Due to recent changes made by the United States Post Office  postage rates from the US have dramatically increased. USPS have cancelled all economy shipping rates and insist airmail is used for all parcels and packages. This increases the cost of all books purchased in the US by us for our customers.

SURFACE or ECONOMY rates have previously been  INCLUDED in the price quoted by us for books ordered and supplied from the US but this no longer applies and we therefore are forced to issue supplementary invoices for additional postage for these items, which are fortunately a very small part of our extensive title range.

Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

Kindred Connections

Aquarists Reunited is a site for fishkeepers looking to find old friends and colleagues who may have lost contact. Lots of clubs listed and data available

The Fish Orphans Fish and Aquaria Relocation Scheme relocates unwanted fishes and aquaria to deserving causes and maintains them in hospitals and retirement homes



is our U.S. equivalent site

Some quite useful web links we have found that may help viewers to select their requirements. Most are to other Landscaping sites that are also Calypso Group member sites but some are just to other good sites in general - for example - a good dentist in London? or a good information site for fishkeepers ?



Landscaping and Gardening Sites

"Go to " Link





London Landscapers. - Does what it says on the label


Gardeners in North London


Garden landscapes


"     "








General Sites of Interest


Social History interest. North London


The International Federation of Online Clubs and Aquatic Societies. IFOCAS


A good dentist in London ?


A good bookshop in California 


FishOrphans rehoming scheme


A good web hosting company


Fish Data


A good new world web hosting compant


Articles on fishkeeping and pond construction

Aquarists Reunited

We hope you find the links above helpful and would ask that if you ever find any that are nor working please let us know.



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