The Jennings Family

 of Canada, London , Shropshire and Cheshire


Please note: All listed ancestors between AD 900 and AD 1550 directly relating to Canadian or U.S.descendants have been provided by a Canadian member of the family researching the Cramer-Thornton Lineage and are unverified by the compiler.


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12 Rodney St., Clerkenwell, London

 West Virginia 1793, 1800, 1795,Greenbrier County

28 Norwich St.,Cambridge (With Sister Jane)

28 Norwich St., Cambridge

Big Bull Swamp northeast of Orangeburg town

40 Hatton Wall Saffron Hill Finsbury London

56 Hatton Wall Saffron Hill Finsbury London

7 Bute St Luton Beds

78 Chapel St Clerkenwell London

AB, Calgary, West, 712 1st. Avenue

AB, Taber

AB, Wembley


Addington county Ontario Canada

Addington cty Ontario, Sheffield twp

Addington Ontario (West), sheffiield

Africa, Tunisia

After 1871 in Oldham

Al, Loflin

Alabama, Clarke Co

Alabama, Limestone County

Alabama, Pike County, Shilo Baptist Church

Alabama, Washington Co

Alberta, Edmonton, 709 Johns Road

Alberta, Edmonton

Alberta, Jasper

Alberta, Lacombe

Alberta, Medicine Hat

Alberta, Redcliff

Alderley Edge

Arizona, Phoenix

Arkansas, North Little Rock


Australia, Sydney, North Shore Hospital

Australia, Victoria, , El Dorado

Australia, Victoria, , Melbourne


Austria, Krems


B.C, Victoria

Back St Ashwell Herts


Baldur Cemetery

Baldwins Corner Ashwell Herts

Baldwins Court Ashwell Herts


BARNET Hertfordshire England

Bathurst Township


BC, Albert Bay

BC, Burnaby, Forest Lawn Cemetery

BC, Chetwynd

BC, Grand Forks

BC, Kaledon

BC, Kamloops

BC, Kelowna

BC, Kimberley

BC, Langley

BC, Matsqui

BC, New Westminster

BC, Port Alberni

BC, Pouce Coupe

BC, Qualicum Beach

BC, Sardis

BC, Sayward

BC, Surrey

BC, Vancouver

BC, Victoria, 1703 Bay Street

BC, Victoria, 3047 Washington Ave

BC, Victoria, 832 Princess Ave

BC, Victoria, Ab, Calgary, Lachine QB

BC, Victoria, Forest Lawn Cemetery

BC, Victoria

BC, White Rock

Bedford County Ontario

Belgium (Hooge Wood), Ypres

Belgium to New York USA, Deutschland to Antwerp

Belgium, Flanders

Belgium, Mons, Hainault

Bethnal Green LONDON England

Bethnal Green with Robert and Maria Ladell, 5b Virginia Row

Bethnal Green, 11 Butler's Buildings

Bethnal Green, 12 George Street

Bethnal Green, 20 Burgoyne Road

Bethnal Green, 20 Gibraltar Gardens

Bethnal Green, 20 New Street

Bethnal Green, 306 Leather Street

Bethnal Green, 31 Pitt Street

Bethnal Green, 33 Turin Street

Bethnal Green, 34 Cadel Street

Bethnal Green, 4 Virginia Row

Bethnal Green, 5 Butler's Buildings

Bethnal Green, 5b Virginia Row

Bethnal Green, 88 Ravenscroft Street

Bethnal Green, 90 Old Bethnal Green Road

Bethnal Green, Hackney Road, 38 Cadell Street

Bethnal Green, Hackney Road, 4 Coleharbor Street

Bethnal Green, Hackney Road, 5 Virginia Row

Bethnal Green, St. Jude

Bethnal Green, St. Luke's, 24 Sarah Street

Bethnal Green, St. Luke's, City Road, 26 Radnor Street

Bethnal Green, St. Paul, 20 Gibraltar Gardens

Bethnal Green, St. Thomas

Bethnal Green, St. Thomas's Parish Church

Bethnal Green, St. Thomas's

bethnal green

Beverley Township


Brighton Sussex, 12 Bramber Avenue

Brighton West, Sussex Maternity Hospital

Brighton, 15 Ashton Street

Brighton, 250 Elm Grove, Brighton Hospital

Brighton, 26 Barnett Road

Brighton, Elm Grove, Brighton Municipal Cemetery

Brighton, Register Office

Brighton, Royal Sussex County Hospital

British Columbia, Kootenay

British Columbia, Nanaimo

British Columbia, New Westminster

British Columbia, Vancouver


Bromley Kent England

Bucks, Taplow, Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital

Bunbury, Nantwich

Buried in Roman Catholic Cemetery

Burton by Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Byfield, Nottinghamshire

