The Jennings Family

 of Canada, London , Shropshire and Cheshire

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The JENNINGS family in England

Addresses historically associated with the Jennings family

2 Gatcombe Road,London N.19 Family home since 1953 1953 to date MAP
Dresden Road, London N.19 George and Doris's first home 1939-1945  
47 Miranda Road, London N,19 George and Doris's second home 1945-1953 MAP
1 Water Lane, Frankwell, Shrewsbury Elsie and George's married address prior to emigrating  1908-1912 MAP


Dodcott-cum-Wilkesley, Shropshire   Pre 1908 MAP
1 Butchers Row, Shrewsbury George Edward's Aunt Ada's (previously Alice's) residence


53 Wingfield Gardens, Shrewsbury Mrs Fardoe ? ? MAP
15 Dog Lane, Nantwich, Cheshire Mrs.W.Jennings ? ? MAP
156 and 191 New Park Road, Castlefields, Shrewswbury Reg and Peggy Williams's house in the late fifties ? c. 1958-1959 PICTURE
11 Lodmore Lane Wrensbury, Nantwich, Cheshire     MAP
32 Ash Road, Park Lane Estate Wednesbury, Staffs George Edward's Aunt Eunice's residence    

Doris May JENNINGS and George Edward JENNINGS

  L.H.Side Picture taken at the Unitarian Church, Highgate Hill N 19 circa 1950 (opposite Hospital) Now demolished.  R.H.Picture August 1949


L.H.side picture taken in Dresden Road, N.19 c 1943

R.H.Side picture taken in the garden of 34 Macdonald Rd.,(now demolished) sometime earlier


L.H.side picture taken in London c 1948

R.H.Side picture taken taken in Dresden Road, N.19 c 1943

Below: L.H.Side picture taken at 2 Gatcombe Road,London N.19 in 1955  ( the tree on the left still exists )R.H. Picture is of the wedding of George and Doris on June 8th 1940



  L.H.Picture is an official Metropolitan police photograph. Year Unknown

Person on the left is unknown as are the date and location. Probably pre-war and probably Brentwood in Essex


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