The Jennings Family

 of Canada, London , Shropshire and Cheshire


Edward John Keefe SMITH (RIN: 05352), son of Frank SMITH and Grace SMITH , was born 02 November 1938 in Canada. He married Patricia Marjorie RYAN . He died 19 June 2006. Patricia Marjorie RYAN (RIN: 05340), daughter of Charles RYAN and Esther JENNINGS , was born [private] in Canada.

Children of Edward John Keefe SMITH and Patricia Marjorie RYAN are:
1. Krista Diane SMITH (RIN: 05356), b. [private] See Terrance Ronald SMITH & Krista Diane SMITH
2. Pamela Esther SMITH (RIN: 05360), b. [private] See David Michael DESPINS & Pamela Esther SMITH
3. Timothy John Keefe SMITH (RIN: 05364), b. [private] See Timothy John Keefe SMITH & Maggie Ernest SMITH

Other Marriages/Unions for Patricia Marjorie RYAN:
See Dennis MCALPINE & Patricia Marjorie RYAN

Notes for Edward John Keefe SMITH:

  • Birth: 02 November 1938 in Canada.
  • .
  • Death: 19 June 2006.

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