CA, Los Angeles

CA, Sacramento

CA, San Diego, San Diego County, Greenwood Cemetery

CA, San Diego, San Diego County

CA, Whittier

California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles

California, Los Angeles

California, Marin County, Novato

California, Paulo Alto

California, San Francisco County, San Francisco

California, Whittier


Cambridgeshire, Comberton

Cambs, October-Dec at Tunshead

Camden Town, Clerkenwell, St. James

Canada West

Canada, , , Canada West

Canada, , , Lundys Lane

Canada, , , Unmarried

Canada, Alberta, , Edmonton

Canada, Alberta, Banff

Canada, Alberta

Canada, BC, Chilliwack, Chilliwack General Hospital

Canada, Beveridge St

Canada, British Columbia, , Penticton

Canada, British Columbia, , Vancouver

Canada, British Columbia, Abbotsford

Canada, British Columbia, New Westminster, Chilliwack

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria, Ross Bay

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria

Canada, British Columbia, Yale & Cariboo, Division Nelson)

Canada, British Columbia, Yale & Cariboo, Division Nord)

Canada, Canada East (Quebec), Montr al County, St Laurent

Canada, Canada East (Quebec), Montr al County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Addington County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Carleton County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Frontenac County, Kingston

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Frontenac County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Hastings County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Lanark County, Bathurst

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Lanark County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Lennox County, Richmond

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Lennox County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Middlesex County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Northumberland County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Prince Edward County, Ameliasburgh

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Prince Edward County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Wentworth County

Canada, Canada West, Frontenac

Canada, Canada West, Hastings

Canada, Canada West, Huron, Morris

Canada, Canada West, Huron

Canada, Canada West, Lanark, Bathurst

Canada, Canada West, Lennox and Addington

Canada, Canada West, Middlesex

Canada, Canada West, Northumberland

Canada, Canada West, York, Toronto

Canada, Canada, Hastings County

Canada, Dunrea

Canada, Edmonton, 99

Canada, Fredericsburg

Canada, Manitoba, , Baldur Manor

Canada, Manitoba, , Baldur

Canada, Manitoba, , Neelin

Canada, Manitoba, , Treherne

Canada, Manitoba, Argyle, Baldur

Canada, Manitoba, Arygle, Baldur

Canada, Manitoba, Baldur

Canada, Manitoba, Glenco Cemetry, Cypress River

Canada, Manitoba, Lisgar, Argyle

Canada, Manitoba, Lisgar, Louise

Canada, Manitoba, Manitoba Extension, Western Extension and South Western Extension

Canada, Manitoba, Manitoba Extension

Canada, Manitoba, Marquette, Dufferin South

Canada, Manitoba, Marquette, Mountain

Canada, Manitoba, Souris, 6 in Range 14 West, 5, Townships 4

Canada, Manitoba, Souris, in Range 12 West As Is Situated in This District, and Such Portion of Township 4, 6 in Ranges 13 West, 5, Townships 4

Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg

Canada, Manitoba

Canada, MB, Winnipeg

Canada, MB

Canada, Montreal, Mount Royal

Canada, New Brunswick, , Saint John

Canada, New Brunswick, York, Prince William

Canada, Nova Scotia, Argyle

Canada, ON, Hastings Co., Thurlow Twp., Belleville

Canada, ON, Lennox and Addington Co., Sheffield Twp

Canada, ON

Canada, Ontario, , Beverly

Canada, Ontario, , Desmond Camden East Township Lennox Addington

Canada, Ontario, , Dundas

Canada, Ontario, , Harrowsmith Frontenac

Canada, Ontario, , Hastings

Canada, Ontario, , Kingston

Canada, Ontario, , Lanark

Canada, Ontario, , Lennox Addington

Canada, Ontario, , London Twp Middlesex County

Canada, Ontario, , Marysburg

Canada, Ontario, , Marysburgh

Canada, Ontario, , Middlesex

Canada, Ontario, , Newburg

Canada, Ontario, , Northport Sophiasburgh Prince Edward

Canada, Ontario, , of Prince Edward

Canada, Ontario, , Perth

Canada, Ontario, , Prescott

Canada, Ontario, , Richmond

Canada, Ontario, , Sheffield

Canada, Ontario, , Sophiasburg Township

Canada, Ontario, , Verona

Canada, Ontario, , Waterloo

Canada, Ontario, Addington county, Sheffield twp, Tamworth

Canada, Ontario, Addington, Camden East

Canada, Ontario, Addington, Fredericksburgh Township

Canada, Ontario, Addington, Hinchinbrooke

Canada, Ontario, Addington, Loughborough

Canada, Ontario, Addington, Portland

Canada, Ontario, Addington, Sheffield

Canada, Ontario, Addington, sheffield

Canada, Ontario, Addington

'canada', Ontario, Addington

Canada, Ontario, Addington

'canada', Ontario, Addington

Canada, Ontario, Addington

Canada, Ontario, Baden

Canada, Ontario, Bamberg

Canada, Ontario, Bothwell, Sombra and Walpole Island

Canada, Ontario, Bruce County, Carksrhue

Canada, Ontario, Bruce County

Canada, Ontario, Bruce, Culross Township

Canada, Ontario, Bruce, Hanover

Canada, Ontario, Bruce

'canada', Ontario, Bruce

Canada, Ontario, Carlsruhe

Canada, Ontario, Cornwall & Stormont, Ville)

