammunycon broughte to Namptwiche.

Upon Tuesday the 13 Jun 1643 Colonell Brereton havinge byn att Liverpoole, for vnloadinge of a Ship, wch was come thether from London wth his greate ordnance & Am'unycon. came wth his troupe of horse to Namptwiche & broughte wth him Doctor Byrom p'soner, & 6 Loads of his owne Am'unycon. in saufetie beinge accompanied wth many brave Captyns & com'anders.

Mr. Bostock did penance at the Cage.

On Saturdaye the 17 Jun 1643 John Bostocke of Tatnull [Tattenhall] Esqr., Learned in the Lawes, Clerke vnto the Councell of warr at Namptwiche beinge taken wth the Acte of Adultery wth one Alice Chetwood in the vicarage howse in Namptwiche, vpon the Sabothe daye att tyme of Dyvyne servis (where hee then lyved) was by Judgmt of the same Councell adiudged to stand in the markett place, vpon the markett daye, (beinge Saturdaye) duringe most pte. of that daye wth papers vpon his Brest (signifyinge his offence) wch was executed accordinglie wth his whore standinge by him

The evell marche to Hanmer.

Upon Tuesday the 20 Jun 1643 Colonell Breretons troupe, Captyn Bulkley & many other troupers & Dragoners marched furthe of Namptwiche behynd whitchurche to Hanmiyre [Hanmer] & further, (for what entente was not certynlie Knowne), where they were sett vpon by the Lord Capell, & Welshe forces, (whoe had laid an ambush for theim), whoe dispersed and scattred all the same Namptwiche forces beinge to[o] stronge for theim. Soe that many of theim weire taken prsoners, some slayne, many of theim wounded, (althoughe some of the Kinges ptie. weire slayne and speciallie some of theire Com'anders of greate sorte): wch was the worst days worke that ever Namptwiche forces had from the Begynynge. Att wch tyme the[y] had the Lieftnt Colonell & Captyn Sankie, Captyn of Colonell Breretons horse taken prsoners but noe more Com'anders.


In Whitsonweeke 1643 certyn Intelligence was broughte to Namptwiche from Wakefield that theire was a greate overthrowe gyven vnto the Arraye the Sonday before (beinge Whitsonday) by Sr Thos. fferefax; where weire taken Colonell Goring, (gent. of the horse) Sr. Thos. Bland, Maior Carr, Captyn Carnaby, Captyn Wilbore, & other Captyns & Comanders; 14 hundred comon Soldyers, 2 Drakes, 2 greate peeces of ordnance, 22 Colors, many horse, & thirty or fortie Carryages, wth Armes, Ammunycon & goods.


On Mondaye Eveninge 17 Jul 1643 Colonell Brereton wth almost all the forces in Namptwiche bothe horse and foote (exceptinge Captyn Massye and ye trayned. bands of Namptwiche Hundred) Togeither wth all the forces in the Countie (on the pliamt ptie.) And some furthe of Stafford & Manchester marched towardes Chester Citie att that Nighte intendinge to haue entered theire outworks before they had byn awarr and soe donne; yf a messenger wch was sente with letters from old mr walthall or his wyfe, had not gyven notice to the Citie, wch was not aboue twoe howers before the forces came thether.

But vpon that notice the forces in the Citie weire prsentlie Ready & did vehementlie oppose the said Namptwiche forces, havinge made exceedinge stronge works & mounted fourtie peeces of ordnance on the Castle, & other theire workes, that noe good could be donne: (althoughe the[y] laye about ytt on the Lande side vntill Thursdaye mornynge, shooting & discharginge theire musketts & some ordnance wch was broughte thether (on bothe pties.) & some slayne on bothe sides) And p'ceyvinge the[y] weire not then lykely to doe any good for wynnynge of the Citie, (but by a longe siege) & hearinge that the Lord Capell had drawen greate companyes furthe of Shrowesbury & Reased the Trayned bands in Shropshire, & beinge advanced towards Chester as far as to Orton Maddocke, Colonell Brereton reased his seige & marched backe to Namptwiche, wth his ordnance Carryage and all in saufety, havinge lost onely twoe com'on Soldyers & foure other wounded, but not mortaly. The reporte was afterwards that theire was slayne in the Citie 15, whereof on[e] was a woman & another a Childe.

Stafford Castle Surrendred.

On ffryday mornynge the 28 Jul 1643 , Colonell Hastinges wth aboute foure hundred horse came from Lichfield, faced Stafford towne & releeved the Kinges ptie. in the Castle. But Colonell Greaves wth a Considerable force yssued furthe of Stafford agaynst theim, & the Kinges forces tooke into the Castle, & went to Dynn' [dinner] quyetlie, not caringe for soe smale a Company. But, beinge att Dinner, They in the Castle weare a warr [aware] of Colonell Brereton comynge towards theim from Stone wth about a thowsand horse, where hee had quartred the Nighte before.

They all in the Castle speedylie fledd awaye, leavinge the Tables covered, & leavinge behind theim all the plate, spoones, meate & prvision, Musketts, Ammunycon & almost all they had in the Castle; leavinge noe bodie behind them, neither did they in Stafford knowe thereof, vntill afterwards the same was discovered by a Boy wch broughte worde to the Towne (standinge not aboue a myle from the Castle). But when the Colonell had entred the Castle, wch the[y] might easeally doe, The[y] found theire good store of Beere, prvision, Beddinge & goods to a greate value. A Captyn Lieftent of Colonell Greaves & one other comon Soldyer weire slayne; But how many of the other ptie. were not knowne.

Lord Capell came agayne agaynst the Towne the third time.

Upon Thursday in the afternoone the 03 Aug 1643 , Lord Capell wth a great force to the nu'ber of three thowsand came to Ravensmore, appearinge att the firste not aboue twoe or three Troupes of horse, Colonell Brereton beinge then at Stafford. The Soldyers & some Townes men yssued furthe of Namptwiche (p'ceyvinge theire nu'ber soe fewe), wth good store of horse; wch when the Enemy p'ceaved they broughte vp more of theire horse, (beinge readie in Baddington Lane) & advanced towards Namptwiche forces. So they prsentlie fyred on both sides. But the Kinges ptie. still increasinge, the Towne forces retreated homewards wthout much harme; onelie Lieftent Ashley was, by mischance, slayne by one of his fellowes, & Dicke Massie & one other Com'on Soldyer weire slayne wth a Cannon Bullett from the Enemy.

That nighte the Kinges ptie. wth many loades of Carryage & foure greate peeces of ordnance laye quyetelie vpon Ravensmore. And the same Nighte & the daye followinge the Soldyers in the Towne fyred & burned all mr walthall's out-buyldings on the Heath-side, fyringe the Hall, wch receyved some harme, but was not burned downe; & alsoe the[y] burned Thomas Cu'[m]berbach's howse, & Stable, widowe Podmores howse & Stable, Marchants Barne, All the Coates [cottages] on the Heathe next towards the Towne: Roger Wrights Barne, Thomas Burrowes Barne, Saboth Churches Barne, John Yardleys Barne, Massie & Bromhalls howses at Newe Towne: and they caused Richard Wicksteeds Barne & all the Coates & dwellynge howses on Acton pavemt to bee pulled downe for feare lest the Enemy sholde bee sheltred theire.

Upon ffryday mornynge about Sixe a Clocke, they assaulted the Towne on the southe side, betwixte Marche Lane & Weeuer; (beinge a very thicke darke mist, fitt for theire purpose); And beinge very neere the works before the[y] weire Seene of any of the Townesmen, ffyred very vehementlie: & plaid wth theire Cannons agaynst the Towne very muche; as fast as ever they cold discharge; but (thanks bee to God) did noe harme att all, neither slewe nor wounded any but onelie one hurte in the side of his Necke, (wch was not mortall): And they receyved the lyke from the Towne, bothe wth musketts & ordnance; and soe contynued on bothe sides vntill betwixt 9 & 10 a Clocke in the affore noone.

The mist beinge then gonne & the Sonne shynynge fayre, and the Kinges forces prceyvinge theim selves neere[r] the works, then [than] they ymagined, & p'ceyvinge the great daunger [they] weire In, fledd as fast as they cold; But not soe fast but the ordnance and muskett shott, did overtake theim, in suche man'[ner] as about 40tie [40] of theim weire slayne, & 16 [16] sore wounded, (as was credeblie reported); & some of theim of good sorte, whose names cold not bee Knowne; & theireupon, they beinge fledd & gonne, for the rest of that daye and the Nighte followinge the Towne was in quyett. Althoughe about midnight an idell Alaram [was] gyven by the watch, by reason of sparks of fyer wch they sawe p'ceedinge from seu'all [several] howses & Barnes wch weire burned the daye before; thinking they had byn lighte matches of the Enymyes.

Many companyes bothe Horse and foote, (hereing of the beseiginge of the said Towne), came furthe of Lancashire & Staffordshire to theire Ayde; and 7 score Dragoners came from the Morelands in Staffordshire; soe farr as Haslington on Saturdaye the 05 Aug 1643 in Ayde of the said Towne; where they did quarter theim selves that Nighte; (beinge wthin fyve myles of the said Towne) & hearinge the Enymye was fledd, the[y] retorned backe agayne to theire owne homes. Ayde come to Namptwiche.

Allaram gyven to Biddle [Biddulph].

And att theire retorne, they sett vpon Biddle howse wth some of Namptwiche forces, (beinge a stronge Stone howse of mr. Biddles (a papist) in Staffordshire,) and gaue theim an alaram & soe depted. [departed].

Chedleton howse taken.

[Chillington] On Thursday the 10 Aug 1643 Colonell Brereton, beinge then att Stafford, wth his forces & Staffordshire forces marched to Chedleton Howse, beinge mr. Jeffords (another greate Papist in Staffordshire) wth three greate peeces of Ordnance, & a sett of Drakes; beseiged the same, & played wth theire ordnance agaynst the said howse twoe dayes together; & made greate breaches in the same. And aboute foure a Clocke on ffryday evenynge they in the howse, not able to indure any longer, yielded vp the same Cravinge quarter, wch was graunted theim. And Colonell Brereton, entring the howse wth some of his forces, tooke theire the said mr Jefford, his twoe sonnes, & aboute three score more prsoners, & alsoe an old Semynary Preest, wth Armes for twoe hundred men, & good store of Ammunycon, prvision, and goods, wch they carryed all to Stafford, wth the losse onelie of one Comon Soldyer & a Boye.

Thomas Middleton cominge to Namptwiche 19 Aug 1643.

Upon Saturdaye mornynge aboute Noone, Colonell Brereton came wth some fforces to Namptwiche, beinge the 19 Aug 1643 ; And about 8 a Clocke att Nighte, Sr Thomas Middleton wth greate forces, Seyvon [seven] greate peeces of ordnance, foure cases of Drakes, and aboute fourtie Carryage of Armes and Ammunycon, came alsoe to Namptwiche; where hee contynued for a certyn space.

Dirtwiches the workes destroyed.

On Mondaye the 28 Aug 1643 aforsaid, Captyn Croxton & Captyn Venables<r>2</r><f>Captain Venables, afterwards Governor of Chester; he was sent by Cromwell as General of the Forces, together with Admiral Penn, against Hispaniola and Jamaica.-(Civil War Tracts, p. 354. Chet. Soc. Pub., vol. ii.) Companyes (wth others wch laye in garryson att Cholmley) marched to bothe Townes of Dirtwiches, beinge places wheire Salte was made wch the Kinges side had; And theire they defaced, cutt in peeces, & spoyled all theire workes, pumps, and Salte pitts; and broughte some of theire Pannes to Namptwch; whereby all theire Salte makinge was spoyled, wch found the Kinges armye att Shrowesbury, Wales, & many of theire quarters, Salte. The Lord Caple [Capell] havinge before made p'clamacon that non shold fetche any Salte from Namptwiche.

Eccleshall Castle releeved.

On Tuesday the 29 Aug 1643 , The Lord Capell, Colonell Hastinges wth great forces releeved Eccleshall Castle, being then kepte by the Kinges ptie.; & broughte in greate store of prvision wth theim in Seyven Cartes, wch they had entended to have Laden wth Treasure & goods & carryed the same wth theim awaye. They then carryed awaye wth theim the Ladies and gentlewomen & the cheefe captyn. But some of the Garrison & soldyers for the p'liamt from Stafford, quartring there in Eccleshall Towne (in assaulte agaynst the Castle) fledd into the Churche, from whence they soe annoyed the Kinges ptie., that they durst not doe what they intended. And hearing that Colonell Brereton (whoe was then att Stafford) wth his forces weire marchinge towards theim, they all suddenly fledd awaye (wth very litle of the Castle goods); onelie the[y] carryed the dead bodie of the Bishop [Wright] of Coventry & Lichfield, who died in the Castle, wth theim soe farr as the Bridge, intendynge to haue carryed him away wth theim: But theire flight & feare was soe sudden & greate, that the[y] left the Bodie of the Bishopp & most of what they carryed furthe of the Castle behind theim, havinge then putt in a newe Captyn theire, who Injoyed his place but a smale whyle.

Stafford forces, p'ceyvinge they weire fledd, fell p'sentlie vpon the Castle & assaulted the same wth such Courage & vyolence, That on Wednesday the 30 Aug 1643 , (beinge the nexte day afterwards) The[y] made a breache on the Draw Bridge & pte. of the Castle, wch the Captyn p'ceyving, sounded a ply. [parley], seeinge he was not able (havinge but a smale company) to defend ytt; wherevpon ytt was concluded that the Captyn shold prsentlie deliv[er] up the Castle, and hee & his Soldyers depte. [depart] wth theire Armes onelie, wch prsentlie was prformed. And the p'liamt forces, entring the Castle peaceablie, found in the same ffourtie Barrells of Beere, greate store of p'vision, & in howsehold goods Rich appell, [apparel] money, plate & other thinges (as most thoughte) to the valewe of Ten Thowsand poundes; wch was all seazed by Colonell Brereton & deliu'ed into his custodye & disposall: whoe thereupon retorned to Namptwiche, where hee had left Sr Thomas Midleton & his forces, where they all contynued vntill Thursdaye the 14 Sep 1643 then nexte.

The whole Army removed to Wem.

Vppon the 14 Sep 1643 a greate pte. of the p'liamt Army Marched furthe of Namptwiche in the afternoone, & were quartred in Blakenall, Checkley, Dodington & the Townes thereabouts. And vpon ffrydaye the nexte daye after, Colonell Brereton, Sr Thomas Middleton & all the rest of the Army (excepte the trayned band of Namptwch Hundred & some Soldyers wch laye in garrison att Cholmley) marched furthe of Towne, wth all Sr Thomas Middletons ordnance & drakes, vnto whome all the rest (quartred furthe of Towne before) resorted. And the nexte Nighte, The[y] quartred att Drayton & in all the Townes & villages thereabouts, keepinge theire Randevous theire vntill Tuesdaye nexte followinge. And then, sending furthe theire warrants, they called In all that Countrey thereabouts to a Gen'all Muster; & contynued att Drayton vntill ffrydaye the 22 Sep 1643 nexte followinge. And then all the whole Armye marched thence to Wem and fortefyed that Towne, quartring theire Army in all the Townes & places nexte adioynynge.

Lappington Battell.

On Thursdaye the 28 Sep 1643 , Captyn Bromehall wth his company & some others, beinge quartred at Lappington about twoe myles from Wem, weire assaulted by the Kinges ptie., beinge (as was supposed) in nu'ber twoe thowsand. But Captyn Bromehall, wthstandinge theim soe longe as hee cold, was inforced wth his Soldyers and the reste of that companye to flye into the Churche, beinge not able to wthstande theim vntill Ayde came from Wem, from whence releafe came as fast as the[y] cold; But not soe speedylie but that the Kinges ptie. had fyred the Churche before releafe came; And by that meanes enforced theim in the Churche to yssue furthe, where Captyn Bromehall, Thomas Maynwaringe (his Ensigne), Seriant Turner, & some others weire taken prsoners; And a Lieftent Colonell of Sr Thomas Midletons & some fewe hurte & three slayne. And of the Kinges ptie., a sonne of the Lord Kilmorreyes, a brother of Sr Vyncett Corbett & some others of theim taken prsoners, and some slayne (but the certyn nu'ber was not knowne); wch was vpon the releafe comynge from Wem & settinge vpon theim, where was a longe battell contynueinge aboue three howers. But Nighte beinge vpon theim, the Kinges ptie., beinge sowly [sorely] Rowted & Scattered, fledd.

Trayned bandes marched to Wem.

On ffrydaye, beinge Mychelmas daye, the Trayned bandes of Namptwiche hundred marched towards Wem, in assistance of the p'liamt forces theire, wth a case of Drakes; & quartred the first Nighte att Drayton, & the nexte after at Wem. And thence contynued makinge the workes & fortefyinge the Towne: And many tymes salied furthe & gave Allaroms vpon Shrowesbury, faceing theim in the Towne and temptinge theim to a sett Battell; But they ever fledd & wold not fight.

Lord Capell marchinge to Namptwiche.

On Saturdaye the 14 Oct 1643 , Intelligence was sente to Namptwiche that the Lord Capell wth very greate forces, to the nu'ber of three thowsand and more, 7 score Carryages, three greate peeces of Ordnance & a Morter peece, weire agayne comynge agaynst the Towne. The Townesmen, especiallie the howsholders, & many others besides the Gardes, (wch weire doubled) did watche all Nighte. But hard [heard] noe more of theim; but that they weire quartred att Whitchurche, Combermeyre, Marburye, Norbury, Burleydam & the places thereabouts. Vpon Sondaye mornynge theire was an Alaram in Towne; wch did muche affrighte theim (but wthout cause). On Sondaye nighte a greate Garde was sett in Towne; but all was quyett.

But on Mondaye the 16 Oct 1643 aboute one a Clocke in thafternoone, the said Lord was advanced to Acton wth all theire Army, & Carryages, before any intelligence came to Towne: Then some Dragoners & twoe foote companyes yssued furthe of Towne towardes theim att Acton, & fyred upon theim, & did dryve theim into Acton Churche, wch some of theim tooke for saufeguard; but many of the rest tooke Derfold Howse. But by reason the Enymy had taken those two stronge holds, The townesmen retreated into the Towne; fyred att theim, as the[y] sawe occasion, over the walles. The Enymy dispersed theim selves into the fields, & downe Henhull Lane to Beamebridge, contynuallie shootinge att the Towne wth theire musketts, to smale purpose; but came not neere the walles; wch the Townesmen prceyvinge, some well spirited men of the Towne, vpon their owne accorde, wthout any com'and, leaped over the walles wth theire musketts well charged, & Ran disorderlie towards theim; fyringe vpon theim; & the Enymy the lyke on theim agayne all one afternoone; vntil almost Nighte, that the Enymy bothe horse & foote fled, some of theim beinge slayne & aboute sixe or eighte of theim taken prsonrs: & soe for that tyme all [was] quyett on bothe sides.

That Nighte all the Townesmen, & Countrey men wch came In to Ayde the Towne, beinge greate Company bothe of men & horse, Did all watch att the Walles; (the Enymy beinge then att Acton & Derfold); They expectinge howerlie to bee assaulted by the Enymy, & that they wold fall upon the Towne: but vpon Tuesdaye mornynge, when a greate assault was expected to haue byn made by the Enymy, worde was broughte to the Towne that the Enymy, (very manfullie), weire all fledd & gonne awaye about midnight; wch was att the first not credited; but prved trewe: About 7 a Clocke on Tuesdaye mornynge Colonell Brereton, Sr Thomas Middleton, & Colonell Greaves, wth almost all theire Armes marched to Namptwiche, (exceptinge a Considerable nu'ber lefte behind theire att Wem, for saufegarde thereof,) to haue releeved and Ayde[d] the Towne (not hearinge of the Enymyes dep'ture); And beinge come thether & the Enymy fled, they sente after theim some forces, whoe tooke about fourtie of the meaner sorte of the Enymy prsoners (the best weire fledd), whiche was all the Enymy then lost, savinge three slayne att Acton; And soe (by Gods mercy) the Towne was then prserved wthout losse of any one, savinge two shott in the Armes, thoughe not muche the worse.

Wem beseiged.

