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Picture to follow BIOHOME Biological Filtration medium. Sintered Glass  system in 5 litre tub.. Ideal for Koi pool filtration and outdorr pond use.

Our Price 5 plus postage/carriage at cost  ( Its heavy)


Picture to follow NO MORE Blanket Weed. One litre tub with measure.

Seems to be a powder you just drop into the pool.

Our Price 2.50 plus postage/carriage at cost

Amberlite Phosphate-removing resin IRA-400 .500 gms
Sealed reagent canister (NIB) of Phosphate remover
IRA 400 Phosphate removing granular resin by Amberlite. A 500 gram tub plus a batch of loose resin adding up to approximately a kilo, Simply recharge using Sodium chloride solution every time you wish to recharge it - so will last almost forever. Great for producing specialist water conditions when breeding difficult species

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