Canada, Ontario, Desoronto

Canada, Ontario, Elgin East

Canada, Ontario, Elgin, Picton

Canada, Ontario, est)

Canada, Ontario, From Toronto

Canada, Ontario, Frontenac, Harrowsmith

Canada, Ontario, Frontenac, Kingston

Canada, Ontario, Frontenac, Loughborough

Canada, Ontario, Frontenac

Canada, Ontario, Grey County South, Normanby

Canada, Ontario, Grey County, Bruce East, Carrick

Canada, Ontario, Grey County, Normanby

Canada, Ontario, Grey County, West Grey Twp., Ayton

Canada, Ontario, Grey County

'canada', Ontario, Haldimand

Canada, Ontario, Haldimand

'canada', Ontario, Haldimand

Canada, Ontario, Haldimand

Canada, Ontario, Halton, Oakville

Canada, Ontario, Halton

Canada, Ontario, Hastings County, Plainfield

Canada, Ontario, Hastings County

Canada, Ontario, Hastings East, Tyendinaga

Canada, Ontario, Hastings East

'canada', Ontario, Hastings East

Canada, Ontario, Hastings East

Canada, Ontario, Hastings West

Canada, Ontario, Hastings

Canada, Ontario, Hungerford

Canada, Ontario, Huron North, Morris

Canada, Ontario, Huron North

Canada, Ontario, Huron, Morris Township

Canada, Ontario, Huron

Canada, Ontario, Lambton, Moore

Canada, Ontario, Lanark South, Bathurst

Canada, Ontario, Lennon, South Fredricksburg

Canada, Ontario, Lennox & Addington, Bath, Ernestown Twp

Canada, Ontario, lennox & Addington, Camden Tp

Canada, Ontario, Lennox Addington, Camden East Township

Canada, Ontario, Lennox Addington, Camden Township

Canada, Ontario, Lennox Addington, Fredericksburgh Township

Canada, Ontario, Lennox Addington, Fredricksburgh Township

Canada, Ontario, Lennox Addington, Sheffield Township

Canada, Ontario, Lennox Addington, Tamworth

Canada, Ontario, Lennox and Addington, Fredricksburgh

Canada, Ontario, Lennox and Addington, Lennox and Addington

Canada, Ontario, Lennox and Addington

Canada, Ontario, Lennox, Nord)

Canada, Ontario, Lennox

Canada, Ontario, London City, 472 Quebec Street

Canada, Ontario, London City

Canada, Ontario, London, St. Barnabas Anglican Church

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex County, Kitchener

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex County, London

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex County, Waterloo

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex County, Westminster Township

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex County, Westminster Twp

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex County

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex East

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex, London City

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex, London

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex, Westminster Township

Canada, Ontario, Nord)

Canada, Ontario, Northumberland and Durham

'canada', Ontario, Northumberland East

Canada, Ontario, Northumberland

Canada, Ontario, Ouest)

Canada, Ontario, Oxford North

Canada, Ontario, Oxford, East Zorra

Canada, Ontario, Perth County, Listowel

Canada, Ontario, Pinrce Edward, Sophiasburgh

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward County, Picton

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward County, Sophiasburg

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward, Belleville

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward, Hastings

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward, Picton

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward, Sophiasburgh

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward, Ville)

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward

'canada', Ontario, Prince Edward

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward

Canada, Ontario, Renfrew South

Canada, Ontario, Richmond Township

Canada, Ontario, Simcoe North

Canada, Ontario, Simcoe South, Essa

'canada', Ontario, Simcoe South

Canada, Ontario, South Himswork, Trout Creek

Canada, Ontario, St Agatha

Canada, Ontario, St. Agatha

Canada, Ontario, St. Catherines

Canada, Ontario, Stormont

Canada, Ontario, Sud)

Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay, Greennbush

Canada, Ontario, Waterloo, Wilmot Twp

Canada, Ontario, Wellington South, Guelph

Canada, Ontario, Wentworth North

'canada', Ontario, Wentworth North

Canada, Ontario, Wentworth, Ancaster Township

Canada, Ontario, Wentworth

Canada, Ontario, York West, Vaughan

Canada, Ontario, York

Canada, Ontario

Canada, Penticton British Columbia

Canada, Prince Edward Island, , Hastings

Canada, Qu bec, Montr al

Canada, Quebec, , Jacques-Cartier

Canada, Quebec, , Montr al

Canada, Quebec, , Philipsburg

Canada, Quebec, , Qu bec

Canada, Quebec, , St Laurent

Canada, Quebec, Hochelaga, Cit )