Vppon Wednesdaye Eveninge, St. Lukes Daye [ 18 Oct 1643 ] Colonell Brereton havinge intelligence that the Kinges p'tie had beseiged Wem, drewe all his Army, townesmen, & others to marche to Wem, In releefe of that towne; But comynge to Preece Heathe in Shropshire, hee was informed that the Kinges p'tie had made a fierce assaulte vpon Wem, vnto the very Walles, But weire beaten of[f] wth greate losse; where was in theire Company, Colonell Wynn, Captyn Ellys, [of Oswestry] Captyn Wynn, Captyn Johnes, & many other Cavaliers, whereof about a hundred weire slayne. And the Kinges Army marchinge from Wem towards Shrowesbury, Colonell Breretons forces hearinge thereof, by scouts sente furthe, marched towards Leighe Bridge late in the Evenynge; where they weire enformed the Kinges ptie. was, and had taken theire ground to the greate disadvantage of the p'liamt forces: and Namptwiche forces, not beinge acquynted wth the place, & the Evenynge begynynge to growe darke, The[y] fyred on bothe sides, one att the other, wch contynued for a great space, where the Namptwiche forces lost three comon Soldyers, but (as reported by the Neighbourhood) the Kinges side lost fyfteene, besides Captyn Chapman & some others taken prsoners.

The Kinges ptie. flyinge, Colonell Brereton & his soldyers had the pillage of the fielde, & they wth greate shame and confusion fledd into Shrowesbury, & Colonell Brereton & his forces that Nighte marched to Wem; The nexte Nighte after to Whitchurche, where the Towne was putt to cccli. [300] Ransome, beinge a Cavalier place, to save ytt from plu'dring. And from thence the nexte daye afterwards, a greate parte of theim marched to Namptwiche; And some of the horse goinge towards Chester they tooke Eleaven prsoners att Churton wth some of the forlorn hope before the horse came vp: And then pursuynge theim they came to Audford [Aldford], where they tooke Captyn Davenporte, (wch had broken prison att Namptwiche) Captyn Lieftentt Harte, Cornett Leighe, Cornett Maynwaringe, Cornet Healey, Ensigne Thornycrofte, a quarter maister, a surgeon, yonge mr Tannatt of Broxton, Captyn Leighe & his Lieftent wounded, but not taken, some soldyers slayne, & dyvers comon soldyers taken prsoners vpon ffrydaye the 20 Oct 1643. Battell at Leighe Bridge.

Pr'soners att Churton & Audford [Aldford].

Vpon Saturdaye the 21 Oct 1643 , They were all broughte prsoneis to Namptwiche, whither the Reste of the Army retorned: non[e] of Namptwiche forces neither slayne nor wounded, savinge one Bulkeley, a comon soldyer, wch was taken plu'dring in Audford prsoner by the Enemy, by reason hee did not marche away wth his fellows.

Sr Edwd Broughton & his 2 Sonnes prsoners.

On Mondaye morninge the 23 Oct 1643 , some of Sr Thomas Midletons troupe, wth some other of the Companyes in Namptwiche marched furthe of Towne into Wales, and broughte in Sr Edward Broughton and twoe of his sonnes prsoners to Namptwiche from theire owne howse.

Holte taken firste tyme.

On Truesday the 07 Nov 1643 Colonell Brereton & Sr Thomas midleton wth theire Companyes bothe horse & foote marched forthe of Namptwiche agayn towards Wales. The firste Nighte they quartred att woodhey, Ridley, & thereabouts: on Wednesdaye the 08 Nov 1643 , they marched forward & quartred att Barton-on-the-hill, Stretton, & the Countrey thereabouts, where they had Alaram gyven theim by the Kinges ptie. at Holte; but they drave them backe, & slewe some of theim wthout any losse. And vpon Thursdaye, Lancashire forces came & Joyned wth the p'liamt forces & marched altogether to Holte, & ymedyatelie fell vpon the same. And by one a Clocke in thafter noone (throughe a pollicie) wonn the Brydge & (by gods assistance) a litle after, the Towne; wthout losse of any man; Althoughe the Kinges forces weire in horse supposed to bee about one Thowsand, & theire foote 7 hundred, yett notwthstandinge they all fledd; And oure foote followinge them in p'suite, fell upon theire Arere [rear] of horse, & tooke Captyn Preece, Captyn Johnes, & Lieuftent Salusbury prsoners, wch weire sent to Namptwiche, wth many others taken prsoners, & Some of theim slayne, & the Rest rowted & scattred.

Hardern [i.e. Hawarden Castle] taken.

On Thursdaye Nighte [ 09 Nov 1643 ] after they had taken Holte & left a considerable ptie. theire, They marched to wrixam [Wrexham]; where they weire well entertayned, & quartred theire that Nighte; And the nexte daye marchinge further into Wales tooke Harden Castle, & putt therein a Garrison; And, contynueing in Wales, the gentry & Com'onaltie submitted theim selves & Joyned wth theim, soe that the Army was greatly encreased; where for a tyme the[y] remayned.

Battell at Tarvin.

On Sonday the 12 Nov 1643 , the Kinges forces yssued furthe of Chester & marched towards Tarvin, where Captyn Gerrard & the p'liamt forces laye in Garrison soe farr as Stanford Bridge, but weire backed by Captyn Gerrard & his forces, soe that they cold not enter the Bridge; but fyringe on bothe sides, the on[e] att the other all that after noone Captyn- wth some forces came from Cholm'ley Garrison, & Joyned wth Captyn Gerrard whoe then did beate Chester forces backe, wch fledd towards Chester; but Captyn Gerrard and his company, & the reste did follow theim to the Gorstacks, (at the Citie ende) & slewe some of theim, & then marched backe to Tarvyn wthout losse of any, onelie one a little wounded.

Parliamt forces retorned furthe of Wales.

Colonell Brereton & the reste of the P'liamt forces remaynynge in Wales, where they p'[ro]spered well (havinge many gent. and others resortinge vnto theim); But havinge intelligence that greate forces weire come from Ireland & landed in Wales to the nu'ber of twoe thowsand & fyve hundred; They all marched backe agayne to Holte; and on ffryday the 24 Nov 1643 sente theire Ordnance backe to Namptwiche; And vpon Saturday they all marched, some to Namptwiche, other some to Northwiche, & Lancashire men into Lancashire wth all theire Carryage wthout either fighte or battell wth the Enymy, leavinge Harden Castle vnreleeved; wherein was Mr. Ince a faythfull Mynister & firme for the p'liamt, and about one hundred and twentie Soldyers in greate daunger to haue byn destroyed, & lykewise many other frends, gent., & others in Wales, wch had byn aydinge vnto theim, lefte all to the mercy of the bloddy Irish Rebells. But the falte was in Lancashire Soldyers wch wold not staye.

Harden Castle deliu'd to the Kinge.

Vpon or about the 03 Dec 1643 Harden Castle was deliu'ed vp to the Kinges ptie. in Chester upon composi'con, viz.: That the[y] shold dep'te wth one Color flyinge & the other Rowled vp, wth halfe of theire Armes, & some Truncks & goods; wch was p'formed. But some of theim wch came furthe of the Castle, in theire retorne homewards towards Wrixam [Wrexham], weire crewelly vsed by some Welshmen, whoe did beate & wound some of theim, slewe other some, & tooke the Wates [?] & Clothes from other some. But the 05 Dec 1643 , the foresaid mr Ince, and some of the Soldyers, came saufe to Namptwiche. On Saturdaye mornynge the 09 Dec 1643 , 6 of the Irishe Soldyers did over Run theim from Chester, & come to Namptwiche wth theire Armes, where they weire entertayned.

Beeston Castle deliu'ed to the Kinge.

On Wednesday morninge the 13 Dec 1643 , a litle before Daye, and after the Moon was sett, Captyn Sandford wth 8 of his fyerlocks, (beinge in the Kinges ptie.) gott into the vpper warde of Beeston Castle, by a byeway, throughe treachery, as was supposed. For a little after hee was entred, Thomas Steele, then gou'nor of the said Castle, after a shorte ply. [parley] betwixt theim, Receyved Sandford into his Lodginge in the Lower warde, (beinge a very stronge hold), where they Dyned together, & much Beere was sente up into the heigher warde, by the said Steele vnto Sandford's Soldyers; And, after dynr, an Agreemt was made betwixt theim, That Steele shold deliur vpp the Castle wth all am'unycon, goods, p'vision, & what els, prsentlie to the said Captyn Sandford: hee & his Soldyers beinge about three score to dpte. [depart] away, onelie wth theire Colors & Armes; wch was wickedly & treacherouslie p'formed by the said Captyn Steele. And the same daye att Nighte, they all came to Namptwiche, where the said Steele was prsentlie ymprissoned, and Kepte closse for feare the soldyrs in the Towne, (wch did Rise in greate multitudes) wolde haue killed him. Theire was in the said Castle muche wealthe, & goods of gent. & other neighbours, broughte thether for saufety to a greate value, wch the Enymy had, besides halfe a yeres p'vision, att the leaste.

A Skrimage att Burford.

The same daye att Nighte, & almost eu'y Night afterwards & eu'y daye, the Kinges ptie. gave Alarams vpon the Towne vntill Sondaye nexte afterwards.

On Sondaye mornynge, att Sermon tyme, The Kinges ptie. was advauncing towards the Towne & gaue theim an Alaram. The Captyns wente from Churche & drewe all theire Soldyers together, wth Seriant maior Lothian: And some of the horse advanced to Burfoote [Burford] neere Acton, where the Kinges ptie. was; & fallinge vpon some of theire horse (before the foote cold bee drawne together) some of the Kinges ptie. weire slayne, other some wounded, and some horse & men taken prsoners (not wthout losse on the other side); And the said Seriant maior Lothian was taken prsoner by theim before the foote companyes cold come from the Towne unto theim, (althoughe they made a greate speed). But they weire fledd, soe that the foote Soldyers had noe sighte of theim. But on the same Sonday att Nighte they gave the Towne another Alaram, Soe that from the tyme the Castle was lost, vntill that tyme, the Towne was neu' [never] in quyett; neither did they goe to Bed either daye or nighte.

The beginninge of the greate siege agaynst Namptwiche.

The Kinges forces advanced towards the Towne of Namptwiche vnto Stoke, Hurleston, Brynley, Wrenbury, and all the Countrey thereabouts, Robbinge, Plu'dringe, & takinge eu'y mans goods, all the next weeke after: vntill ffrydaye the 22 Dec 1643 : Vpon wch daye they passed ou' [over] the River of Weever to Aldelem, Hankelow, Buerton, Hatherton, Blakenhall, Wibunbury & all the reste of the Townes thereabouts. And vpon Saturday the[y] marched to Barthomley, gyvinge an Alaram vpon the Hall of Crewe, wherein Colonell Brereton had placed a Garrison for the Parliamt.

Barthomley Churche.

The Kinges ptie. comynge to Barthomley Churche, did sett upon the same; wherein about 20tie Neighbours where gonne for theire saufegarde. But maior Connaught, maior to Colonell Sneyde, (whom they in the Churche did take for the Lord Brereton,) wth his forces by wyelcome entred the Churche. The people wthin gatt up into the Steeple; But the Enymy burnynge formes, pewes, Rushes & the lyke, did smother theim in the Steeple that they weire Enforced to call for quarter, & yelde theim selves; wch was graunted them by the said Connaught; But when hee had theim in his power, hee caused theim all to be stripped starke Naked; And moste barbarouslie & contr'y. [contrary] to the Lawes of Armes, murthered, stabbed and cutt the Throats of 12 of theim; viz: mr John ffowler (Scholemr), Henry ffowler, mr Thomas Elcocke, James Boughey, Randall Hassall, Richard Steele, & Richard Steele, [bis] Will'm. Steele, George Burrowes, Thomas Hollins, James Butler, & Richard Cawell; & wounded all the reste, leavinge many of theim for Dead. And on Christmas daye, and Ste. Stevens Daye, the[y] Contynued plu'dringe & destroyinge all Barthomley, Crewe, Haslington, & the places adiacent takeing all theire goods, victualls, Clothes, and stripped many, bothe men & women, almost naked. And vpon Christmas daye 1643 , towards Nighte, another pte. of the Kinges forces, marched to Sandbach, most crewelly plu'dring & spoyling eu'yone [everyone].

Battell in Bouthe Lane.

On St. Stephens daye [26 Dec] 1643 , The Namptwiche Army, (savinge those leftetotend the Towne) beinge att or about Middlewiche & Hulmes Chappell, marched towards Sandbach; & in Bouth Lane, neere Middlewiche, mett the Kinges forces; where theire was a greate Battell; but the Parliamt side, beinge as ytt seemed not stronge enough, Retyred backe to Middlewych; and the Kinges ptie. in p'suite after theim, did dryve theim awaye, where they lefte theire Magazen, & many slayne & wounded on bothe sides; ytt was reported that the pliamt ptie. slayne & taken prsoners weire aboute twoe hundred. But what the Kinges ptie. lost was neu'[er] knowne.

Hall of Crewe yelded to the Enymy.

A Garrison [being] putt into the Hall of Crewe for the p'liamt ptie., The Kinges forces laid greate Seige agaynst the same howse; And on St. Johns Daye [27 Dec] 1643 , in Christmas, they in the howse, slewe from the howse about three score of the Kinges ptie., & wounded many; but the Kinges forces encreasinge to a very greate nu'ber, And Namptwiche not able to releave theim, & they in the howse wantinge bothe victualls and Amunycon, vpon Innocents daye [ 28 Dec 1643 ] att Nighte, not able to houlde out any longer, & p'ceyvinge noe Aide comynge to theim, (althoughe as valiant Soldyers as any weire) weire enforced to yeld upp the howse & theim selves prsoners to the Kinges ptie.; havinge quarter gyven theim, and beinge in theire custodie (to the nu'ber of one hundred or more) weire all putt prsoners into the stable, & afterwards putt into Betley Churche.

Enymy beseiged the Towne Round.

On Saturdaye Nighte, the 30 Dec 1643 , about foure hundred of the Kinges forces came backe ou' [over] the water to Wrenbury, & the places thereabouts; & in short tyme beseiged the Towne Round on that side; & another pte. of theim were att Wistaston, Willaston & the rest of the Townes [townships] on another side.

Derfold and Acton Churche.

Upon Tuesday, the 02 Jan 1643[-4] , They entred into Derfold howse wthout resistance; soe that those in the Towne weire enforced to tende the Wal[l]es bothe daye & Night. But Acton Churche was Kepte wth a reasonable force by Captyn Sadler, sente furthe of Towne who did defend ytt very manfullie agaynst many assaults & Cannon shotts made by the Kinges ptie. ffrom the Churche, the p'liamt ptie. killed the Canoneire & twoe more of them; And alsoe the widowe Parson dwellinge neere the Churche & fyve of theim in hir howse weire alsoe slayne wth shott from the Churche.

Dodington Hall.

The 04 Jan 1643[-4] the Kinges Army beseiged Dodington Hall, wherein was Captyn Harwar for the p'liamt, wth about one hundred men well Armed, & p'vision and Magazen sufficiente for a fortnight; yett the same was deliu'ed to the Kinges ptie. wth all the Armes, amunycon, & p'vision in the Howse, wthout any greate resistance; And the said Captyn, & all his Company depted. [departed] awaye, onelie wth theire app'ell. [apparel]; & went to Wem, not beinge suffred to come to Namptwiche.

Comynge of the Enymy.

The Towne beinge Nighte & Daye offred to bee assaulted by the Kinges forces, and contynuall allarams gyven all that weeke; On Saturday, the 06 Jan 1643[-4] , some forces yssued furthe of Towne, & fetched into the Towne, syven [seven] of the Kinges carryages laden wth goods & p'vision, & most of theim drawen wth good Oxen; wch soe raged theim, That they prsentlie wente & burned Thomas Evansons howse & Barne, Saboth Churches Lodge & many stacks of haye, & some other Lodges lykewyse.

Ann Davenporte Slayne.

The Kinges forces, havinge compassed the Towne Round, contynued theire allarams agaynst the Towne bothe daye & Night; and on Wednesdaye Night [ 10 Jan 1643-4 ] they, havinge planted a greate peece of Ordnance neere Derfold Howse, did, about 11 a Clock in the Night, shoote & discharge many gleed [i.e. hot] Redd Bulletts into the Towne; whereof one of theim did light in a hovell of Kidds of mr Thomas Wilbrahams, att the upper ende of Welshe Rowe towards Derfold, and sett the same on fyer; but throughe gods mercye, & help of many woemen carryinge water & takeinge greate paynes (for the men durst not remove from the Wales [walls]) did quenche the same; litle harme beinge done. But they seeinge the fyer shott very fast with theire Canons att the fyer, intendinge to Kill those wch came to quench the same, and did kyll a daughter of one John Davenport wth a Canon Bullett; wch was the first that was either slayne or wounded in the Towne, from the first beyginnynge of the seige.

Geffrey Minshulls howse & Barne.

On ffrydaye mornynge, the 12 Jan 1643[-4] , many of the Kinges forces beinge in and about Geffrey Minshulls howse & Barne, & att Thomas Duttons howse, neere vnto the Towne, some fewe yssued furthe of the Towne, & fyred Mr Minshulls Barne, & twoe Coates [Cottages] of Duttons, wch weire burned downe to the grounde; & tooke twoe prsoners, & killed 9 or 10 (as was reported) & broughte in a woman prsonr alsoe, wch had 20tie halfe crowne peices in hir pockett, wthout losse of any man, savinge twoe wch were a litle hurte.

The seige thus contynuynge & the Towne neu'[never] in quyett scythens [since] the losse of Beeston Castle, beinge wholie Surrounded by the Kinges ptie., Soe that the Markett was lost, & non durst come to Towne to bringe either any p'vision or fuell, nor fetch any Salte; nor any yssue forth or come In; yett (blessed be god) theire was not for the prsent any want of any needfull thinge, althoughe the officers & Soulders in Towne, beside townesfolke, weire many.

On Tuesday, the 16 Jan 1643[-4] some of many Companyes in Towne, yssued furthe att the Scownce on mr Tho: Maynwaringes backside towards vid. [widow] Bromehalls Barne, where the Kinges forces weire; & att the end theireof, had made some walles & works for theire prservacon; But the Townesmen quyetlie entered the same, & drove theim awaye; & found some of theire clothes; theire [? they] killed some of theim & broughte in some Armes & Ammunycon, wth loss onelie of one Blackshawe (a good Soldyer) whoe ventered too far.

Vpon Wednesdaye, the 17 Jan 1643-4 , The Kinges ptie. shott very muche agaynst the Towne, and discharged theire Canons foure score & sixteene tymes, (as was noted by some), but did neither execution nor harme att all. But upon Thursdaye mornynge, [ 18 Jan 1643-4 ] directlie att Break of Daye, The Kinges forces did very fiercely assaulte the towne on eu'y side; But the Towne defended theim selves, beinge then ready att the Wal[l]es, very valiantlie & resolutelie to Dye, rather then [than] loose the Towne: where theire was for the space of an hower & somethinge more, very good servys p'formed on bothe sides. But then the Kinges forces fledd when ytt was fayre day-lighte, noe faster than theire legges could carry theim: Leavinge behind theim theire Skalinge Ladders, & many wood Kidds, wch they had broughte wth theim, & some of theire Armes; And about one hundred dead Bodies, wch they cold not take wth theim, (for hast[e]) & many wounded.

Captyn Sandford was slayne behind the mounte on Richard Wicksteeds backside; and a gent., one of his fyerlocks, [was] taken there over the Wal[l]es: The gent. was taken alyve, but dyed the same daye; & some others of theire Com'anders weire alsoe slayne, whose names cold not bee learned. But the Towne Soldyers had the pillage & Armes of them all. Theire weire slayne of the Townesmen John Beckett, Robte Goldsmithe, butcher, & John Warren, wch dyed afterwards; and three com'on Soldyers wounded.

The firste greate assaulte on Namptwiche 18 Jan 1643[-4].

Captyn Sandford Slayne. [See p. 104.] Theire was found in Captyn Sandfords pocketts, when hee was stripped, (this Sandford was Captyn of fyerlocks, & the same man wch entered firste into Beeston Castle, when Captyn Steele deliu'ed the same), the manner of the designe for the said assaulte, sente from Colonell Richard Gibson in mann'. [manner] following; viz.:--"Maior Harwar wth the regiment vnder his Com'and, & the fyer locks, wth the Scaling Ladders, They and all the Dragoneers, Armed wth fyer locks, or Snaphaunches, to fall on first, soe neere vnto the fall of the Ryver, on this [Acton] side of the Water as may bee; on the lefte hande of the Bulworkes; Then to be second[ed] with a hundred musketteers; Then a stronge bodie of pikes; then a reserve of musketteers; & let the Soldiers carry as many faggotts as they can; This to bee att fyve a Clocke in the mornynge, Upon discharge of a peece of Ordnance: and to fall on the Wall, att discharge of some peece of ordnance: 17 Jan 1643[-4] , Word. God and a good Cause.

