The Jennings Family

 of Canada, London , Shropshire and Cheshire

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This page is under construction


( Earliest records:- )    Farmers and Farm Workers and associated skills  eg. Saddlers. Wheelwrights etc


Landscape Gardeners  

Professional Armed Forces and Police 2  
Civil Servants   1
Authors   1
Scientists   2
Aeronautical Engineers   1
Accountants   2
Doctors and Nurses 2 5
Architects   1
Academics   2
Teachers   2
Computer Professionals   2
Sales personnel   2
Engineers   1
Builders 2  
Lawyers   2
Agricultural workers 6  


Causes of Death and related data

Data will be added one by one and not totalled until the completion

(Added so far. London Jennings's, Magill's , Broom's, and Wicks's)

Accidents / Medical accidents    
Heart failures / Heart disease 1.1,1,  
Carcinomas 1,1,  
Dementia inc. MS 1,1,1,  
Bronchitis / Pneumonia 1.1,  
Blood disorders 1,  
Alcoholism None known  
Drug abuse None known  
Paediatric death (0-4)    
Victim of crime None known  
Non-specific illnesses (state) 1.1,1,  

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