A modern patio or patio style area can add to the aesthetics of any area. Stone patios are the most commonly seen but patios can be constructed from many other materials. Indian stone patios however are very good value for money and provide excellent results especially for those working on limited budgets. You need not be restricted to a single patio as many larger gardens have the space for two patios, and some striking results can be obtained by linking two patios with a similarly constructed garden pathway. Decks and decking are also alternative means of providing a hardstanding area in the garden and can be constructed in many materials. Commonly hardwood decks and decks constructed from renewable softwoods are the two commonest materials used.

Some Patios and Decks we have recently constructed

A rear of the garden secluded patio blending in with the surroundings

AFTER :            

Above is the old patio - below is the new  -  in Stonemarkets Stone





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