There was alsoe found in Captyn Sandford's pocketts a letter written in theise words; viz.:--

To the officers Souldyers & Gentlemen in Namptwiche theise:-- Gent. let these resolve yor Jelousies, concerninge our Religion. I vowe by the faythe of a Christian, I knowe not one Papist in our Army. And, as I am a gent. we are not Irishe, but trewe borne Englishe, & Reall p'testants. alsoe, Borne & Bredd. Praye you mistake us not, but receyve vs into your fayre esteeme. And knowe wee intend Loyallie [loyally] towards his Matie & wilbe noe other then [than] faythfull in his servys.

Thus gent. beleeve from yors

Thomas Sandford.

There was alsoe found upon him another letter dated the 15 Jan 1643[-4] , viz.: Gent. Your Drum can informe you, Acton Churche, ys noe more a prson; but now free for honest men to doe theire devocon. therein. Therefore bee prswaded from your Incredulitie, & Resolve God will not forsake his Anoynted. Lett not your zeale in a badd cause Dazell yor Eyes any longer, but wype away your vayne conceipts, that haue too longe led you into Blynde error. Louth am I to vndertake the trouble of p'swadinge you into obedyence, because your erronyous opynyons doe vyolentlie oppose reason amonge you. But ever (yf you love your Towne) accepte of quarter, & yf you regarde your lyves, worke yor saufetie by yeldinge yor Towne to the Lord Byron for his Maties use; yow now see my battery ys fixte, from whence fyer shall Eternallie visitt you, day and Nighte, to the terror of your old and females & confusion of your Thatched howses. Beleeve me gent. I haue laid by my formr delays, and am nowe resolved to batter, burne, and storme you. Doe not wonder that I wryte unto you (havinge officers in Cheefe aboue mee); tis onelie to advyse (because I haue some frends amongest you whose saufety I wish,) That you accepte of my Lord Byrons condicons. Hee ys gracyous and will charitablie consider of you.

Accepte of these, as a somons, that you furthewth surrender youre Towne, and by that testimonie of your fidelitie & fealtie to his Matie you maye obteyne favour. My fyer locks (you know) have done strange feates bothe by Nighte and by Daye; and howerlie we will not fayle in our pryvatt visitts to you. You have not yett receyved my Allarams wherefore expecte suddenly to here [hear] from Thomas Sandford, Captyn of ffyerlocks. ffrom my battery and approaches before your Welshe Roe the 15 Jan 1643-4.

The Assaulte.

The Towne contynuynge still besieged all round on eu'y side; (Althoughe ytt was supposed, the[y] had slayne & wounded on theire side, & that did over Runn theim, A thowsand [?-.] The Royalist losses on the 18 Jan 1643-4 , though perhaps here much exaggerated, were very serious; as appears from particulars in Magnalia Dei, viz.:--Lord Byron attempted "to gain the towne by a sudden and violent assault upon five severall places of the towne at once; and this was done an houre before day, upon notice given to one another by a shot of one of theire Ordnance; the 18th of Januarie, which was a costly assaulte; for they left dead at the wall lane-end, Lieutenant-Colonell Bolton, One Captain, many Officers, and the prime of their soldiers of the Red Regiment: many they cast there into the river, and carried many off dead and wounded.

At Wicksteds Sconce [near the "Nursery" on the north side of Welsh Row] was slaine Captain Sandford and his Lieutenant, and some few soldiers besides left, and many carried off slain and wounded. At Pillory Street-end, left dead behind, one Captain, two Lieutenants, two Ensignes, seventeen Souldiers of the Green Regiment, and carried off 60 slain and wounded thence. At the back of Mr. Maynwarings [? Hospital Street] were left slain two Lieutenants and thirteen Souldiers, and many dead and wounded carried off. At the Sconce near the Lady Nortons [Beam Street-end] was left slain one Captain and 15 Souldiers, besides what was carried off. There are with us of them deadly wounded Officers and Souldiers 18. One of their own party reports they lost in the assault 300 men: but we now understand they lost and had wounded 500 men." att the leaste, att that assaulte); Soe that noe Markett was Kepte, nor any p'vision, or fewell broughte to the Towne; & and many Cattell Kepte wthin the wales, [walls] for feare of plu'dringe, & neither haye nor straye [straw] cold bee had for theim, In regard of the greate store of horse, for s'vice Kepte in the Towne; Soe that thinges began to bee scarce bothe for man & horse; yett ytt pleased God, vpon thawinge of a greate Snowe, (wch then was) That the Reever Weever began to Ryse, And the Kinges ptie. being afrayde that the water wold take down a platt they made for theire passage over the Reever, a little below Beambridge, for theire free passage to releeve one the other, (for Beamebridge beinge a fayre Stonne Bridge, almost but newely made, was a greate pte. of ytt beaten downe.)

On the 24 Jan 1643-4 , They conveyed over the Reever all theire Ordnance & Carryages, & most pte. of theire horse & ffoote towards Acton Churche.

Weever [River.] On Thursday [sic for Wednesday] the 24 Jan 1643-4 , The Ryver was Reesed soe heighe that theire platt was carryed downe, & they by noe meanes cold passe the Reever, the on[e] to the other; wch the Townesmen p'ceyving, tooke advantage of the same, yssuynge furthe vnto theire workes, rounde about that side of the Reever towards Beameheathe, dryvinge all theim there awaye; & did level and throwe downe all theire works, and broughte in much Haye and fewell: And for feare lest they (vpon fall of the water) should haue retorned agayne, The[y] fyred a very fayre newe howse of mr Jeffrey Mynshulls, the Barne, Stable, & all buyldinges belonginge to the same; and also another greate Barne of his on the Heath side neere Milston lane; & And lykewyse they, & the Kinges side burned will'm Brownes Barne; James Bullens Barne; John Wrights Barne; Margarett Lathams Barne; & Margery Elcocks Barne; & a Lodge wch was Doctor Harwars; And other Coates [cottages] all downe to the grounde; Bee [by] reason they weire places wherein the Kinges ptie. had harboured & mighte a donne agayne, when they had gotten over the Reever; And donne greate harme to the Towne, as they had done before; (standinge all neere to the Towne).

The Siege of the 25 Jan 1643[-4].

The same daye, beinge the 24 Jan 1643[-4] Gen'all ffearfax [Fairfax] Colonell Brereton, & many other Colonells & Com'anders wth theire owne & Lancashire forces, to the nu'ber of three thowsand fyve hundred & fyftie horse, & three thowsand foote marched all towards Namptwiche to remove the seige, (unknowne to the Towne) And comynge to Dalameyre forrest, met some of the Kinges forces, wth whome they fought, & killed some of theim, & tooke fortie p'sonrs: And restinge theim selves that Nighte att Tilston, & on Tilston Heathe, (havinge but simple quarter), nexte daye the[y] marched towards Namptwiche; (beinge about fyve myles thence); But beinge intercepted att Barbridge, wth more of the Kinges ptie. they fell vpon theim; killed some & tooke thirtie prsoners: And vpon Thursdaye, the 25 Jan 1643[-4] , drawinge to Hurleston, (twoe myles from the Towne) The[y] weire a warr [aware] of the whole bodie of the Kinges Army att Acton advancinge towards theim.

There the Battell began, betwixt theim, very fiercely; (about halfe an hower past three in thafter noone), equall on bothe sides; But before fyve a Clocke, many of the Soldyers of the Trayned bands yssued furthe of Towne, and fallinge vpon the Arreare of the Kinges ptie., They all fledd & weire vtterlie Rowted, (throughe Gods assistance). Theire weire taken prsoners, Sr Michell Erneley, Sr ffrances Butler, Colonell Gibson, Colonell Warren, Col. ffletewood and many Captyns, Lieftents., Corporalls, officers, and Com'on Soldyers; to the nu'ber of xvj hundred or thereabouts: One greate Brasse Ordnance; ffoure other smaler peeces of ordnance; & all theire Carryage, magazen, & p'vision; and alsoe all the money & treasure, wch they had plu'dred & gotten (during all the tyme the seige lay agaynst the Towne, wch was about Seaven weekes), vp and downe all the Countrey & marche in Staffordshire about Betley, and the neerer pte. of that Countie adioynynge to Cheshire; wch was broughte into the Towne; (althoughe some of the Soldyers gott some of the money vnknowne to the Cheefe Com'anders); But yf Daylighte had not fayled, theire had but fewe of theim escaped: the Nighte beinge very darke, the Kinges ptie. cold not be pursued; (as was intended); But the fighte beinge ended, many of the p'liamt forces bett good fyer, & contynued in the Lady field att Acton Churche all Nighte. That pte. of the Kinges side wch had taken Acton Churche and Derfold Howse, called for Quarter, wch was graunted.

Theire was slayne of theim about fourty; & on the other side but three; nor but fewe wounded; And thus (throughe Gods mercy & assistaunce,) the Seige was Reased; & the Towne prserued from a most bloddy malicious Enymy. All the Com'on sorte of the prsoners, to the nu'ber of fyfteene hundred & more, weire putt into the Churche at Namptwiche; where they contynued ffryday, Saturday & Sondaye; (mayntayned by the Towne); And then many of theim tooke vp Armes for the p'liamt, And weire listed vnder Seu'all Captyns; and all the wounded weire putt furthe of Towne, wch weire able to goe, and some of theim dyed. Theire weire amongest theim about CXXtie [120] weomen taken alsoe, wch weire putt furthe of Towne; onelie some poore weomen in the Towne, tooke the best of theire Clothes from theim, wch they had gotten by plu'der.

No Servys nor Sermon in the Churche.

On Sunday, the 28 Jan 1643[-4] , In regarde the prsoners weire in the Churche, theire cold bee noe Servys; (havinge but one Churche in the Towne;) but prayers & Preachinge weire att mr Thomas Wilbrahams Howse; mr Hugh Hassalls the Crowne Gallery; & the Ladie Nortons bothe forenoone & afternoone.

Pr'soners taken at the Reasing of the Seige. The names & nu'ber of prsoners of note, taken att Reasing the Seige, as appered by a Liste, weire Maior Gen'all Gibson, Sr ffrancis ffletewood, Sr Michell Erneley, Sr ffrancis Butler, Sr Rauffe Done, Colonell Warren, Colonell Gibbes and maior Hammon[d], foureteene Captyns; thirtie Lieftents; sixe & twentie Ensignes; twoe Cornetts; two Quarter maisters; ffourtie seriants; threescore & three Corporalls; twentie gent. of Companyes; ffourtie Drumers; twentie Carryages; Sixe peeces of Ordnance; a hundred & twentie weomen; And fyfteene hundred Com'on Soldyers.

The names of Com'anders wch reased the Seige.

The names of the cheefe Com'anders wch came in Ayde of the Towne to rease the Seige, viz: Sr Thomas fferfax, Gen'all; Sir Will'm. ffearefax, his Kinsman; Colonell Brereton; Colonell Maynwaringe; Colonell Duckenfeild; Colonell Bouth; Colonell Brighte; Colonell Allen, Colonell Lambert, Maior Copley, maior Morgan; maior Spencer; & many others of Note. Lancashire Com'anders Colonell Holland, Colonell Ashton, Colonell John Bouthe, Sir Thomas Malevery, Sr will'm. Constable, & Colonell Rigbies Reigmt conteyninge in nu'ber in all about Seyven Thowsand.

The markett began agayne.

Upon the nexte Saturdaye after the Seige was reased theire was a greate markett in Towne began agayne. And plenty of all needfull things att Reasonable Rates, wth greate rejoyceing & praysinge God for the same.

Thomas Steele Executed.

On Monday the 29 Jan 1643[-4] Thomas Steele (late badd governor of Beeston Castle) whoe before had Judgment to dye by a Councell of warr, was shott in the Tynkers Crofts att Namptwiche, behind the Churche, Leanynge his Backe to the Crosse wall theire (after a very longe confession and repentance of his Synnes made) By twoe Com'on Soldyers; the one shott him in the Belly, & the other in his Throate; whoe was prsentlie carryed awaye, beinge laid in a coffyn standinge on the grounde by him, broughte into the Churche Yarde & buryed ymedyatlie neeare the Rowe of Gravestones on the Northe side of the heighe Chauncell.

Battell at Sandford Bridge.

Vpon the same Mondaye the 29 Jan 1643[-4] some of the horse on the p'liamt side, beinge quartred In & about Tarvyn, weire sett vpon by Chester forces, where some of the p'liamt side weire taken prsoners & some wounded: But a Company of Dragoners makinge speed, releeved theim & released all the prsoners from theim; killed one of theire Captyns, & some others of theim wounded many & tooke eighte of them prsoners, wch weire sente to Namptwiche.

Daye of Thanksgivinge.

On Wednesdaye, the 31 Jan 1643[-4] , A soleme day of thankesgyvinge was held at Namptwiche, in the same places where Servys & Sermons weire the Sabothe before.

Nantwiche Churche Cleansed.

And vpon Thursdaye, the 01 Feb 1643[-4] , The Churche was freed from all the prsoners wch had byn theire; from pollucon. & beastliness com'itted by them; & all the Mattes & bosses were burned; & all the pewes and seates made clayne & washed; And on Sondaye, the 04 Feb 1643[-4] , prayers & preachinge began publiquely agayne in the saide Churche.

Colonell Brereton leaveth for London.

On the 02 Feb 1643[-4] , Colonell Brereton sett forwards towards London to the P'liamt. But retorned not to Namptwiche agayne vntil midsomr nexte afterwards.

Crewe Hall gyven up.

On Mondaye the 05 Feb 1643[-4] , Namptwiche forces havinge beseiged Crewe Hall, (kepte by the Kinges ptie.) from Thursdaye before, thoughe att a farr distance, Began to assaulte the Howse, wch when Captyn ffisher p'ceyved, whoe kept it for the Kinges vse, desyred a ply. [parley]; wch was yelded vnto; And then ytt was agreed, That hee & theim theirein shold all prsentlie depte. awaye & yeld up the howse, leaving theire Armes behind theim; wch they did, being in nu'ber (wth those wch weire wounded) one hundred & twentie & many of theim came the same daye to Namptwiche, where they were ent[er]teyned. But the Captyn had carried himselfe soe baselie towards the Neighbourhood thereabout that the Countrey people wold have killed him when hee was come furthe, had hee not byn p'served by those to whom hee had yelded vp the howse.

Dodington Surrendered.

Upon Wednesdaye the 07 Feb 1643[-4] , Dodington Hall, beinge alsoe kepte by the Kinges ptie., was alsoe assaulted by Namptwch forces, & upon some Shott wth theire greate ordnance, wch they had broughte wth theim, wch the Captyn in the Howse p'ceyving, & knowinge theire was noe hope of any Ayde, lykewyse desyred a plie. [parley], wch was condescended vnto; The Agreemt was that the howse sholde bee deliu'ed vp, & the Souldyers & wounded shoulde depte. awaye wth fourtie of theire Armes; whereof the greatest pte. of theim wth theire Armes came to Namptwiche, where they were ent[er]tayned: The nu'ber in all beinge about ... The[y] left behind theim almost twoe hundred Armes, And good store of victualls, powder, matches & Bulletts.

Thankesgyvinge & Humiliacon Dayes.

On Tuesdaye the 13 Feb 1643[-4] , A soleme daye of thankesgyvinge was held in Namptwiche & att Acton. And vpon Thursdaye after a daye of humyliacon.

Adlington Hall gyven up.

Upon ffryday in the same moneth [ 16 Feb 1643-4 ] Adlington Howse was deliu'ed vp to the p'ilamt ptie. (whoe had beseiged the same a fortnight) wth free quarter gyven theim; wherein was a yonger sonne of Mr. Leighes: And ytt was reported theire was found in the howse Seyven hundred Armes and fyfteene Barrells of powder & one hundred & fourtie Soldiers.

Hall of Bidle [Biddulph] takenby Storme.

On Wednesday the 21 Feb 1643[-4] , the Hall of Bidle [Biddulph], having a Garrison kepte in it by the Kinges ptie., wch was a very stronge stonne Howse in Staffordshire, was beseiged by the p'liamt forces for a long tyme: Att lengthe beinge assaulted & much battred wth greate Ordnance, They wthin desyred quarter wch was graunted theim; The prsoners theire taken weire the Lord Brereton & his ladie, and theire sonne & heire (a Childe), Captyn Biddulphe, Captyn Shakerley, Captyn Minshull of Erdeswicke, maior Bouthe, three of mr. Bellotts sonnes, [of Moreton Hall,] mr. Lockett, & about one hundred & fiftie Soldyers, All of theim carried prsoners to Stafford: ytt was reported theire was three hundred Armes & some Ammunycon, but how muche is not certynly reported.

Wythenshawe Howse taken by Storme.

Upon Sonday the 25 Feb 1643[-4] , mr Tatton of Wythenshawe Howse, beinge garrisoned by the Kinges side, was taken by storme by the p'liamt forces, whoe had beseiged the same a long tyme; wherein was mr Tatton & some fewe gent. & not many Souldyers, wch had quarter gyven theim, the nu'ber of the prsoners beinge but a fewe.

Colonell Myttons marche to Drayton.

On Mondaye Nighte the 04 Mar 1643[-4] , Colonell Mytton & Sr willm. ffearfax, [Fairfax] wth some of theire troupes of horse beinge quartred att Drayton, weire sett upon by Prince Ruperts forces. But beinge too weake for theim, they retyred & fled awaye Disorderly. Captyn Shipley & about twelve of the p'liamt ptie. taken prsoners: Colonell Mytton & Sr Willm. ffearfax & theire forces came to Namptwiche in saufetye.

A gibbett erected att Namptwiche.

Upon Shrove Tuesdaye, the 05 Mar 1643[-4] , A Gibbett was sett vp in Namptwiche; whereupon was executed the same daye, (beinge adiudged by the Councell of warr) one Browne, a Com'on Soldyer, for wilfullye killinge, one Alfleete a Comon Soldyer in the Streete, when hee was drunke; not knowinge what hee had done, when hee was sober, as hee said & confessed on the Ladder.

Leedes Battell.

On Ash wednesdaye the 06 Mar 1643[-4] , some of Gen'all Sr Thomas ffearfax [Fairfax] his troupes & Colonell Lamberts wth his forces tooke prsoners neere to Leedes, maior Vavasor, maior willm. Hewes, Captyn Leyborne, Captyn Talbott, Captyne Lance, Captyne Cares, mr walmeslowe captyn of a troupe, mr Taylor, mr Jennynge, mr Charles Duckett, mr Christopher Harrys, Lieftentt to Captyn Plumton, & twoe hundred horse, (some reporte ccltie [250]) a hundred Comon Soldyers, & twoe hundred Armes; all p'cell [parcel] of the Earle of Newe-Castles Army.

ffarne Battell.

Upon the same Ashwednesdaye att Nighte or Thursdaye mornynge, some of the p'liamt forces att Emeral [Emral] yssued furthe to the nu'ber of fourtie horse, wch tooke fourtie muskettiers behind theim, marched towards ffarne in Cheshire neere vnto Holte, entending to haue taken the Kinges ptie. theire in theire quarters; But they, havinge notice thereof, yssued furthe of Towne & laye in Ambushment for theim; And when they came thether they found non[e]. But the Kinges forces surrounding the Towne about, sett vpon theim, tooke all the foote & some of the horse p'soners, wth all theire Armes.

An Alaram on Namptwiche.

On the 18 Mar 1643[-4] , about one a Clocke after midnight, Colonell marrowe, wth his horse, gave an alaram on the Towne, & drave awaye many Cattell wch was the first allaram gyven to the Towne scythens the seige was reased.

A fast att Namptwiche.

On Wednesdaye [sic for Friday] the 29 Mar 1644 was a soleme fast held att Namptwiche, wth prayer & preachinge most of the daye.

Prince Rupert att Shrowesbury [ Apr 1644 ].

Prince Rupert, havinge layen longe quartred att Shrowesbury & in Wales, gathering greate forces together(non[e] knowinge in Namptwiche what hee intended to doe) made the Towne & Countrey suspicious of him; but they kepte the Companyes together well furnished, Readye to resiste him, (yf need had byn); But hee moved not that waye.


On Wednesday mornynge in Easter weeke 1644 , about three a Clocke in the mornynge, An Alaram was beaten vp in the Towne of Namptwiche vpon a Reporte broughte that the Kinges forces weire seene vpon Ravensmoore. But the scoutes Rydinge furthe sawe non; Soe all was prsentlie quyett. On the 07 May 1644 , Theire was another Allaram aboute twoe a Clocke in the Mornynge (wthout cause).

Captyn Cheswys.

Upon Thursdaye the 08 May 1644 Captyn Cheswys, wth a fewe horse, yssued furthe of Towne [of Nantwich], And neere Cholm'ley Hall hee tooke fyve men and horse wth theire Armes; and slewe one; wch fyve hee broughte prsoners to Namptwiche.

