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Calypso Publications was established in 1978 as the publishing arm of Calypso Research.  We are a specialist Ichthyological publishing house. Over 100 book titles ,disks and CD's are currently in print and production. In formulating and establishing the Calypso Ichthyological DATABASE  and PHOTOLIBRARY in 1994 we  became the world's leading ichthyological taxonomic data processing house. The database is now used as a standard tool throughout the world.
In addition to the technical sides of our operations we also print a range of popular, area-based Illustrated Field Guides and handbooks together with several unclassifiable but interestingly FISHY TITLES 
Calypso is both self-financing and totally independent and actively supports several other prestigious aquatic-based organizations.

In 2003 Calypso transferred many of its technical titles to online and CD availability and is phasing out their supply as books. This allows immediate download of many technical titles and data and with CD's easier processing of data. Paper versions will still be available to special order, The main customer benefit is a price reduction on these titles of between 50 and 75 percent. A list of affected titles is linked here.

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The Calypso Organization

The Calypso Organization of which Calypso Publications was the founding member now encompasses a range of different environmentally aware groups, each of which has its own website. A list of these very diverse sites ( which are guaranteed user-friendly and consumer-safe) can be found by simply clicking the following link, but, please browse our site before surfing our related webs.


Calypso also actively supports the FishOrphans Re-homing and aquarium recycling scheme and IFOCAS, The International Federation of Online Clubs and  Aquatic Societies

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