Ethical Junction Member 2011


Calypso Landscapes

1. All garden wastes are recycled

2.  Minimal use of concrete and cement-based materials

3. Plants and trees are all ethically sourced from renewable sources

4. Smaller engine modules on all town service vehicles

5. Active encouragement of ponds, pools and wildlife areas within our customers' gardens and conservation and capture of water resources

6. Design aimed at reduction of carbon footprints and green roof installations

7. Low energy-use office eventually aspiring to carbon-neutral status


Calypso Publications

1. Conversion of paper publishing to electronic, CD., DVD  or .pdf formats wherever possible

2. Free online access to all environmentally relevant  stored data and databases

3. Low energy-use office eventually aspiring to carbon-neutral status

The Calypso Online Fish Bookshop

1. Recycling of all specialist-user environmentally relevant texts with profits supporting the FishOrphans rehoming scheme

2 We do not trade with, or supply to, the following countries involved in the whaling industry:

Japan, Norway, Faroe Islands (Danish) and Iceland and any other states who may from time to time actively engage in whaling of any description under any pretext

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