Captyn Stanley at Cholmley Castle.

And the same daye att Nighte Captyn Stanley wth his horse & most of the horse in Towne, wth many foote Companyes marched forth to Cholm'ley (Beinge then Garrisoned by the Kinges ptie.) & theire gaue theim an Allarom & Som'ond [summoned] the Howse. But they wthin wold gyve theim noe answere; whereuppon they gave three volyes of shott agaynste the Howse. But they wthin did shoote very litle. Soe when the[y] sawe the[y] cold not enter the howse, The[y] broughte allonge wth theim a hundred Sheepe, some Lambes, and some goods, wch they found in an out howse theire, for they in the howse had all theire horse in the Hall; And soe retorned in the mornynge all backe & saufe to Namptwiche.

Prince Rupert.

About the 16 May 1644 , & from thence after for a certyn space, Prince Rupert daylie mustred and gathered together all the forces hee cold both in Wales, Shropshire and other places and layd greate Layes & taxes vpon Shropshire, to some thowsand pounds, wch was most of ytt paid. And draweinge all his forces to Holte, ffarne, Malpas, Whitchurch, and all that Countrey, vpon the 18 May 1644 hee advanced from Whitchurch to Drayton; and on Sondaye the 19 May 1644 his Armye consistinge of aboute tenne thowsand (most of theim horse), Advanced over the water of Weever unto Aldelem [Audlem], Buerton, Hankelow, & Woore, plu'dring all the Countrey as the[y] wente; beinge neere Namptwiche.

On Monday the 20 May 1644 , About one thowsand horse & foote yssued furthe of Namptwiche & marched towards [i.e., southwards from Nantwich]; but the Princes army was retorned agayne to Aldelem [Audlem]; Soe that they weire not mett wthall.

On Tuesdaye night the 21 May 1644 , The Prince laye att Betley and his Army weire marched to Haslington, Sandbach, Warmyncham, & all that Countrey; plu'dring & taking All men & goods they cold gett, meddling wth noe Cattell but horses: And on Wednesday they marched towards Rudheath. On Thursdaye they did contynue thereabouts in that Countrey; plu'dring all the[y] cold; But the Countrey people Rysinge agaynst theim in seu'all [several] places, did take about twentie of theim prsoners, and some of theim weire Slayne, as the[y] passed alonge by Dodington, By Captyn Churche and Captyn Whitney whoe kepte a garrison in Dodington Hall, wth about fourtie Soldyers for the p'liamt.

Prince Rupert entred into Lancashire.

On ffryday 24 May 1644 The Prince wth his Army advanced towards Lancashire, & did quarter In and about Knottesford. And on Saturdaye they advanced to Stockporte where Colonell Duckinfeild and Colonell Maynwaringe laye wth theire forces of horse and foote, beinge not able to wthstand soe potent an Enymy, And the Townesmen alsoe wth all theire horse & foote vpon the advance of theim fled into Lancashire. And on Sondaye ytt was reported that the Prince had entred into Lancashire and weire on Barloe [Barlow] More, and had somoned Manchester.

Colonell Mytton.

On the same ffryday the 24 May 1644 Colonell Mytton retorned from London, & came to Wem: And the same nighte wth some forces yssued furthe and marched to Morton Corbett and tooke Sixe Loads of Iron and slewe tenne of the Kinges ptie., wch laye theire in Garrison.

Colonell Hunckes goods taken.

Upon Saturdaye the 25 May 1644 Colonell Mytton, wth good forces from Wem, marched towards Oswestry; & in his marche he tooke eighte Loads of[f] Colonell Hunckes his goodes wch came furthe of Ireland; viz. sixe Cartes, & twoe waggons Loaded wth Tents and Riche goods, garded wth foure Trowpes of horse and some ffoote; But they beinge all overcome by Colonell Mytton & his company weire saufe broughte to Wem, wth smale or noe losse of men, havinge In his Company sixe score horse, & foure hundred foote soldyers.

Oswestry taken.

[ 22 Jun 1644 ] The nexte weeke followinge, Colonell Mytton wth some of Sr Thomas midleton's forces marched towards Oswestry: And fallinge upon the same, They tooke ytt and the Castle, wth losse of ffoure men, And alsoe foure hundred prsoners & three hundred Armes.

Boulton and Liverpoole taken by the Prince.

Prince Rupert wth his Army beinge in Lancashire, marched from Barloe More over the fforde neere Eccles, And wthin twoe or three dayes after assaulted Boulton; And wth losse of many on bothe sides, wonne ytt, and vsed much Creweltie by inhuman murthers in the Towne: And then marched to Liverpoole, & tooke that; where they vsed, by murdringe both olde & yonge, more Creweltie then theire was in any place since the begynnynge of the Warres, but att Barthomley: And soe marched throwe Lancashire att his pleasure, comyttinge many evill accons [actions], towards Yorke: and afterwards marchinge throughe Yorkshire came to Yorke, where hee and the Earle of Newcastle, Joynynge theire forces togeither, sett vpon the p'liamt forces, wch then weire theire: But after a greate and bloddy battell [at Marston Moor, 02 Jul 1644 ] where many weire slayne, The Kinges ptie. was Rowted, & lost all theire ordnance, & many men, & much Armes, & Ammunycon.

Colonell Brereton retorned from London.

On Midsom' daye 1644 Colonell Brereton retorned from London to Namptwiche. But the weeke before Sr. Thomas midleton came back alsoe to Namptwiche, where the[y] contynued vntill ffrydaye afterwards: On Thursday the 27 Jun 1644 , the Earle of Denbighe wth one troupe of horse came lykewyse to Namptwiche, quartring the rest of his horse att Whitchurche, & by the way as hee came; And then wth their forces marched all togeither towards Lancashire, & kepte theire Randevous on Saturday vpon Rudheathe: vnto whom came the Lorde Graye & Sr. John Gell, wth greate forces bothe of horse & foote. And from Rudheathe they marched altogeither to Knottesford, beinge in nu'ber aboute twelve thowsand.

Colonell Marrow Rowted att Oswestrie.

Then letters came to theim from Colonell Mytton from Oswestry, that Colonell Marrowe, wth foure thousand marched towards him, & intended to beseige him: whereupon the Lorde of Denbighe, Sr. Thomas Midleton, Colonell George Bouthes Regymt, & Colonell Maynwarynges Regimt vpon Sondaye the 30 Jun 1644 marched from the rest of the Company to releeve Colonell Mytton att Oswestry (beinge then engaged): And all the Companyes in Namptwiche, excepting [the militia of] Buckley Hundred & the towne Companyes (wch weire lefte to tende the Towne wth Colonell Brooke and mr. Marbury Gou'nors) marched towards Whitchurche & Bunbury wth all theire Carryages [i.e. baggage] to meete the reste of the Army: And meetinge all togeither on Monday the 01 Jul 1644 , The[y] marched towards Oswestry: And vpon Tuesdaye the 02 Jul 1644 , beinge come saufe thether, they fell vpon the Kinges ptie. about three a Clocke in the Afternoone: The fighte contynuynge vntill Tenne that Nighte very sore & equall: But then, ytt pleased God, to gyve the victory vnto the p'liamt forces; soe that the Kinges ptie., after greate losse of men & many taken prsoners, fledd towards Shrowesbury. The p'liamt forces beinge about fyve or sixe Thowsand, (as was thoughte) pursued theim; tooke many of theim prsoners, killed many of theim, & tooke all theire Carryages, & Matches [?], & all their magazen. The foote did flinge awaye theire Armes, and All did Runne, some one way & some another; soe that they weire all scattred, quyte Rowted, beinge all this yeere in Chester, Shrowesbury, & all the forces (wch they cold make) for the Kinge, in all those his Garrisons.

Monford Bridge.

On Thursdaye the 04 Jul 1644 , the p'liamt force tooke Monford Bridge, & some of the Kinges ptie. prsoners wthout losse of any man.

On ffrydaye the[y] faced Shrowesbury, and gave them theire an allaram; tooke some prsoners, and then returned to Wem.

On Saturdaye the[y] marched to Preece Heathe, & quartred In and about Whitchurch.

Cholm'ley Howse yelded up.

And on Sondaye [ 07 Jul 1644 ] they marched towards Cholm'ley Howse in the Evenynge wth three or foure peeces of Ordnance, & 4 cases of Drakes where the two voluntier Companyes from Namptwiche, wth theire two Captyns, & other of the officers, Captyn George Malbon, and Captain Thomas Malbon, gardinge the greate Brasse peece of ordnance did meete theim.

The Mondaye mornynge towards springe of daye the[y] had planted theire ordnance (the greatest of theim) wthin Pistoll Shott of the Howse: And about three or foure of the Clocke in the mornynge, after they had Som'ond the Howse, The[y] playd vpon ytt wth theire ordnance & shott ytt many tymes throwe, (being a tymber howse). They in the Howse, wth theire Musketts, did shoot very fast att theim & about fyve a Clocke in the mornynge the[y] killed one Rauffe Mylton, a seriante vnder maior Croxton.

But the p'liamt forces playinge on the howse wth theire ordnance & smale shott contynuallie, did beate theim furthe of the Howse to theire workes, where they did shoote & maynteyne the servys (beinge but a fewe in nu'ber) very bravelie; & killed maior Pynkney, a brave com'ander, and about foure or fyve more of the p'liamt side.

But the same daye, beinge 08 Jul 1644 , they att the Howse, p'ceyvinge they weire not able to stand out, about on[e] a Clocke in thafter noone, havinge a fierce assaulte made vpon theim, called for Quarter; wch was Graunted; and Captyn Horton (Captyn of the Howse) lett downe the drawe Bridge; opened the Gates; and the Lord of Denbigh, Colonell Bouthe, & the reste of theire officers, & some of theire Soldyers entred the Howse; where they tooke Captyn Horton, & the reste in the Howse prsoners, beinge in nu'ber about three score and sixe, wth all theire Armes & p'vision, leavinge the goods in the Howse a praye for the Soldyers, whoe pillaged the same. And then leavinge Captyn Lownes wth his Soldyers in the Howse, they all marched wth theire prysoners, Ordnance, & Carryages to Namptwiche that Nighte. Non in the howse of the Kinges side was either slayn or hurt.

Thanksgiving at Namptwiche.

The nexte daye afterwards beinge Tuesdaye, att Nanptwiche was kepte a soleme daye of thankesgyvinge.

Prince Rupert Rowted at Yorke.

On Tuesdaye 02 Jul 1644 Prince Rupert was Rowted att Yorke havinge sixe thowsand of his Army slayne, wounded and taken prsoners; 26 peeces of ordnance, all his carryage & seyventeene thowsand pounds in money (as was reported); But not wth out losse of a thowsand men on the p'liamt side.

The Citie [of York] deliu'ed upp.

The siege being laid closse to Yorke by the p'liamt forces ymedyatlie therevpon, (althoughe ytt had byn laid to ytt before) on Tuesdaye 16 Jul 1644 , upon Composicon, the Citie was deliu'ed vpp; And three score Thowsand poundes was to bee paid to the p'liamt to save the Citie from plu'dring; And 7 C [700] of Prince Ruperts soldyers, officers, to marche awaye wth theire Armes, Collors flyinge, & Matches lighte att bothe ends: and to goe to any three of the nexte Garrisons they playsed [pleased]: And all the reste to remayne prsoners, many of theim wch weire supposed to marche awaye wth theire Armes from Yorke, weire by the Soldyers for p'liamt disarmed of all the[y] carryed, and weire then turned oute to goe whether the[y] wold, In revenge & requytall of the wronge done vnto theim by the Kinges ptie. att Harden [Hawarden] Castle & Newarke.

Arms sente to Namptwiche.

On Saturdaye 20 Jul 1644 Colonell Brereton did send fyve hundred & fyftie Armes to Namptwiche; And a litle afterwards retorned thether himselfe.

Prince Ruperts Regymt taken att Welshpoole.

On Mondaye 15 Aug 1644 Colonell Mytton & Sr Thomas midleton wth theire Army marched to Wilshepoole [Welshpool] in Wales; where Prince Ruperts Regymt weire quartred & theire tooke of theim in theire quarters three hundred fyftie & odd horse, & threescore & odd prsoners.

Parker executed.

Upon Saturdaye 10 Aug 1644 one Parker a troup'[er] vnder Sr Thomas mydleton was adiudged to dye by a Councell of warr in Namptwiche for the wilfull Kyllinge mr Randull Smythe & on[e] ... Browne in haslington, & wounded many others, (beinge either madd or drunke); And on Tuesdaye next followinge he was executed att Namptwiche, and afterwards hanged in cheynes on Haslington Heath, neere vnto the place where hee comitted the murthers.

Colonell Marrowe slayne.

On Sondaye 18 Aug 1644 Colonell Marrowe yssued furthe of Chester wth all or most of the horse & foote theire, and marched towardes Northwyche; by the waye they plu'dred some poore mens Cattell; But some of theim appeareing vnto the Townesmen on Hertford [Hartford] Greene, The forces in Towne yssued furthe vpon theim; wch they p'ceyvinge, fledd before theim towards Sandywaye; The Townesmen pursuynge theim, (vnadvysedlye to[o] farr) [so] that the Kinges ptie. tooke fyfteene of theim prsoners & carryed theim awaye; But Colonell Marrowe was shott in Sandywaye by one lyinge vnder a hedge, & was carryed alyve into Chester, where hee dyed the nexte daye afterwards.

Horses & prsoners taken att Tarvyn.

On Tuesdaye 20 Aug 1644 The p'liamt forces from Northwiche, Halton, and Colonell Brereton's Horse fell vpon the Kinges ptie. in theire Quarters att Tarvyn & thereabouts: And tooke betwixte twoe or three hundred of theire horse & ffortie and fyve prsoners, and killed about fyfteene of theim, onelie wth losse of one man.

Enemy driven furthe of Lancashire into Cheshire.

On ffryday mornynge (beinge Bartholomewe Eve) [ 23 Aug 1644 ] Newes was sente to Namptwiche, to the Councill of Warr theire, That a thowsand of the horse of the Kinges ptie. weire taken in Lancashire; foure hundred & odd prsoners, & many Slayne; And that they had dryven those of theim wch weire lefte furthe of Lancashire into Cheshire.

The battell att Oldcastle.

On Sondaye evenynge 25 Aug 1644 , the Kinges ptie. beinge about Malpas, Colonell Brereton, almost wth all the horse and foote in Namptwiche to the nu'ber of eighte or Nyne hundred, marched towards theim; whoe, havinge intelligence of theire Comynge, tooke their ground on Oldcastle heathe, a waytinge Colonell Brereton's comynge; whoe on bothe sides fell to the fighte soe soone as they came togeither, very bravely and boldly, vntill the[y] came to hande blowes: But in the ende, the Kinges ptie. beinge aboute twoe thowsand & a halfe (all horse) ffledd. Theire weire slayne of theim Colonell Vayne, Colonell Conyer, Seriant Maior Hesketh, & about three or ffoure score more; And taken prsoners of theim Maior Cromwell, maior maxye, Captyn Clauthorne, Captyn Claveringe, Captyn Parker, Lieutenant Mountayne, and Nyneteene Conmon soldyers: On the p'liamt ptie. was wounded Lieutent Colonell Johnes, & noe more; & seyven wounded, but not mortally; wch was rather a miracle then a wonder (God delte soe gracyouslie wth theim); And on Mondaye nexte after they, wth theire prsoners retorned all agayne to Namptwiche.

Tarvyn made a Garrison Markett Towne.

On ffrydaye 30 Aug 1644 , All the forces att Namptwiche, excepte maior Croxtons & the Towne companyes, marched furthe to Midlewiche, where the[y] quartred that Nighte; And the nexte daye to Northwiche & greate Budworthe, & then to Tarvyn, wch the[y] fortefied wth stronge works; made ytt a Markett Towne; & therein putt a Garrison: And another garrison at Huxley Hall & another att Olton [Oulton] Hall neere litle Budworthe.

Montgomery Castle deliu'[ered] vpp.

On Wednesdaye 04 Sep 1644 , Sr Thomas Midleton wth some forces marched towards Mountgomery Castle wch was kepte by the Lord Harbart [Herbert] agaynst the Parliamt: But vpon theire approche thether the said Lord, did quyetlie deliu'[er] ytt vpp to the said Sr Thomas. And at Newe Towne the same weeke hee tooke 36 Barrells of Powder wch was sente from Bristoe [Bristol] to haue byn [been] broughte to Kinges ptie. in Chester.

Morton Corbett taken.

On Sondaye 08 Sep 1644 , The Lorde Calvyn, Lieftent-Colonell Cootes & Captyn ffynche wth all theire companyes (beinge come a litle before to Wem from Namptwiche), did marche to Morton Corbett howse; and by assaulte tooke ytt, & in the same three score & odd prsoners.

Battell at Montgomery.

Shortlie after the yeldinge vpp of Mountgomery Castle, seige was laid vnto ytt by the Lord Herberts sonne, (his father beinge in the Castle) and by all the forces from Shrowesbury, Ludloe, and all wch cold bee gotten in Wales, to the nu'ber of three or foure Thowsand; And vpon Mondaye, Tuesdaye, & wednesdaye nexte after, Intelligence was broughte to Tarvyn of the Kinge att Mountgomery: And thereupon Colonell Brereton, wth his forces, beinge assisted wth Sr John Meldrum (gen'[er]all in these ptes. [parts]) & Sr Willm. ffearefax [Fairfax] wth 32 Trowpers of horse, came furthe of Lancashire, & alsoe other companyes from Stafford (makeing theim vp a greate Army) marched towards Mountgomery, wth intente to Rease the Seige; And vpon Tuesdaye, 17 Sep 1644 they releeved the Castle. And vpon Wednesdaye 18 Sep 1644 they mett the Kinges forces wth whome they had a greate & bloddy battell wch contynued longe; But in conclusion (throughe God's assistaunce) The p'liamt Army prevayled, & Rowted all the foote; And tooke prsoners Gen'all Tilsley, Colonell Broughton, Nyne Captyns, 12 Ensignes, 17 Lieutents, 14 hundred officers & Conmon Soldyers, & slewe aboute fyve hundred. On the p'liamt ptie., Sr willm. ffearefax was slayne, & about tenne more, & betwixt 40 & fyftie wounded. And on Mondaye 23 Sep 1644 , Colonell Brereton wth many of his company retorned backe to Namptwiche.

Pannes taken from Dirtewiche.

On Thursdaye 12 Sep 1644 , Captyn George Malbon and Captyn Thomas Malbon, wth theire twoe Companyes marched to Malpas, where the bodie for the p'liamt side then laye; & theire they laye in the Churche all Nighte, havinge but sorry quarter: And on ffrydaye they marched to Dirtewiche, and from thence broughte awaye sixe of theire Iron pannes, wth wch they made theire salte; & many of their Irones belonginge to that worke, to Namptwiche, & retorned all in saufety.


On Saturdaye 21 Sep 1644 Lancashire forces came ou' [over] the water into Wirrall in Cheshire, & tooke from the Kinges ptie. a greate peece of ordnance sente from Chester & three score prsoners.

Executions att Namptwiche.

On 26 Sep 1644 , Theire weire foure Soldyers hanged att Namptwiche, beinge soe adiudged by the Councell of Warr, for Runnynge from theire Cullors to the Enymy, wch weire taken att Mountgomery, viz: Willm. Walley, Richard Hollenworth, Willm. Strongitharm and Willm. Poole.

Red Castle taken.

On Wednesdaye 02 Oct 1644 , was taken by Sr Thomas midleton & his forces, Redcastle, neere Welshepoole, together wth greate welthe, & many prsoners; amongest whome was the Lorde Powys & his sonne, & three score prsoners, & all or the most of the Papiste goodes in that Countie, viz: fyve Thowsand pounds in Silver & Golde, & fyve thowsande poundes in goodes (as was reported).

Ruthin taken.

About 18 Oct 1644 , Wrythen [Ruthin] Towne in Wales was alsoe taken by the same Sr Thomas & his forces; some slayne, & some taken prsoners, & many pursued for foure myles & dryven thence; whereas the Kinges ptie. had entended to haue fortefied that Towne & made the same a Garryson towne agaynst the Parliamt.


On Tuesdaye nighte 29 Oct 1644 Maior Croxton & Captyn Lownes wth theire foote Companyes & Captyn ... [name not given] with a troupe of horse, marched to ffarne, where Colonell Egerton and the Kinges side quartred; & theire suddenly sett on theim; slewe twoe or three and tooke some of theim prsoners, & the rest escaped. And the[y] tooke aboute fyftie horse and three score Armes from theim; And retorned saufe to Namptwiche wth out any either slayne or wounded.

Leverpoole deliu'ed vpp.

On ffrydaye 01 Nov 1644 , beinge Alhallowe day, the Parliamt forces marched to Lev'[er]poole, (beinge then helde by the Kinges ptie.) But Sr Robte Byron, after somons & some small assaulte, deliu'ed vpp the Towne, himselfe (beinge Governor), one Colonell, twoe Lieftents, [Lieut.-Colonels] twoe maiors, mr James Massye, 25 Captyns, 18 Lieftents, 25 Ensignes, tenne or eleaven hundred Armes, foure Barrells of Powder, 14 peeces of ordnance, & fyve hundred Soldyers, all to the p'liamt ptie.

Beeston Castle.

On Saturdaye before, 26 Oct 1644 , The[y] had intelligence att Namptwiche, That the Kinges ptie. att Beeston Castle had an intente to haue Robbed and spoyled Namptwiche Markett folks att theire retorne home: But the forces from Tarvyn did prvente theim; & sente 12 of theire Souldyers neere the Castle whoe broughte awaye the Enymyes Cattell, wch when they in the Castle prceyved, yssued furthe to haue rescowed theim; But the bodie of horse from Namptwiche beinge on Tilstone heathe, and Lieftent Colonell Massye, havinge layd some of his Company in Ambushmt, drewe from the Castle towards Tilstone Heathe; And Tarvyn forces, beinge gotten betwixte the Enymye and the Castle, vpon retreate of the Enymye towards the Castle, havinge espyed the Bodie of Namptwiche horse on Tilston Heathe, did sett upon theim, and tooke aboute 20tie of theim prsoners, & 12 of theire horse, and the reste of theim fledd to the Castle; wthout losse of any on the p'liamt ptie.

Catle taken from Beeston Castle.

Upon Mondaye Nighte nexte afterwards Captyn Gymbold marched wth his Company from Namptwiche to Beeston Castle, from whence hee tooke thirtie seyven good Oxen and Kyne from theym, wch they broughte to Namptwiche: And aboute twoe or three Nights afterwards, some of maior Croxtons Soldiers fetched from thence threescore more; where twoe of his soldiers weire hurte.

Beeston Castle beseiged.

Colonell Brereton & the Councell of Warr att Namptwiche, receyvinge intelligence that they in Beeston Castle weire in want of Matches, fewell and other Necessaries, did on Saturday 16 Nov 1644 , wth most of the companyes in Namptwiche, marche to Beeston Castle, and theire placed a stronge Garrison neere the same soe that they in the Castle durst not sturr furthe; yett notwth standinge on Saturdaye Nighte some of theim fyred one Owyns Barne, standinge att the foote of the hill, & burned the same Barne and the wheate therein.

Captyn George Beckett dyed.

On Sondaye the 17 Nov 1644 , Captyn George Beckett, beinge wounded two monthes before att Shocklage [Shocklach] dyed att Namptwiche; and was seemlye buryed the nexte daye in the Heighe Chauncell, neere the Communyon Table.

Holte Bridge blocked up.

On Tuesdaye the 03 Dec 1644 , The p'liamt forces marched to ffarne & blocked vp Holte Bridge, & made a litle worke att th'end towards ffarne: But they in the Castle in the Nighte made a Bridge of Boats over the Ryver Dye [Dee] & came vpon theim, & did some harme.

The murthers att Beeston Castle.

On Saturdaye the 07 Dec 1644 , 26 of the Soldiers wch laye in Garrison about the Castle, beinge in one Owens howse standinge att the foote of the Castle hyll att Dynn'[er], & very carelesse, Aboute fourtie or fyftie of theim yssued furthe of the Castle by a pryvatt waye, And fallinge suddenlye vpon theim did kyll, wound, & Burne theim all (havinge sett the howse on ffyer) savinge twoe old men, wch they tooke prsoners wth theim into the Castle, whither they retorned wthout losse of any one.

Tattnall [Tattenhall.]

Vpon Thursdaye the 09 Jan 1644[-5] , The Kinges ptie. yssued furthe of Chester & in the Nighte came to Tatnall; And theire the[y] tooke many of Colonell Leighes horse, Armes, and some men of his troupe, beinge of the p'liamt ptie., In theire quarters, and tooke theim to Chester, wthout losse of any on theire side.

Audford. [Aldford.]

On Saturday the 11 Jan [1644-5] , Colonell Brookes troupe, quarteringe att Audforde [Aldford], weire suddenlie surprysed by theim from Chester & many of his horse, Armes & men taken awaye by theim to Chester prsoners: Amongest theim weire taken Captyn Warburton & Captyn Stewkley as conmon troupers prsoners; And they retorned to Chester wthout losse of any one.


On Mondaye Nighte the 12 Jan 1644[-5] , Captyn Edwards troupe, beinge quartred att Barrowe, weire by theim from Chester suddenly surprysed, and many of his men, horse and Armes taken and carryed awaye to Chester wthout losse of any of theim of Chester.

Twoe Irishe hanged.

On ffrydaye the 17 Jan 1644[-5] , Twoe native Irishe borne, viz.: Derby Covam & Mortoughe Colane wch weire taken prsoners att Audforde [Aldford], when Colonell Brookes troupes weire some of theim taken in theire quarters by them of Chester, were tryed by the Councell of Warr, and hanged att Namptwiche accordinge to an ordinance of Parliamt.

Christleton Battell.

Vpon Saturdaye the 18 Jan 1644[-5] , Cheshire forces to a considerable Company, beinge in theire quarters att Christleton, a myle from Chester Citie; they from the Citie yssued furthe wth all or most of the forces they cold Rayse, to the nu'ber of fyve or sixe hundred horse & eighte hundred ffoote, marchinge towards Christleton, thinkinge to haue taken theim in theire quarters, as they had donne some others before, but weire deceived, for they in Christleton havinge intelligence of theire conmynge, by theire watche vpon the Steeple, p'ceyvinge how the[y] marched and placed theire Ambuscadoes on bothe sides the Lane from Boughton to the Glasse howse, made theim selves redye to gyve theim meetinge. ffirst theire forlorne hope came vpp, vpon whome they from Christleton sett & made theim quickly retreate to the bodie of theire Army. But they beinge well followed, they fell vpon the Bodie of the Enymy & Rowted theim, beatinge some of theim backe into the Citie, & some into the Ryver Dye [Dee]; And all the rest of theim fledd, some one waye & some another, flynginge theire Armes awaye, soe that many of theim weire slayne & wounded.

There weire taken prsoners Colonell Werden, Colonell Vane, Lieftent Colonell Graye, Maior Goughe, Captyn Harryngton, & Captyn Warde, three Ensignes, 11 Lieftents, aboue twelve hundred Conmon Soldiers, a greate store of Armes. The Conmon Soldiers were most of theym Chester men, as Shoemakers, Cobblers, Taylors, Barbers, and the lyke. Theire was taken by theim of the Citie Captyn ... [name not given], his horse beinge slayne vnder him; Captyn Sankie, shott in the shoulder, Lieftent Colonell Johnes, a litle hurte & aboute 8 or tenne killed or wounded. The reporte was that theire weire C [100] of theim of the Citie sore wounded & aboute 40tie [40] drowned in the Reever. James Poole, Esq. was wounded & broughte prsoner to Namptwiche where he shortlie dyed.

A daye of Thankesgyvinge.

On Thursdaye the 23 Jan 1644[-5] , there was helde att Namptwiche A Solem daye of thankesgyvinge for deliu'inge the Towne, when ytt was beseiged & assaulted that tyme twelve monthes, & for all other of Gods greate blessings, prservacons & favours towards the said Towne.

The same daye att Nighte, Reporte came to the Towne that the Kinges ptie., being foure hundred horse, wth muskettiers behind them weire come to Whitchurche. Wherevpon the Townesmen & Soldiers weire all comanded to stande vpon theire Garde for prservacon of the Towne of Namptwiche.

Hawkyns shott at Namptwiche.

On ffridaye the 24 Jan 1644[-5] , Lieftent Hawkyns als. Huggyns was adiudged by the Councell of warr, to Dye for that he was an Irishe man, had taken the Covenante, prved for the p'liamt and afterwards went to the Kinges ptie: hee was shott at the Chauncell end in Namptwiche.

2 hanged att Christleton.

The p'liamt side did hange twoe men att Christleton, beinge native Irishe, for the lyke, wch weire taken att Christleton Battell.

A Marche agaynst Chester.

On Sondaye Nighte the 26 Jan 1644[-5] , Cheshire forces wth some of Lancashire forces marched towards Chester, wth intente to haue stormed the Citie; But approchinge neere the same vnto theire works, They prceyved the wales [walls], by lighte of theire Matches, well garded wth Soldiers: (beinge aboute foure or fyve a Clocke in the Mornynge): And on Mondaye, the nexte daye after, for they weire betrayed by one of theire owne Soldiers whoe had gyven theim notice twoe howers before; And prceyvinge they weire betrayed weire gladd to retreate wthout any further p'ceedinge: yett upon theire retreate they weire in greate Danger, (beinge wthin muskett shott of theim) wch when they in the Citie prceyved, did shoote very vehementlie att theim; But the Lord prserved theim all from any harme.

Holte taken agayne.

Vpon Tuesdaye Nighte the 28 Jan 1644[-5] , the p'liamt forces, about twoe thowsand, went furthe of Wirrall, over a forde into Wales; (where 8 of theire men & foure horses weire drowned) But landinge in Wales on Wednesdaye mornynge, the Welsh men fledd: soe that the[y] marched by Harden Castle & came to Holte, wthout any int'[err]uption, takinge many horse & prsoners: And comynge thether, all the[y] then for the Kinge fledd into the Castle, & then the[y] entred the same towne quyetlie, & opened the Bridge, wch did lead into Cheshire vnto ffarne; & soe made theimselves free & open passage furthe of Wales, over the greate Ryver Dye [Dee] into Cheshire att theire pleasure.

Wrythen [Ruthin] Towne taken.

The same weeke they entred Wrixam [Wrexham] where the[y] weire well entertayned; And a litle afterwards hearing that Wrythen [Ruthin] was garrisoned with twoe thowsand of the Kinges ptie., they marched thetherwards; but they theire, hearinge of theire advanceing towards theim, ffledd, some into the Castle, & some to Denbigh, or whither they cold gett. Then they entred the Towne, & beinge possessed thereof did what they pleased: althoughe not muche harme to the faythfull of the Townesmen; And stayinge not longe theire, they marched backe towardes Wrixam [Wrexham]. They had foure men of Macclesfield hundred slayne, & three wounded from Wrythen [Ruthin] Castle, wth a case of Drakes.

Randevous on Preece Heath.

On Tuesdaye and Wednesdaye beinge the 11 Feb 1644[-5] and 12 Feb 1644[-5] , the p'liamt forces, havinge Ayde from Yorkshire, Darbieshire, Staffordshire, & some more from Lancashire, beinge enformed that Prince Morrys [Maurice] was come to Shrowesbury, expectinge greate forces, kepte theire Randevous vpon Preece Heath, beinge a very stronge Army consistinge bothe of horse & foote: and the Princes Army beinge about twoe thowsand Did marche to Chirk Castle, & the p'liamt Army marched Into Wales towards the later ende of the same weeke: But the Prince removinge from place to place, cold not bee mett wthall, nor overtaken, wch the[y] p'ceyvinge and feareing leste hee wold wheele about some waye into Cheshire, removed the leager from Beeston Castle, before Ayde cold come from the Army in Wales vnto theim: And prsentlie after the whole Army marched furthe of Wales into Cheshire backe againe on Mondaye the 17 Feb 1644[-5].

On Thursdaye the 20 Feb 1644[-5] the Prince came to Chester (as was crediblie reported) where the p'liamt Army faced him that hee durst not come further: But hee retorned to the Holte in Wales; And on ffrydaye made a Bridge of Boats over Dye [Dee] vnder Holte Castle before the Cheshire forces weire awarre [aware]: and about fyve hundred of theim came over into Cheshire: But the Cheshire soldyers in ffarne did quycklie beate theim backe.

2 Howses burned in ffarne.

On Sondaye mornynge the 23 Feb 1644[-5] , the Kinges ptie. came over into ffarne agayne, & theire fyred twoe howses wch weire burned downe to the ground, & retyred backe agayne, doinge noe more harme; but seu'all tymes afterwards they came over agayne, & burned many howses & barnes in ffarne, & beinge sett on by the Soldyers in ffarne, weire beaten backe, yett the[y] slewe maior Jackson, & some other of theim in ffarne, wth some losse on theire side, by the p'liamt forces.

Shrowesbury taken.

Upon Saturdaye mornynge the 22 Feb 1644[-5] , Colonell Mytton & Colonell Boyer on the p'liamt side, wth aboute fyfteene hundred horse & foote, did very secretlie & cu'inglie [cunningly] enter into Shrowesbury, althoughe not att the Gates, nor by any knowledge of theim in the Towne; But beinge possessed thereof, They weire bold to hold ytt, where the[y] tooke Sr Michell Erneley, Governor, & many hundreds more in the Towne prsoners: (But the Governor beinge sore wounded dyed a litle afterwards.) and alsoe seazed all theire estate, magazen, Ammunycon, & Ordnance. Some of theim in the Towne fledd into the Castle; But vpon feare [fair] termes the same Nighte they deliu'ed ytt upp to the said Colonells.

The names of some of the Knightes & men of noate taken prsoners in the same Towne weire Sir Nicholas Byron, Sir Richard Lea, Sr Richard Lewson, Sr John Weild senr., Sr John Weild junr., Sr Thomas Cicell, Sr Henry ffredericke Thyn, Sr Willm. Owen, Sr Herbert Vaughan, Sr Thomas Lyster, mr Ireland, mr Kynnaston of Otley, mr Barker Junr., mr Pontesbury Owen, mr Edward Owen, mr Thomas Owen, mr Thomas Jones, mr Pellam Corbett, Doctor Lewyn, Doctor ffowler, Doctor Arnewaye, & a Doctor of Phissicke, mr Willm. Barker, Captaine Yonge, mr Gibbons, mr ffoster, Captyn Stanley, mr Edward Morrys, Captyn Raynford, mr Lawton, mr Smythe, mr Trevys, mr Robte. Sandford, Captyn Sandford, old mr Sandford, mr Davyes, mr ffrancis Thernes, & mr Robte. Betton, twoe thowsand Armes, a hundred Barrells of powder, many Cannons, a greate store of money & plate to the value of ffourtie Thowsande pounds, beside greate store of Riches & goods: ffor many greate men & others of the Countrey thereabouts had gotten all theire money, plate & goods into the said Towne for securitie; beinge then held by the Kinges ptie.

Howses burned & deserted.

Upon takinge of Shrowesburye the Kinges ptie. burned & quytt [quit] Lea Hall, and Tonge Castle: The[y] deserted Madeley, Rowton, & Atcham Howse on the Ryver side was garrysoned for the Kinge & P'liamt. Morton Corbett deserted alsoe and burned by the p'liamt. ptie. Theire weire many more Captyns & gent. of quallitie wch are not heere named taken in Shrowesbury.

Persons in Shrowesbury broughte to Namptwiche.

On Saturday the 01 Mar 1644[-5] , Baronett Lea, Sr Richard Lewsen, Sr John Weild senr and Junr., Doctor Lewyn, Doctor ffowler, Doctor Arnewaye, Herbert Vaughan, Edward Kynnaston, ffrancis Sandford, ffrancis Thomas, & Thomas Owen esqrs.; Edward Owen, Lieutentt Colonell, Captyn Stanley, ffrancis Smythe, gents.; Thomas Johnes, Esq.; Captyn Ranesford, Alderman Gibbons, Captyn Yonge & Sr Thomas Whitmore weire sente to Namptwiche prsoners from Shrowesbury. And vpon the 08 Mar 1644[-5] , weire sente to Namptwiche after theim, prsoners, Captyn Lucas, Maior Ranger, Captyn Cressye, Captyn Harrison, mr Turner, Captyn Betts, Sr John Peshall, Sr Nicolas Byron, Captyn Edward Leighton, Captyn Talbott, Captyn Pontesbury Owen, mr Spurstowe, Lieftent Thomas Owen, mr Robte. Sandford, mr Trevys, Thomas Betton, maior Littleton, and mr Richard Otley, All in nu'ber 38.

Prisoners removed.

On Saturdaye the 15 Mar 1644[-5] , some of theise prsoners weire removed from Namptwiche to Manchester; And the nexte day after (beinge Sondaye) some of theim more weire removed to Eccleshall Castle.

Christleton and ffarne deserted.

On Mondaye the 17 Mar 1644[-5] , pte. [part] of Cheshire forces wch laye att Christleton, & had in some mann' [manner] fortefyed the same hearing of the greate powers of Prince Ruperte & Morrys [Maurice], & feareing theim selves not able to wth stand theire greate forces, deserted & lefte the same goinge whether they were Conmanded. And also ffarne was lefte lykewise. The Kinges ptie. then burned Christleton towne downe to the ground.

Beeston Castle releeved.

The same Mondaye the 17 Mar 1644[-5] , The Kinges ptie. releeved Beeston Castle: And the nexte daye after the[y] plu'dered almost all Bunbury p'ishe [parish].

24 men hanged.

On Wednesdaye the 19 Mar 1644[-5] , The Kinges ptie. drewe theire Armes towards Holte: And the Prince hanged 24 Countrey men, some of theim Constables, and other some poore simple men, for that they weire not so forward in prforming of his Conmand as he expected: And the same daye they sett Beeston Hall on fyer, a very brave howse, & burned the same downe to the ground. Beeston Hall burned.

Scotts came into Cheshire in our ayde.

On Thursdaye the 20 Mar 1644[-5] , Colonell Brereton wth his forces held his Randevous on Knottesford Heathe & on Bowdon Downes: And thether the Scotts havinge marched, Joyned wth theim, beinge in nu'ber fyve thowsand or thereabouts; And on Saturday the 22 Mar 1644[-5] the[y] advanced to Sandbache. The nexte weeke after to Whitchurche, & then back to Sandbache, and soe marched awaye into Yorkshire.

The Kinges comynge into Shropshire.

[ May 1645.] A litle afterwards Cheshire forces, wth some others of theire frends, marched backe agayne into Wales & begirte Chester round, placinge Garrisons att Puddington, Rowton, Huntington, Eccleston, Iron Bridge, & Upton; And alsoe about Beeston Castle; where they had begun to have Reased a brave mounte, wth a stronge Ditche about the same: and had placed good byldinges thereon, wch weire scarcely fynyshed when as newes came, That the Kinge & bothe the Princes wth a mightie Army were marchinge towards theim: And ytt was reported that on ffrydaye Nighte & Saturdaye the 17 May 1645 , that they quartred aboute Newporte: And on Sondaye the 18 May 1645 , All Cheshire forces, & the reste of theire Army retorned bothe from Walles [Wales] & all the other holds & garrisons (Tarvyn excepted) to Namptwiche: Leavinge all the places where they had byn to the mercy of the Kinges Army, bothe att Chester & Beeston Castle. Newes still encreasinge of the Kinges advancinge towards Cheshire; Mondaye & Tuesdaye they moved very litle: But on Wednesdaye Nighte the Kinge lay att Drayton, & his Army att Muccleston, Balloporte, Bloore & all the Countrey there abouts: And the same daye an Alaram was gyven on Namptwiche, but wth out cause.

The Kinge advanced to Utsetter [Uttoxeter].

On Thursdaye the 22 May 1645 , theire was a fast held att Namptwiche: And the same daye att Nighte, The Kinge retreated & Lodged att mr Sneyds of Keele (as was reported) and his Army att and about Stone & Newcastle. Some reported hee laye att Tren[t]ham that Nighte; but the truth was his Matie laye att mr Cromptons howse neere Stone: on Saturdaye nighte the 24 May 1645 , hee laye att Sr Thomas Mylwards neere Utsetter, [Uttoxeter] and his Army poore [? were] quartred in and about Utsetter.

Leicester taken by the Kinge.

On Saturdaye mornynge the 31 May 1645 , the Kinge tooke Leicester wth greate losse of men on both sides: And many Carryages, wagons, & waynemen, beinge come to Towne that Nighte before for saufety lost all the goods the[y] brought & all theire Teames, & some of theire men, to a very greate value & losse: And almost to the vndowinge [undoing] of some of theim.

Rydley Hall assaulted by the Enymye.

On Wednesdaye the 04 Jun 1645 , the Kinges ptie. yssued furthe of Beeston Castle, beinge not aboue twoe myles from the same place whether they entended, wch was vnto Ridley Hall, where a small garrison, not above 16 men weire for the p'liamt placed over Nighte to garrison the same house: The Kinges ptie., beinge farr more in nu'ber, assaulted the Gates; but the Soldyers in the howse defended theim selves very bravely, & killed fyve of theim; whereof one Vernon, a man of Wibunbury towne wch had byn on the p'liamt side before, & taken the Covenant, was one of theim: onelie the Soldiers in the howse had one man shott in the shoulder, but in noe danger of Death.

Battell att Eaton & Rushton.

On Monday the 09 Jun 1645 , The Kinges ptie. yssued furthe of Chester beinge three horse Companyes & sixe foote; whoe tooke Captyn Glegge & his troupe of horse in theire quarters: But they weire all quicklie Rescewed by the forces furthe of Tarvyn garrison: And in pursuite of theim, soe farr as Eaton & Rushton, & about the forrest of Dalameyre [Delamere], the p'liamt side tooke twoe Captyns & officers, & Conmon Soldyers about twoe hundred & tenne: & slewe tenne of theim; (onelie wth the losse of three wch were slayne & taken prsoners), besides one Barrell & many bags of powder, & some Armes, about three hundred. And on Tuesdaye mornynge followynge, fourscore & seyven of the prsoners weire removed from Tarvyn to Namptwiche.

Battell at Stoke Manor [ 08 Jun 1645 ]

Aboute the same tyme, two thowsand of the Kinges Garrisons of Hereford, Ludloe, &c. entendinge to haue Joyned wth theim in Chester (as some of Chester prsoners confessed) & to haue plu'dred & vndonne a greate p[ar]te of Cheshire in some dayes space: But the p'liamt forces from Shrowesbury & Shropshire, not aboue sixe hundred, mett wth theim about Stoke Mannor; And fallinge in fighte togeither The[y] slewe the Governor of Hereford & tooke the Governor of Ludloe, one Colonell, a Lieftent Colonell, & foure hundred Conmanders & Conmon Soldyers prsoners; Besides many Armes, and many of theim slayne.

Irishmen hanged.

On Wednesday, the 11 Jun 1645 , Many of the prsoners sente from Tarvyn, about fourteene or fyfteene in nu'ber, weire tryed att Namptwich by the Councell of warr, whereof three of theim were adiudged to Dye, being Native Irishe; And the same day in the afternoone they were all three hanged. (By the ordinance of p'liamt.)

Colonell Brereton going to the p'liamt. [See Appendix D.]

On ffryday the 13 Jun 1645 , Colonell Brereton wente from Namptwiche towards London, beinge called vp to the p'liamt., & beinge one of the Knights for Cheshire; But stayinge a whyle in Stafford towne, he sente vp Captyn Stones, (then Govenor of Stafford) wth but a smale Troope of horse; whoe in his Journey mett wth some of the Kinges forces & fallinge on theim tooke fyfteen of theim prsoners & sixe hundred poundes in money. (some reporte 8 hundred poundes.)

Harbye Battell [Naseby, 14 Jun 1645.]

Upon Saturdaye the 14 Jun 1645 , The Kinge & his Army quarteringe but a litle from Harboroughe, Sr Thomas ffearefax [Fairfax] & the p'liamt forces fell vpon theim, & Rowted, slewe, tooke and scattred theim all; Takinge foure Thowsand fyve hundred thirtie & odd of theim prsoners in the field; (fyve hundred of theim beinge Colonells, Lieftents Colonells, maiors, Captyns, & officers), All the Kinges Carryages and ordnance; And in prsuett tooke & slewe manye of theim: The Kinge fledd to Lichfield first (as was reported), And afterwards to Worcester Citie (beinge neu'[never] soe yll Rowted before); The Carryages then taken weire twoe hundred; one of theim wth the Kinges plate in ytt, worth (as was reported) seyventeene thowsand poundes: 12 peeces of ordnance, a hundred Ensignes wth the Kinges Standard: And in pursuite of theim twoe thowsande horse, beside many Cloke bagges found in Lanes wth theire stringes cutt and throwne awaye; wth much money, good clothes & other thinges of value in theim. Slayne on the Kinges side about a thowsand; And on the p'liamt side about three hundred.

Leicester regayned.

On Wednesday the 18 Jun 1645 , Leicester was by the Lorde of Loughborowe, governor theire placed by the Kinge, vpon Composicon deliu'ed vp to the p'liamt forces. The officers & Conmon Soldyers in the Towne beinge about fyfteene hundred; viz. That all officers aboue degree of a Lieftent sholde depte. [depart] wth theire horse & Armes. And all the rest either wthout horse or Armes.

Three executed [at Namptwiche].

On Saturday the 21 Jun 1645 , Three Native Irishe weire executed att Namptwiche.

Shardon Castle deliu'ed vpp.

On Sondaye the 29 Jun 1645 , Shardon Castle beinge garrisoned by the Kinges ptie., & beseiged by the p'liamt forces, was vppon composicon deliu' [delivered] vpp to theim; They in the Castle marchinge awaye wth theire horse and Armes; But leavinge all theire Magazen, prvision, & goods behind theim; wch ys scythens [since] altogeither defaced.

Cawse Castle deliu' vpp.

The very weeke before, [ 23 Jun 1645 ] Cawse [Caurs] Castle, being also garrisoned by the Kinges ptie., was alsoe in the lyke mannr deliu'[ered] vpp to the p'liamt forces.

Stoke Castle deliu' vpp.

And aboute that tyme Stoke Castle, neere Ludloe, beinge helde by the Kinges ptie., was in lyke mann'[er] deliu'[ered] vpp.

Shocklage howse.

The 16 Jul 1645 , Shocklage [Shocklach] howse, beinge made a Garrison by the Kinges ptie., was taken by the Cheshire forces for the p'liamt, & and by composicon deliu'd vpp; wherein was the Lord Byron & mr Egerton, lord of the howse, & 23 Soldyers wth theire Armes, wheireof twoe of theim weire Captyns: And the same daye was broughte to Namptwiche prsoners wth theire horses & Armes of the Kinges ptie. from Beeston Castle; And the nexte daye after, some of the other prsoners weire broughte to Namptwiche from Shocklage.

Langport Battell.

The 10 Jul 1645 newes came to Namptwiche That theire was a greate Battell foughte in Som'setshire by Sr Thomas ffearefax & Colonell Massie & theire forces agaynst the Lord Hopton & Colonell Goringe & theire forces; where the p'liamt forces prvayled & Rowted theim: And tooke 15 hundred Horse, twoe thowsand & foure hundred Conmon Soldyers; & slewe aboute fyve hundred: twoe peeces of ordnance & foure Carryages wth Ammunyncon: Hopton and Goringe fledd into Bridgewater wheire they weire beseiged a litle afterwards by the p'liamt forces.

Bridgewater taken.

The same moneth of Jul 1645 , The p'liamt forces havinge beseiged the sayde Bridgewater, whereoff Colonell Wyndall, [Windham] was Governor, Tooke ytt, & the said Governor & fyve knights, 6 Colonells, 14 Lieftent Colonells & maiors, a hundred Captyns & other Officers, fourtie gents., & others of quallitie, twoe thowsand prsoners, eighte hundred horse, thirtie sixe peeces of ordnance, fyve thowsand Armes, tenne loads of Ammunyncon; All Gorings carryage, bagge & baggage; & the Castle & markett place, & all wch was in that garrison: But Hopton & Goringe weire fledd agayne.

Pomfrett taken.

The 22 Jul 1645 , Pomfret Castle was taken by the p'liamt forces, and three thowsand Armes: tenne peeces of Ordnance, Twoe hundred Barrells of Powder, & many other goods, (as was reported) wch was held by the Kinges ptie. [party].


And the same moneth Scarborowe was taken alsoe by the p'liamt forces from the Kinges ptie. [party].

Beeston Castle.

In the later ende of Julye, & beygynnynge of Aug 1645 , a newe Mounte was buylte neere Beeston Castle, before the Gates of the Castle, wthin Muskett Shott, by Cheshire gents., and a hundred soldyers putt therein, and a Barne taken downe att Beeston Hall & sett vp in the same; wch they in the Castle suffred to bee buylte wthout litle or noe int'[err]uption: And vpon Sondaye the tennth of Aug 1645 , upon a reporte that the Kinge wth fyve Thowsand horse was come to Heighe Arcall, (wch prved vntrewe,) The same Mounte beinge well victualed from Namptwiche, wth a monthes prvision, the trayned bandes of Namptwiche, Northwyche & Buckley [Bucklow] Hundreds weire all drawn to Namptwiche from Beeston to haue secured the Towne, yf need had byn [been]: But on Tuesdaye the 12 Aug 1645 , the same three trayned Bannds did marche backe agayne to Beeston.

Lyncell deliu'ed vpp.

On the 22 Aug 1645 , Lyncell Howse, beinge kept by the Kinges ptie., was after a greate breache made in the same, & the Governor slayne, deliu'ed vp vnto the p'liamt forces.

Dawley Castle.

On Saturdaye the 23 Aug 1645 , Dawley Castle in Shropshire, held alsoe by the Kinges ptie., was yelded vp vnto the p'liamt forces.

Bristowe [Bristol] deliu'ed vpp.

Newes came to Namptwiche, That on Thursdaye the 11 Sep 1645 , Bristowe [Bristol] Citie, the Castle, and all the stronge holds theire, (held by Prince Rupert) was deliu'ed vp to Sr Thomas ffearefax, Generall for the p'liamt; And all the Armes, ordnance, Ammunyncon & prvision therein.

Chester subberbs taken.

Upon ffrydaye Nighte the 19 Sep 1645 , Cheshire forces marched prvately to Chester, & before daye on Saturdaye mornynge, They had entred theire out-workes & taken forgate streete [Foregate St.] & all the Suburbs on that side of the Citie: And vpon Sonday the 21 Sep 1645 , The[y] fetched some greate ordnance from Tarvyn, broughte theim into Chester subburbs, & planted theim agaynst the wall of the Citie; And on Mondaye both sides playde all daye wth theire ordnance, the one agaynst the other: And the p'liamt forces in th' afternoone had made a Breache in the Citie wall, on the left hand Newgate, that foure mighte have entred [a] Brest: About 8 a Clocke at Nighte, Captyn ffynche & Captyn Gimbolde wth theire fyerlocks weire Conmanded to enter, wch they prformed very gallantlie & bouldly; But beinge in the Nighte, & the Trayned bannds not speedylie followinge theim, (whoe weire also appoynted for that servys), The said twoe Captyns, wth theire fyerlocks, weire bothe of theim wounded, but not mortally; & many of Captyn ffynches Soldyers alsoe: ytt ys supposed that yf fyve hundred of theim had then entred, they had byn all cutt of[f]; They weire soe readie & well prvyded in the Citie.

The greate Battell at Rowton & Howe Heathes.

On Wednesdaye the 24 Sep 1645 , The Kinges fforces, and maior Gen'all Poynes [Poyntz] wth other brave Conmanders, Officers & Soldyers on the p'liamt side, mett & Joyned Battell, wch was foughte on Wauerton, Rowton, and Howe [Hoole] Heathes, neere Chester, beinge (as was thoughte) equall in Nu'ber on bothe sides.

Att the first maior Gen'all Poynes [Poyntz] had the worste; loste some men, & had about fyftie or three score of his taken prsoners: But Lieftent Colonell Johnes & other Conmanders not farr distant, wth a thowsand horse & sixe hundred musketteers yssued furthe of the Subberbs att Chester, fresh in Ayde of the said gen'all Poynes, & Joynynge wth him, wthin a litle space did not onelie [only] recouer all theim before taken prsoners, But vtterlie Rowted, wounded, kild, & scattred all the Kinges forces: The Kinge in p'son [person] beinge then sometymes in the Citie and sometymes in the Battell; for hee mighte wthout hinderance goe from the Citie throwe the Northgate to Howe [Hoole] Heathe, wheire his owne Regimt was in fighte.

Prsoners taken by the p'liamt forces, viz: Sr Phillip Musgrave, maior gen'all; Sr Thomas Dakers, Sr Thomas Dawbishcounte [Daybridgecourt] Sr Michell Constable, Sr Thomas Goare, Sr Henry Stradlinge, Sr John Phillip Hinler [Heitter] Colonell Weston, sonne to the late Lord Treasurer; Col. Gifford; Colonell Cromwell, Colonell ffletcher; Lieftent Colonells ffrancis Mallam,* Robte. Millington, Hatton, Rutherford, Salkeld, & Kinbye.* Maiors [Majors] Willms. [Williams] Morrys, Mark Duggell,* Marcke Doole*, & John Lerman.* Captyns; Captyn Martyn, adi[u]tante gen'all, Captyn Swynhed,* Henshawe, White, Gibbons, Stravelinge,* Shelrey*, John Conyers, Dixon, Prase,* Willey, Moreton, Symson, Bott,* Johnson, Boulton, vaughan, & Gerratt [? Gerrard] Lowther; Lieftents, Cottrell, Morgan, Storey, Bertram, Asleby, Golborne, Constable, mansfield, Skipwith, Jeffreson, Power, Brooke, Whitney, Eliott, Cooke; Cornetts, Elsinge, Julyan, Rainsford, Morley, Pierson, ffitzwilliams & Smythe. Quartermrs, Thomas Shelden, the Kinges quartermr, Collizer, Lowe, Brere.

Trumpetts, fyve: Corporalls, twoe: Of the Kinges Liefe [Life] Garde 17: Gent[lemen] 20tie: Conmon Soldyers betwixte 8 hundred & a thowsand, togeither wth Capt. St. Michell, Captyn of the Queenes troupe, wth a scarfe wch the Queene gave him from about hir Necke to weire [wear] for his collors. The Earle of Lichfield [Bernard Stuart] slayne, togeither wth aboue three hundred Conmanders, officers, & Comon Soldyers. Horse taken about 15 hundred.

Theire weire in all taken and slayne about twoe thowsand of the Kinges ptie.; not wthout some losse on the p'liamt ptie. wch weire not many: Betwixte Nyne hundred & a thowsand prsoners weire sente to Namptwiche, where they contynued from ffrydaye vntill Thursdaye nexte after. And some of theim (about twoe hundred) weire removed to Midlewiche & Northwiche, & the reste remayned at Namptwiche; wch weire sente from thence to the Garrison in the Subberbs of Chester; & soe was alsoe a greate Brasse peece of ordnance, & three greate peeces of ordnance (lately broughte to Namptwiche) sente thether alsoe.

A p'lie. [parley] wth Chester.

Wednesday the 08 Oct 1645 , Theire was a p'lye [parley] held wth the Citie, whoe weire to retorne theire answere on Thursdaye nexte after, by tenne a Clocke in th' afforenoone; wch they did; but beinge dislyked, the p'lie. [parley] brake of[f]: And the same daye the ordnance plaid [played] agaynst the Citie, & made a greate breache in the Citie wall: And aboute Sunn settinge some of the forces in the Subburbs entred, but weire beaten backe by reason of a greate Trenche they in the Citie had made on theire side prsentlie agaynst the Breatche, whylest they weire in p'lie. [parley]. Some small losse theire was of men on bothe sides, but not muche: Lieftent Colonell Venables was shott in the Arme, althoughe not much worse.

Walke mylles burned.

On Thursdaye the 25 Oct 1645 , the forces in the Subberbs had fynished a Bridge wch they had made over the Ryver Dye [Dee] wth Boates, Carte bodies, & the lyke: And the same Nighte they burned all the Citie walke mylles.

Some of theire mylles & Cundicte [Conduit] harmed.

On ffrydaye the 26 Oct 1645 The p'liamt forces drewe downe twoe peeces of ordnance, & planted theim on the Bowlinge Banke, vnder St. Johns Churche, entendinge to haue beaten downe their water Corne Mylles. The[y] brake two of theim, & battred theire water Cundicte [Conduit] by the Mylles, wch fell downe a greate pte. theirof a litle after, so that the same was of noe vse.

Battell att Denbighe.

The P'liamt ptie., beinge enformed that the Kinges ptie. drewe into a Bodie to a greate Nu'ber entendinge to rease the Seige att Chester & Beeston Castle, beinge aboute Denbighe in Wales, did, wth a considerable Army of horse & foote to the nu'ber of three thowsand or thereabout, march to Wrythen [Ruthin] in Wales, Colonell Johnes & Agitante [Adjutant] Lowthian being Conmanders in cheefe, on ffrydaye Nighte, the 31 Oct 1645 : And on Saturdaye, being alhallowe daye, The[y] marched to Denbighe, wheire the Kinges ptie. was on Denbighe Greene; wheire they had to theire greate advantage lyned the hedges wth musketteers & made good the Lane; yett neu'thelesse, the P'liamt Army fell on theim; & after a shorte fighte, did scatter & Route theim altogeither; And tooke aboue sixe hundred of their horse, slewe about a hundred, and tooke foure hundred prsoners; And one thinge was marvelous, That ytt pleased God the p'liamt side did lose but onelie one man, wch was wounded in the fighte, wch lyved about twoe howers after: And the same Nighte wth some smale resistaunce did enter the Towne of Denbighe. But the Kinges ptie. fyred the Towne (wch did consume most pte. of the hearte of the Towne) after they had stayed theire all Nighte; [they] marched to Chester after, in twoe dayes, in saufetie. On Saturdaye about three score & seyventeen of the prsoners weire sente to Namptwiche; and twentie of theim the nexte weeke after tooke vp Armes for the p'liamt.

Sir Thomas Aston taken.

The same weeke, Sr Thomas Aston & about threescore men, Cavaliers wth him, weire taken prsoners by Captyn Stones att or neere Bancke[?], broughte to Stafford, where hee contynued vntill he dyed of an vntymelie death, as yt was reported & very trewe.

Beeston Castle deliu'ed.

You heard before howe Beeston Castle was unwyslye deliu'ed vp to Captyn Sandford for the Kinges vse by Captyn Steele then Governor thereof for the p'liamt, vpon or about the 13 Dec 1643 ; wch was held by the Kinges ptie. vntill Sonday the 15 Nov 1645 ; And then Captyn Vallatt, Governor thereof, after almost a twelve monthes seige, wth aboute fyftye sixe in his Company, beinge broughte into greate wante of victuals; havinge not any food in the Castle (but onelie water), not for to haue maynteyned theim twoe dayes, & seeinge the same blockt vp, and Chester alsoe beinge wthout hope to bee releeved; upon a plye. [parley] wth Colonell Brereton, an agreemt betwixte theim was concluded, That they wth all theire Armes, Colors flyinge, Drumes beatinge, & twoe Carte loades of goods, shold instantlie depte. [depart] awaye, & deliu'[er] vp the Castle to the said Colonell Brereton; wch was the same daye p'formed.

And when a Considerable force was putt into the Castle by the said Colonell, The said vallatt wth his Soldiers havinge a Convaye wth theim, was broughte vnto Denbighe, whither hee had a desyre to goe: but twentie of vallants [sic] Soldiers, when they weire come furthe of the Castle, Laide downe theire Armes, & eu'y [every] of theim desyred that they might have lycence to goe to theire homes, wch was graunted. Theire was neither meate, Ale, nor Beere, found in the Castle, save onelie a peece of a Turkey pye, Twoe Bisketts, a lyve Peacock & a peahen.

A plott to haue destroyed theire Bridge ou'[er] Dee.

On Mondaye the 24 Nov 1645 , Cheshire forces & others in the Subberbs att Chester, havinge made a Bridge of Boates & the lyke over Dye [Dee] att the Lane ende beneath mr Walleyes howse, that they mighte att theire pleasure goe to the other side of the Water, wch they in the Citie prceavinge to bee very preiudiciall vnto theim, Devysed twoe Boates, loading theim wth muskett Barrells charged wth powder & Bulletts, & eu'y [every] Barrell lighte Matches beside other dangerous combustable stuffs (apte to take fyer), thinkinge to destroye theire Bridge, and sendinge the same vp the Ryver wth the Tyde, when the water att the Cawsey laye even, about tenne a Clocke in the Nighte; wch was by the watche on the p'liamt ptie. discovered, cominge from the Citie towards [them] not knowinge what they weire; Butt, yt pleased God, that the one of theim did not Reache the Bridge, & the others conminge neere the Bridge, was wth Pykes kept of[f]; But both of theim fyringe did not any harme either to the Bridge or Soldyers.

Att the very instant of sendinge those twoe boates furthe, They in the Citie, to the nu'ber of fyve thowsand horse & twoe hundred foote, yssued furthe of Chester over Dee Bridge, intendinge to haue destroyed & overthrowne all the p'liamt forces on the other side the Reever; wch they might haue donne, yf the Bridge had byn broken downe & their plott taken place, by reason that noe releefe colde have suddenly come vnto theim: But they on the other side to renewe [?] theim of the Citie & the Ayde, wch came vnto theim of the p'liamt side ou'[over] the water, did dryve theim backe agayne into the Citie; But wth what losse was not knowne by the p'liamt ptie.: neither had they any man slayne nor wounded (wch was God's greate mercye vnto theim). The[y] found an Irishe man slayne wth a masse Booke & twoe Granadoes vpon him in theire quarters, & muche Blood on the grounde where they had byn wch came furthe of the Citie.

Lathom Howse yelded vp.

The Kinges ptie. for a long space havinge kepte a Garrison in Lathom Hall, in Lancashire, a very statelie howse of the Earle of Derbies; (to the greate Damage of all that Countrey & in the ende to the vtter Rvyne of the same howse) The P'liamt forces havinge beseiged the same about twoe yeeres; what throughe famyne, wante of victualls and other necessaryes, & doubtefull to bee releeved; The same was deliu'ed to the p'liamt ptie. on Wednesdaye the 03 Dec 1645 : The Governor to depte. wth his horses, Armes, two or three more wth theire swords. Three more of the beste to bee kepte prsoners, & all the reste of the Soldyers to depte. wthout Armes: And the howse to bee somethinge demollished.

Hereford Citie taken.

On Thursdaye the 18 Dec 1645 , Hereford Citie, havinge a garrison kepte in ytt by the Kinges ptie., was very Craftely taken by Colonell Morgan, Governor of Gloster.

A marche towards Shyfnall.

On Saturdaye the 20 Dec 1645 , The forces of Cheshire, Lancashire, & other places, to the nu'ber of fyve thowsand, leavinge att and about Chester three thowsand, havinge certyn intelligence that the Kinges ptie. had gathered a heade, & weire att Shyffnall, fyve myles from Newporte, entendinge to Rease the Seige att Chester, Advanced to Whitchurche to haue mett theim in theire marche to Chester: But they, hearinge thereof, disbanded theim selves to the small Garrisons from whence they had come; All but Hereford men, whoe went to Ludloe garrison, where they contynued vntill ffrydaye nexte after, & then by reason of the thaweing & meltinge of the Snowe (being then very greate), They retorned moste of theim to the Garrison att Chester.

Sr. Randull Crewes death & Buriall.

Sr Randull Crewe, Knighte, A greate Councellor, wch had byn Lord Cheefe Justice of the Kinges Benche, a Religious good man, and ferme for the p'liamt, and a man of fayre possessions bothe in Cheshire & many other places; And where of his owne Charges found & maynteyned in Cheshire, for Servys of the p'liamt, duringe all the tyme of the late warrs vntill his Death, Tenne Soldyers & Twoe Horse, & men bravely furnished, Depted [departed] this lyfe att his howse in westmr [Westminster], the 13 Jan 1645-[6] , Beinge then of the Age of ffourescore and eighte yeres or thereabouts: And afterwards his bodie was broughte downe into Cheshire, & entombed att Barthomley (whereof hee was Patron) in a fayre vaulte (wch hee had made), the 05 Jun 1646 , about Seyven a Clocke in th' afternoone (beinge ffrydaye), wth out either Sermon or any Solemnitie.

Chester Citie deliud vp.

Chester Citie, havinge byn Beleagred by the p'liament forces for the space of 17 weeks, or more, was vpon Composicon & Articles betwixte the Lord Byron for the Citie, & Colonell Brereton for the p'liamt, deliu'ed vp, vpon Tuesdaye the 03 Feb 1645[-6] : Togeither wth the Castle & Ryall [Royal] Mounte; After the Citie had byn surrounded Rounde, & all the victualls & Releffe kepte from theim by the p'liamt forces for a longe space; Soe that theire was greate famyn & wante in the Citie: Vpon a p'lie. [parley] ytt was agreed by Articles as followeth, viz:-

Auticles concluded & agreed vpon 01 Feb 1645[-6] Betwixte the comissn appoynted on the behalfe of John Lord Byron field marshall gen'all of North Wales & Governor of Chester, on the one pte. And the Conmissioners on the behalfe of Sir Willm. Brereton Baronett, Comander in Cheefe of all the forces of Cheshire and att the leaguer before Chester, on the other pte. for the Surrender of Chester Citie & the Castle & forte theireof.

ffirst. That the Lord Byron and all Noblemen, Comanders, officers & gent., & alsoe Souldiers & all other p'sons whatsoeu'[er] nowe residinge in the Citie of Chester & the Castle & forte thereof shall have libtie. [liberty] to marche out of the said Citie, Castle & fforte, wth all theire appell. [apparel] whatsoeu'[er], & noe other or more Goods horses or Armes then are hereafter menncoed. [mentioned]; viz: The Lord Byron wth his horse & Armes & tenne men wth theire horses & Armes to attend him: Alsoe his Ladie & Servants twoe Coaches and foure horses in either of them for the accomodatinge of theim, and suche other Ladies & Gentlemen as the Lord Byron shall thinke meete wth eightie of the said Lords Books & all his deeds and evidences, manuscripts & wrytings in his possession: The said Lord, his Ladie, nor any theire attendants carryinge amongest theim all aboue ffourty pounds in money & twentie pounds in Plate.

The reste of the Noblemen wth theire Ladies & Servants to marche wth theire horses, each of the said Lords attended wth foure men theire horses & Armes;

eu'y [every] such Nobleman carryinge wth him not aboue thirtie pounds in money:

Eu'y [every] Knighte and Colonell to Marche wth twoe men, theire horses & Armes; noe suche Knighte or Colonell to carry wth him aboue Tenne pounds in money:

Eu'y Lieftent Colonell, maior, and Captyn of Horse wth one man, theire horses & Armes, noe such Lieftenaunte Colonell, maior, or Captyn carrying wth him aboue fyve pounds in money:

Eu'y Captyn of ffoote, Esquyer, Graduate, Preachinge Minister, Gentleman of quallitie, the Advocate & Secretary to the Army, eu'y of theim wth his owne horse and sworde (the Ministrs wthout Sworde) None of theim carryinge wth him aboue fiftie shillings & the Ministrs to haue all theire owne Manuscripts, Notes, and evidences: Lieftents, Cornetts, Ensignes & other inferior officers in Comission on foote wth eu'y man his sworde & not aboue twentie shillinges in Money:

All Troupers, foot Souldiers, Gunpowder makers, Canoneers, & all other not before mencoed [mentioned] to marche wthout horse & Armes; And that none of the said p'sons. before mencoed, shall in theire Marche, after they are out of the Citie & liberties hereof, bee plu'dred, searched, or molested.

2. That all woemen, of what degree soever, that please to marche out of the Citie shall haue all theire appell. [apparel] wth theim, & suche officers wyves whose husbands are prsoners or absent may carrye suche somes [sums] of money wth theim as are allowed by theis Articles to Comanders, officers, & Gentlemen of their husbands quallities, & noe more.

3. That none of the Comanders, officers, or Souldiers, or any other att or before theire marchinge out of the Citie, Castle, or forte, Doe Iniure [injure] or plu'der the p'son or goods of any, nor carry any thinge awaye out of the said Citie, Castle, or forte, but what ys theire owne & hereby allowed.

4. That all Citizens & others nowe residinge in the Citie shalbe saved & secured in theire psons., & their Goods & estate wthin the Citie & Liberties theireof, preserved & kepte from the plu'der & vyolence of the Souldyers, And haue the lyke freedom of Trade as other Cities and Townes vnder the Parliaments p'tection haue, and suche ymmunyties as they of Righte oughte to haue; And that eu'y suche marchaunt & Tradesman of Chester as shall desyr to goe into North Wales to looke after his goods shall haue a passe to goe thether & returne backe agayne; hee firste gyvinge securitte that, duringe his absence, hee will doe no acte to the preiudice of the p'liamt: And that noe suche pson. shall att any tyme, wthout lycence, carrye more money wth him then sufficiente to defray the Charges of his Jorney. And that All Citizens & others Inhabitaunts whoe shall nowe or hereafter desyre to Marche furthe of the Citie of Chester & not acte anythinge agaynst the p'liamt, his or theire wyves or famylies to haue the benefitt & privilege of Inhabitants.

5. That suche officers & Souldiers as shalbe lefte sicke or wounded wthin the said Citie of Chester, or the Castle or forte thereof, shall haue libertie to staye vntill theire recou'y [recovery] & then haue passes to Conwaye or any of the Kinges Garrisons not blocked vp: In the meane tyme to bee prvyded for.

6. That the said Lord Byron, Noblemen, Comanders, Gentlemen, officers, and Souldyers, & all others that shall marche out of the said Towne [sic for Citie] shalbe att Libertie to marche to Conwaye, & ffyve dayes are allowed theim to marche thether wth a Convaye of two hundred horse: The welshe officers and Souldyers to haue libtie. to goe to their owne homes, All of theim to haue free quartr in theire marche & twelve Carryages yf they shall haue occasion to vse soe many; wch carryages are to bee retorned the sixthe daye, & that passes bee gyven theim for theire saufe retorne to Chester, and that they bee secured vntill they retorne thether.

7. That noe Souldier in his marche shalbe Inveigled or entyced from his Collers [colours] or Comand wth any p'myse or inducemt whatsoeu'r.

8. That all suche psons., Citizens, or others whoe haue famylies in Chester, & are nowe in places remote thence, shall haue the lyke benefitt of these Articles as those whoe are nowe resident in Chester.

9. That the frends of the Earles of Derbye & Lichfield, or of any of these whose Dead bodies are not yett interred in Chester, shall haue two monthes tyme to fetche theym there, whither they please, provyded that non of theim come attended wth aboue twentie horse.

10. That noe Churche wthin the Citie, or evidences, or wrytinges belonginge to the same shalbe defaced.

11. That suche Irishe as weire borne of Irishe parents & havinge taken pte. wth the Rebells in Ireland & nowe in the Citie shalbe prsoners.

12. That all those horses and Armes belonginge to those that marche oute, and not by these Articles allowed to bee taken and carryed out of the Citie, excepte suche horses as are the prop'[er] goods of the Citizens & inhabitaunts that shall remayne in the Citie, before the deliu'y of the same, bee broughte, the horses into the Castle Courte, and the Armes into the Shier [Shire] Hall, where officers shalbe appoynted to receyve theim.

13. That in consideracon hereof, the said Citie & Castle, wth out any slightinge or defacinge thereof, wth all the ordnance, Armes, Ammunycon & all other furniture & prvision for warr therein whatsoeu'[er], (excepte that wch ys allowed to bee carryed awaye), And all the Records in the Castle wth out diminucion, ymbezellinge, or defacinge, bee deliu'ed to the said Sr Willm. Brereton, or suche as hee shall appoynte for the yse of the Kinge and p'liamt on Tuesdaye nexte, beinge the thirde of this instant Feb 1645[-6] , By tenne of the Clocke in the forenoone.

14. That the ffort wth all the ordnance, Armes, Ammunycon & prvision therein of what sorte soeu' [soever] not formerlie graunted or allowed of, vpon the signinge of these Articles bee deliu'ed to the said Sr Willm. Brereton, or suche as hee will appoynte.

15. That vpon signynge of theis Articles, All prsoners in the Citie, Castle, and fforte, that haue byn in Armes for the p'liamt, or imprsoned for adhearinge therevnto shall ymedyatlie bee sett att libertie.

16. That the Convoy shall not receyve any iniury in theire goinge or comynge backe, & shall haue three dayes allowed theim for their retorne.

17. That yf any pson. [person] concernyed in any of theise Articles shall vyolate any pte. of theim, such pson. shall loose [lose] the benefitt of all the said Articles.

18. That vpon signynge of these Articles, sufficient hostages, such as shalbe approved of, be gyven for prformance of the said Articles.

Signed by vs the Comissioners appoynted on the behalfe of the Righte honorable the Lord Byron

Edmund Verney Christopher Blease

John Robinson willm. ynce

Tho: Cholmondeley John Werden

Peter Griffith John Johnson

Henry Leighe Edmund Moreton

Thomas Throppe Thomas Bridge

What ys done by the Comissioners ys confirmed by

John Byron.

ffor the more full & p'ticular relacon of Reducinge Chester, the same ys conteyned in a Booke sett furthe by mr Nathanaell Lancaster, Chaplain to the Cheshire fforces, whoe was prsent and eye wittenes to all or most of those prceedinges, wch Booke beinge putt in Printe for Edward Husbands, Printer to the Hoble Howse of Commons, & are to bee solde att his Shop att the Signe of the Golden Dragon in ffleete streete neere the Inne Temple, London.

All wch forsaid Articles weire well prformed on both pties., And the Citie, Castle, and fforte deliu'ed vp to the said Sr Willm. Brereton accordinglie; & prsentlie after entringe the Citie, theire weire broughte into the Castle twoe thowsand eight hundred fyftie & three Bodie Armes, ffoure hundred head peeces & many more found afterwards in the Citie, Besides peeces of Ordnance & horse.

Chirke Castle.

Chirk Castle, beinge held by the Kinges ptie., when they heard of [the] reducinge [of] Chester and surrender of Beeston Castle on Saturdaye Nighte the 28 Feb 1645[-6] , stoole [i.e. stole] all pryvatly awaye, & forsook the Castle, And as those Officers & Souldiers weire marchinge awaye, intendinge to haue gonne to the Garrison att Ludloe, The p'liamt forces quarteringe about Mountgom'y, havinge some intelligence whither the enemy intended to haue gone, fell vpon theim in their quarters & tooke one hundred & ffourtie of theim, & all theire Armes, Bagge & Baggage.


Upon or about the 21 Mar 1645[-6] , Colonell Brereton wth his p'liamt forces, vnderstandinge that the Lord Ashley (or Sr Jacob Astley) had gotten over the Reever vnto Camden in Glostershire, & from thence was marched to Stowe the gte [Greate], where Colonell Morgan joyned wth Colonell Brereton Comander in Cheefe, havinge a good Armye (beinge Joyned togeither) of Cheshire, Glostershire, Warwickshire, Darbieshire, & other forces; The Kinges forces intendinge to fighte, had taken theire ground, a place of advantage, for theire musketteers neere the Towne, and theire horse charginge the p'liamt forces twyse very despatlie [desperately]; Some of Glostershire horse Ran awaye cleare out of the field, & many others followed theim: But one Bodie of Warwickshire, Derbyshire, & some others standinge theire grounde, Colonell Brereton came to theim, & encouraged theim to charge the Kinges ptie.; And ledd theim on him selfe vntill they came wthin halfe pistoll shott of theim before the[y] fyred.

They seeinge theire resolucon receyved the first charge, But then fledd, whereupon the horse on the p'liamt ptie. for a short waye pursued theim, and did some execution, But durst not venter too farr because the bodie of theire foote remayned still wholy in the field; whoe seeinge their horse all fledd, althoughe theire weire but fewe of the p'liamt forces either horse or foote lefte in order in the field to make head agaynst theim, yett the said foote all closed theim selves togeither & called for quarter to two or three of the p'liamt horse that Ridd vp to theim: Soe that ymedyatlie vpon retorne of theim they deliu'ed vp theire Armes & became theire prsoners.

The[y] weire in nu'ber one thowsand sixe hundred fortie and sixe: Theire weire prsoners of accompt taken; the lord Ashley, Colonell Egerton of Ridley, Colonell Corbett of Adderley, & his brother, & many other Lieftent Colonells, maiors, & Captyns: Sr Willm. vaughan hardly [i.e. narrowly] escaped, but not wth out some wounds; & about 7 hundred fledd; But some of theim weire taken afterwards.

Exeter Citie deliu'ed vp.

About Wednesday the 08 Apr 1646 , Exeter Citie, [being] held a Garrison for the Kinges ptie., havinge byn longe beseiged by the p'liamt forces, was deliu'ed vpp to Sir Thomas ffearefax.

Wrythen [Ruthin] Castle deliu'ed vp.

Mondaye the 13 Apr 1646 Wrythen [Ruthin] Castle, lykewyse held by the Kinges ptie., havinge byn stronglie beseiged by the Parliamt forces, was deliu'ed vpp vnto Colonell Mytton.

Tutbury Castle deliu'ed vp.

On Tuesdaye the 21 Apr 1646 Tutbury Castle, held by the Kinges ptie. was deliu'ed vpp unto Colonell Brereton.

Bridgenorth Castle gyven vp.

On Tuesdaye the 28 Apr 1646 , Bridgenorth Castle, held by the Kinges ptie., after ytt had byn longe beseiged by the p'liamt forces, And after the Governor of the same Castle had Burned & vtterlie consumed the heigher Towne of Bridgenorth wth fyer, surrendered the said Castle to the p'liamt.

The Kinge comynge to Southewell.

The 15 May 1646 , The Kinge beinge distressed not knoweing well whome to trust or putt himselfe in saufety, wth his Armeys beinge all Rowted & scattred, & moste of his Gairysen [garrison] Townes, Cities, & Castles, taken, surrendered, or readie to bee deliu'ed up to the Parliamt, did putt himselfe into the Scotts Army att Southewell, neere Newarke vppon Trente, havinge in his Company but onelie mr Ashburneham, & monsier Muntrell [Montreville or Montreuil] the ffrenche Agent. Newes came prsentlie thereof to the p'liamt, whoe caused him to bee staid, otherwyse ytt was ymagined he wolde haue gotten into Scotland (yf hee cold) by reason hee came thether in suche prvate man'[ner], that hee wold not willinglie haue byn knowne.

Newarke deliu'ed vp.

The 06 May 1646 , Newarke, beinge longe kept a Garrysone Towne by the Kinges ptie., after they had intelligence of the Kinge beinge att Southewell & theire staid, beinge out of all hope of releefe, deliu'ed vp the Towne to the p'liamt.

Dudley Castle deliu'ed vp.

The nexte weeke after, in the Begynnynge of the weeke, Dudley Castle, beinge held by the Kinges ptie., was deliu'ed vp to Colonell Brereton.

Ludloe deliu'ed vp.

Ludloe Towne and Castle the 17 May 1646 , beinge a stronge holde & made a Garrison by the Kinges ptie., after they had burned a greate pte. of the Towne, did deliu'er vp bothe Towne & Castle to the Parliamt vse.

Beeston Castle defaced.

Chester beinge deliu'ed up aboute the 03 Feb 1645[-6] , prsentlie afterwards command was gyven & warrants sente to the seu'all p'ishes of Bunbury, Tarporley, Wrenbury, & Acton, and some other places and Townshipps, neerest adioyning ffor the pullinge downe, and vtter defacinge of Beeston Castle, wch before Whitsunweeke 1646 was p'formed. Onelie the Gatehowse in the lower warde, & pte. of some Towers in the heigher warde, weire lefte standinge, wch scythens are pulled downe & utterlie defaced. This Castle was buylded, as appeareth by Auncyent Manuscripts in Ao dni. 1220 , by Earle Randull, the third Earle of Chester.

Oxford deliu'ed vp.

On Wednesdaye the 24 Jun 1646 , Oxforde, havinge byn made a Garrison by the Kinge, (the Kinge beinge much there in pson.) & soe contynuynge almoste from the Begynnynge of the Civill warres, was vppon Artycles deliu'ed vp vnto the Gen'all Sr Thomas ffearefax for vse of the p'liamt & State, vpon Condicon the Kinge shold depte. awaye wth Bag and Baggage, & Dyu'rs [divers] Coatches wth the Gentry & theire wyves, Att the Easte porte or Gate on both sides the river to Wheatley. The officers & Souldyers marched awaye in very good order wth theire Armes accordinge to the Agreemt. They in the whole beinge in Nu'ber about seyven thousand, wch boare [bore] Armes. The prvision found in the Citie was not muche neither for man or horse, onelie salte beefe & Corne a good quantitie, a fewe Beanes & pease, but very litle haye; Aboute xxxtie peeces of Ordnance and the works very stronge and large.

Lichfield Close deliu'ed vp.

The 16 Jul 1646 , Lichefield Closse, beinge made a Garrison by the Kinges ptie. and a very stronge hold, & a seige laid longe about ytt by the p'liamt forces, was vpon Composicon deliu'ed vp vnto Colonell Brereton.

Worster [Worcester] Cittie deliu'ed vp.

Worster [Worcester] Citie, beinge a Garrison made by the Kinges ptie. was vpon Thursdaye the 23 Jul 1646 , By Composicon deliu'ed vp to the p'liamt. vse.

Mutynye in Namptwiche.

Upon Tuesdaye the 14 Jul 1646 , A great Mutynye was made in Namptwiche by some of the Rude & unseemlie sorte of the Towne Souldyers to the nu'ber of 3 hundred or thereabouts; wthout either com'and or Ayde of theire Captyns or head officers, beinge all in Armes & forcinge many honest Townesmen to Joyn wth theim; did by vyolence drawe some of the Comittee of Sequestracons for Namptwiche hundred (beinge in peaceable man'r executing theire office for the State) furthe of the office where all theire Books & records weire, & fetched other some of theim (and one of the Collectors) furthe of seu'all howses, wheire they weire att Dynner, And putt theim all in the Com'on Pryson in Namptwiche amongst Cavaliers, Theeves, and horse stealers (wch weire then theire) havinge byn the Com'on prson from the firste makinge the Towne a garrison for thowsands of Lothesome, Lowsy, wounded & maymed Souldyers, wheire many of theim had Dyed, & noe outlett for theim to doe theire needs In: but onelie the prson howse, wch was soe filthie & stinkinge that ytt was Gods mercy that they cold endure ytt.

Neither wold they allowe theim to haue either meate or Drinke, nor quarter in any other howse or place; althoughe ytt was desyred bothe by the heighe Sherryff of the Countie, & many of the Deputie Lieftents & Justices of the Peace beinge then in Towne: (sittinge their qter. [Quarter] Sessions): But not able to medle wth such a Rude multitude on the sudden, vnlesse they should haue reased the Countrey, or called In the Trayned bands, wch wolde haue bredd a greater mischeefe: Neither wolde they willinglie haue allowed theim stooles or quyssions [cushions] to reste on: But onelie the flower [floor] or bare bordes for the space of twoe dayes and a halfe & twoe Nights; abusing theim in wordes, callinge theim Rounde headed Rouges [rogues]; abusing theire wyves, children, & servants by the names of whores, & all evell wordes the[y] colde devyse; not suffring theim to bring theim any sustenance, but what was prvatlie convayed vnto theim back wayes, throwe holes of the Pryson; neither wolde they suffer theim to goe furthe for doinge of theire needs duringe the whole space of ffyftie foure howers (Layinge nothinge to their charge) but alledged that theire wages was pte. vnpaid: Althoughe they knewe that the same Com'ittee never paid theim, nor noe other Souldyers any; neither had they any warrant to pay theim any: ffor they receyved theire paye alwayes from the Treasurer, By warrant from the Deputie Lieutents.

But as some of theim said, They wolde Beate Jacke for Gill; yett they wold not deliu[er] theim furthe, vntill Colonell Lothian & some other gents. had vndertaken for theire paye. The honble lower Howse of Com'ons beinge made acquynted wth that greate abuse vsed vnto the said Comi'ttee, did appoynte a Com'ittee to examen the buysiness, And sente downe orders to the Deputie Lieftents of the Countie of Chester; Both to examen witnesses and certefie: But they did neither: by reason they weire either in some faulte for not beinge more carefull to see the Souldyers paid; or els beinge much tro'bled wth the Busines of the Countrey. But the said Com'ittee had never any satisfac'on for the same.

fflynte Castle. [ 24 Aug 1646 ]

Aboute the later 31 Aug 1646 , fflynte Castle, garrisoned & kepte by the Kinges ptie., was deliu'ed vp for vse of the p'liam't; And scythens [since] demollished.

Denbigh Castle.

Vpon the 27 Oct 1646 , Denbighe Castle, beinge a garrison and kepte by the Kinges ptie., was deliu'ed vp for the vse of the p'liamt.


On Thursdaye the 12 Nov 1646 , Conwaye towne & Castle, wch had byn for a longe tyme a stronge Garrison kepte & maynteyned by the Kinges ptie., & a place almost Invincible, was deliu'ed vp to the Parliamt.

Holte Castle.

Holte Castle, a very stronge holde, beinge kepte by the Kinges ptie. a longe space, from whence they had donne muche mischeefe, & burned ffarne [Farndon] & all Holte, (beinge an Auncyent Corporacon in Wales), was deliu'ed vp by Sr Richard Loid [Lloyd] Governor thereof, & the Aucthor of all that mischeefe & burnynge, for vse of the Parliamt vpon ffryday the 15 Jan 1646[-7].

Namptwiche garrison sold'[iers] disbanded.

On the 15 Jan 1646[-7] , Namptwiche Towne was disgarrisoned; & all the paye from Captyns, officers and Soldyers taken from theim: & they all discharged by the Deputie Lieftents of Cheshire by order from the p'liamt, wch tooke effecte in ffebruary nexte after.

A greate ffyer in Namptwiche.

The 22 Mar 1646[-7] , beinge Mondaye, a litle after Nyne a Clock in the Nighte, theire happened a greate and terrible fyer in Namptwiche, throwe the Negligence of the Ostler in Swan Stable, wth a Candle, wch in three howers did consume & burne a greate p[ar]te of the same Stable, The Blacke Lyon Stable, & pte. of the Lambe Stable, beinge all neire togeither, wth muche of the Haye, Strawe, & materialls therein, togeither wth pte. of the Swan Howse, and pte. of Will'm. Pratchetts Kitchen, & pte. of some other buyldinges, Beside many thatched howses, neerest adioyninge weire vncovered, as widowe Arcalls Kitchen, Henrye Hoyase [?] howse, beinge newly thatched, and pte. of mr Walthalls horse Mylne; To the greate losse and damage of the Owners. But ytt pleased God, there was but small wynde, & good helpe by reason of many Soldiers quartred in the Towne that Nighte, wch tooke greate paynes, or else the fyer begynnynge in the very harte of the towne, & water scarce, the whole Towne had byn in greate danger of burnynge.

Another ffyer att Namptwiche.

The 13 Aug 1647 , Another greate ffyer, beinge in the Welsh Roe in Namptwiche, on the outside of the dwellinge howse of widowe Bebbington, beinge a thatched howse, betwixte 11 & 12 of the Clocke in the daye, wch hapened by Shootinge att a Crowe on the said howse, wth a Birdinge peece, Kyndinge in the Thatche, burned exceedinglie, & fyred Michell Davenports howse, beinge nexte adioynynge, wch howses, by reason of a greate helpe weire quicklie uncovered, & bothe had harme by the fyer; but Davenports howse had the greater harme; and also Davenports fyred John Prees howse, beinge nexte adioyninge, wch spoyled a greate pte. of one Baye, and Began to enter on Reginald Kynseyes howse; But ytt pleased God, that the same hap'ninge in the Daye and the Towne reased, & greate helpe came, or els the whole streete, especiallie that side, had byn burned. And about a moneth before, All the roofe of a Wichehouse of mr wilbrams & Dorothy Brown was burned as they weire wallinge & makeinge Salte, wch yf ytt had happ'ned in the Nighte might haue endangered a great pte. of the Towne.

Plague att Wistaston.

The Plague began in Wistaston, beinge a litle p'ishe of one Towneship, not twoe myles from Namptwiche, a litle after midsomr 1647 , & conty'ued about Nyne weekes; in wch space theire dyed 26 p'sons. The same began in the howse of widowe Scott, a Bleacher of Clothes.

Chester lyke to have byn betrayed.

On Tuesdaye the 20 Jun 1648 , the Citie of Chester had lyke to have byn betrayed & s'[ur]prysed by some Cavaliers lurkinge in the Citie after the same was reduced, and the Throats of the Governor, Captyns and officers practized [? purposed] to haue byn cutt: But ytt pleased God that the same was disclosed by one Thomas Swyndall, whoe was hyred to have prcured the same donne; his conscience accusinge him, hee voluntarilie made Colonell Duckinfield acquynted therewth, wheirevpon maior Houghton, beinge one wch was accused, was ymedyatlie apprehended & sente to p'son [prison]; And beinge searched theire was found in his pockett a letter from Colonell Edward Moldesworth, who was alsoe apprehended & ymp'soned: The contents as followeth, viz:--

Deare Srprepare to morrowe betwixte twelve and one I will come to you prsentlie so soone as you goe to worke. The word ys ffreedom; the marke a litle white vpon yor lefte side at the harte. God speed vs. Tvesday, I doubte not but before Nighte my Ladie Gamull will haue her Rents.

Your faythfull frend,

Edward Moldesworth.

One, Captyn Oldham, was alsoe accused, apprehended & ymprsoned, Examinacons weire taken, & by the confessions of the said Colonell Moldesworthe, Lieftent Colonell James Baker, Lieftent John Purcell, Raufe Smythe, Corporall Willm. Ashton, Thomas Swyndall, Samuel Plat, & William Barton, beinge pryvate Soldyers & Cheefe Actors for the Surp'[ri]sall of the Citie & Castle of Chester, they confessed that they had concluded to haue surprized the said Citie & Castle vpon Tuesdaye the 20 Jun 1648 ; and vpon the surprizall notice sholde have byn gyven vnto the said Moldesworth, & others wch weire appoynted to Lye in the howse neere the Castle, by shootinge of the greate gunnes, and Lieftent Oldham should haue byn Governor of the Castle: ffor wch offence they weire some of theim tryed by a Councell of Warr, & had Judgmt to Dye: Lieftent Oldham, & Willm. Ashton weire shott agaynst the wall in Northgate Streete for their offence.

Plague att Midlewiche.

The Plauge began in Midlewiche the 01 Aug 1647 , And contynued there vntill about Shroftyde nexte afterwards [1648]; Duringe wch tyme theire dyed of the plauge aboute twoe hundred and thirteene men, woemen, & children.

Battell agaynst the Scotts our enymyes.

The 17 Aug 1648 , A greate Army of Scotts, as was reported & beleeved to be trewe, to the nu'ber of Thirtie and twoe thowsand, Came as farr into England as Preston in Lancashire, wthout any resistance, intendinge to haue destroyed the Englishe Nation & Parliamt; But theire beinge opposed & sett vpon very suddenlie in their quarters by the valiant & renowned Englishe Gen'all Cromwell, (many of the Scotts Army beinge quartered in Preston, & many, especiallie theire horse, further Remote in seu'all [several] Towneshipps) who slewe and wounded about foure Thowsand of theim, & tooke about sixe thowsand of theim prsoners, & soe Rowted & scattred theire whole Army, that the[y] fledd towards Warrington: & beinge pursued by the said Englishe Gen'all, betwixte Preston & Warrington, weire taken foure thowsand, wch submitted theim selves prsoners, & twoe thowsand and fyve hundred of theim slayne. Then the Scotts beinge thus Rowted and Slayne, the remaynder of theire Army fled into Cheshire, but beinge theire, and in greate frighte, & straungers in that Countrey, not knowinge wch waye to take, beinge muche scattred, (theire was not many of theim slayne ffor they weire content to yeld theim selves prsoners) when they prceyved that Countie to Ryse agaynst theim, and call for quarter to any that wold oppose theim; Soe that many of that Countie had greate store both of horse & prsoners; for almost any one or twoe wch did but offer to oppose theim, had 8, 10, [8, 10,] or a dozen prsoners & horses. Theire weire broughte prsoners to Namptwiche, p'sons of accompt, viz.: Earle Traquerne [Traquaire], Lord Cornegy, Lord Lunton, Lord Ramsay, Sr James Lasly [Leslie], Sr Nicholas maismath; four maiors; twelve Captyns; eleaven Lieftents; three Ensigns; three Cornetts; one quartermr; fyve ministers; fyfteene gent. of quallitie, & aboute one thowsand Com'on Soldiers. They were almost all of theim a fortnighte in Towne; The greate men & better sorte of theim weire well quartered in Innes, & other sufficient howses, & the Com'on Soldyers weire kepte in the Churche.

Prisoners Removed.

On Tuesday the 05 Sep 1648 , the Noblemen weire removed to Warwick Castle; But the weeke before all the Com'on sorte in the Churche, weire sent abroad to seu'all Townshipps in the Countrey, wch vsed to sett furthe the Trayned bannds; eu'y towneshipp had double the prsoners to quarter to the nu'ber of the trayned bands. The Mynisters, Captyns, and other officers [were] quartered in the Towne for a long tyme afterwards.

Duke of Hamilton taken.

About the same tyme, The Duke of Hamilton & many of the rest of the Scotts weire taken att and about Utsetter [Uttoxeter]. The Duke wth some of theim weire sente vp to London, where in the Pallace yarde att westmr [Westminster] the 09 Mar 1648[-9] , hee & the Earle of Holland & the Lord Capell weire all three beheaded.

Barwicke & Carlisle.

The 05 Oct 1648 , Barwicke, beinge helde & made a garrison by the Kinges ptie., was surrendered vnto Lieuten. Gen'all Cromwell; & Colonell Brighte vpon surrender of Carelyle [Carlisle] was sente to take possession thereof.


Colchester was surrendered vp to the Parliamt vse the 28 Aug 1648 , wherein weire very many Lords, Knightes, Esqrs., Colonells, Captyns, officers, Commanders, & Comon Soldyers, to the nu'ber of many thowsands; many escaped, but weire most of theim taken afterwards: Sr Charles Lucas, & Sr George Lisle, & Coll. ffarr weire adiudged to dye; And weire afterwards shott.

A ffyer at Namptwiche.

The 29 Nov 1649 [? 1648 ], beinge Thursdaye, theire happened a greate ffyer in the howse of Owen Lea in the Beam Streete in Namptwiche, Betwixt 12 and one a Clocke in the mornynge, wch burned the roofe of his said howse & much of his Goods, and alsoe the roofe of Anne Walthals howse nexte adioynge on the East ende, & all her goods; And lykewyse muche of the tymber of bothe howses; and twoe howses of Wilkensons weire uncovered and the Thatch pulled of[f] them, or else they had byn burned alsoe.

Beaumaris surrendered vp.

Aboute Bartholomewe daye [24 Aug] 1648 , Colonell Mytton & Colonell Lothian of Namptwiche, wth many Comanders, Captyns, officers, and Comon Soldyers for the Parliamt to the nu'ber of 13 hundred horse & foote of Cheshire, Shropshire & North Wales, marched to Wrythen [Ruthin] where most of theire forces mett. ffrom theire they marched throwe Denbighe to St. Assaphe from thence to Abbergaly, from thence to Lanrouse [Llanwrst], and from thence to Bangor, wheire theire ys onelie a greate Ryver betwixt that & Anglesey; & theire the[y] Laye on theire garde fourteene dayes vntill Boates weire broughte to theim to carrye theim over.

On Mondaye Nighte, beinge Michaelmas daye [ 29 Sep 1648 ], the[y] Boated over theire men into Anglesey, & surprized the Garde, to the astonyshmt of the Islanders, & staid theire by the water side a daye & a Nighte wthout receyving any Alaram, The Bodie of theim beinge att and about Bewmarrys, reported to bee in nu'ber twoe or three thowsand on the Kinges ptie. And the nexte mornynge they marched towards theim, & theire meetinge wth theim about twoe or three of the Clocke in thafter noone, the[y] ingaged Battell betwixt theim; & contynued in fighte twoe or three howers, But in conclusion the Kinges ptie. retreated into the Towne, Churche, and Castle; & those in the Towne and Churche prsentlie sounded to a plie. [parley] wch was graunted vnto theim: And the conclusion was that they shold haue onelie quarter for their lyves, & to surrender vp the Towne & Churche vnto the vse of the p'liamt, together wth all Armes, Collors, drumes, powder, Ammunycon & prvision whatsoeu'[er], wch was prformed; And the same Evenynge the p'liamt forces entred the Towne; But the Castle about a weeke after; & then vpon Composicon for quarter onelie.

The[y] surrendered the same alsoe wth all Armes, Ammunycon & prvision whatsoeu'[er] was in the same. Theire weire not aboue twentie on the p'liamt side slayne & wounded; But of the other ptie. a greate nu'ber.


p[er] me Thomam Malbon


[End of Malbon's account of the Civil War.]

His further Writings:-

The Scotts forces wth theire Kinge weire in Namptwiche on Monday the 18 Aug 1651 , but did not much harme; onelie tooke Armes & Cheese; and the nexte daye afterwards marched awaye. And after they had Garrisoned Worcester, the Parliamt forces, com'anded by Lord Gen'all Cromwell stormed the same and quyte Rowted the Enymy, the 03 Sep 1651. And Cheshire forces came home agayne on Tuesday 09 Sep 1651 , beinge juste one moneth furthe.

The Earle of Derbie wth his forces, beinge about xv hundred, weire quyte Rowted in Lancashire in & aboute Wyggen [Wigan] by Colonell Lilborne & his forces, the 01 Sep 1651 , Wheire manie weire slayne & many taken prsoners. The Earle fledd after the Kinge to Worcester, wth a smale Company, beinge a litle hurte in the face; But after the Enemyes Route, He fledd backe and was taken att Sandford Bridge in Shropshire, & afterwards to Chester where by a Councell of Warr hee & Sr Tymothye ffetherston & Captyn Benbowe, weire all tried & had Judgmt. to dye, on Wednesday the 01 Oct 1651 , viz.: the said Earle to bee beheaded att Bolton in Lancashire that day ffortnight; afterwards Captyn Benbowe to bee shott at Shrowesbury the same daye; & Sr Tymothye to bee beheaded att Chester that daye three weekes, wch was all p'formed accordinglie.

The nexte weeke afterwards John Saer, Captn John Benbow, & some others weire alsoe tryed by a Councell of Warr att Chester and weire adiudged to dye. John Saer was hanged vpon the Comon Gallowes att Chester on Tuesdaye the 04 Nov 1651 ; where some more weire hanged for seu'all offences the same daye beinge condemned att the assizes att Chester held on the weeke before: & Captyn Benbow was Shott att Shrowesbury.

On Thursdaye in Whitson wicke, beinge the 10 Jun 1652 , certyn men beinge marlinge wth one ... [name not given] in Worhall [Wirrall] hundred, fyve men weire all slayne wth the fall of a clodd of marle.

On Sondaye the 20 Jun 1652 , The p'ishoners of Lawton beinge in the Churche in th' afternoone, he[a]reing Gods worde, A greate storme comynge wth wynde thunder & Lightninge, The thunder bolte & Lightninge or what els, pleased God, entred in att one of the Steeple wyndoes; broke the Greate Bell wheele; did much harme in the Steeple breakinge the Roofes & floores & came downe amongest the People & killed eleaven dead, viz.: a sonne of John Pursels, Will'm. Beeche of Audley p'ishe. [a webster]; Will'm. Mearham [collier] of the same p'ishe., Thomas Poole, of Road, [Rode] Blacksmith; John Houghton, servante to widowe Hancocke of Road; Will'm. Brereton, s'vant to John Stonyer; Peter Capper, s'vant to Richard Merry; John Parker [a beggar lad]; ffrancis Lowe, Carpenter; John Hall [blacksmith]; John Pursell, Carpenter; Besides to the nu'ber of 12 more or thereabouts stricken, & sore astonyshed, not killed; But not any of theim had any wounds nor harme to bee seene; onelie some of theim weire blacke in some pte. of theire Bodies.

The 20 Apr 1653 , beinge wednesdaye, the Lord Gen'all Cromwell; maior Gen'all Harrison & others of the officers of the Army, havinge a greate Company of ffyer-Locks neer theim, came into the Parliament howse, the Parliamt sittinge, And then & theire told theim of the[i]r evell carryage in the publique buysiness, & greate wast & expence of Treasure. And tooke the Speaker furthe of the Cheere & putt him furthe of the howse; tooke the Mace and suche Wrytinges as weire then in the howse and then all the rest of the Howse arrose & wente theire wayes & the Lord Gen'all locked the doore, putt the keye in his Pockett, And after wente to Whitehall and discharged the Councell of State.

Kinge Charles Behedded neere the Banquettinge Howse at Whitehall London on Tuesday the 30 Jan 1648[-9].

1655. A litle before Bartholomewe Daye 1655 , was the greatest ffloodes by reason of aboundance of Rayne, as noe man lyvinge had seen the lyke. Weever did tutche the bottom of Namptwch Bridge, drowned all Mislesiche & the lower ende of welsh Roe; and the Reever Ranne throwe mr Hassalls gates a full Mylne water & drowned the streete vnto the Poste att Kendalls doore, & did very muche harme in drowninge many wiche howses & especially in many water works betwixte the Mylnes & Bryne pitt. But in Northwiche where Weever & Done did meete, ytt did farr more harme.

Bryne Pitt Works [at Nantwich.] On or aboute the 17 Jun 1656 , greate works att the Brine pitt weire began & contynued vntill the 09 Sep 1656 nexte followinge, wthout any Intrmission, Savinge the fayre weeke, wch cost about cccli. [300.]

Thomas Malbon, Junr, Thomas Sparrowe, & John Watson beinge the Rulers; Willm. Thrushe another Ruler, but then dead."

"Thomas Malbon owethe [owneth] this Booke 1657."

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