Canada, Quebec, Hochelaga, Lachine

Canada, Quebec, Jacques Cartier, Lachine

Canada, Quebec, Lennox Addington, Fredericksburgh

Canada, Quebec, Missisquoi, Stanbridge, Oath of Allegience

Canada, Quebec, Missisquoi, Stanbridge

Canada, Quebec, Mississquoi Bay

Canada, Quebec, Mississquoi, Stanbridge

Canada, Quebec, Mississquoi, Standbridge

Canada, Sask., Maidstone

Canada, Saskatchewan, , Estevan

Canada, Saskatchewan, , Vanscoy

Canada, Saskatchewan, Assiniboia East

Canada, Saskatchewan, Assiniboia West, Townships 12 To 18 Inclusive in Ranges 8 To 12 Inclusive West of The 3rd M

Canada, Saskatchewan, Assiniboia West

canada, saskatchewan, Regina

Canada, Saskatchewan, Webb

Canada, Territories, Assiniboia East

Canada, Township Marlboro

Canada, Viscount, 34


Central Glasgow

Central Lond, Westminster, St.Martins in the Field

Cherleton, Wrockwardine, Shropshire

Cheshire East, Nantwich

Cheshire East, West Macclesfield

Cheshire East

Cheshire England, Davenham

Cheshire England, Wirral

Cheshire England

Cheshire, Adderley

Cheshire, Alderley

Cheshire, Audlem, Wybunbury

Cheshire, Audlem

Cheshire, Burleydam

Cheshire, Crewe, Monks Chapel

Cheshire, Crewe

Cheshire, Dodsgreen

Cheshire, Dukinfield

Cheshire, Eaton

Cheshire, Hankelow

Cheshire, Hatherton

Cheshire, Little Warford

Cheshire, Mottram St. Andrews

Cheshire, Mottram St.Andrew

Cheshire, Nantwich, Acton, Wybunbury

Cheshire, Nantwich, Audlem

Cheshire, Nantwich

Cheshire, Nether Alderley, Welsh Row

Cheshire, Old Withington

Cheshire, St. Thomas's Stockport

Cheshire, Warmingham

Cheshire, Warrington

Cheshire, Woolsall

Cheshire, Wybunbury



Chester St. Mary

Chester, St Oswalds

Christchurch, Crewe

City of London Cemetery

City of London Lying-in-Hospital

City Road, Holborn Workhouse

Civil War

Claverack Reformed Church

Clearbrook BC

Coleshill, Warwickshire

consecrated), Bruce Grove (unmarked communal grave number 2964a, Tottenham Cemetery

Cookham Cemetery

Croydon burd Leighton Buzzard, 66A Queens Road, Mayday Hosp

Croydon Hospital

Croydon Registry Office

Croydon, George Street, St. Matthews

Croydon, Mayday Hospital

Croydon, St. Matthews

Croydon, St. Michael's


Cyprus, Dhekelia


Dartford, Joyce Green Hospital

DE, Selbyville Sussex Co

Deptford South, New Cross, 85 Shardeloes Road


Detroit Michigan

Detroit Ward 2

Detroit Ward 3

Devon, Barnstaple, Bickington

Devon, Coombemartin


Dorset, Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Dorset, Wareham

Dover, 4 Finniss Court

Dover, St. Paul's Catholic Church

East Retford, Nottinghamshire

East Sussex, Crowborough, Register Office

Edgecombe Co

Edinburgh, Leith

Edinburghshire, Leith

Edmonton Registry Office


Egypt, Suez Canal, Ismailia Memorial Cemetery

Enfield Registry Office

Enfield, Edmonton


ENG, Bedale

ENG, Lancashire, Thurland

ENG, Stallingborough

Eng, Surrey, Southwark, St. Olave's Par

ENG+, Bedale

England or America

England, , Bedfordshire, Stotfold

England, , Cambridgeshire, Bassingbourn

England, , Cambridgeshire, Bassingbourne

England, , Cambridgeshire, Bassingbourn

England, , Cambridgeshire, Bassingbourne

England, , Cambridgeshire, Bassingbourn

England, , Cambridgeshire, Cambridge

England, , Cambridgeshire, Ely

England, , Cambridgeshire, Haslingfield

England, , Cambridgeshire, Litlington

England, , Cambridgeshire, March

England, , Cambridgeshire, Orwell

England, , Cambridgeshire, Trumpington

England, , Cambridgeshire

England, , Cheshire, Farrington

England, , Cornwall, Egloshayle

England, , Cornwall, Saint Columb Minor

England, , Cornwall, St Neot

England, , Derbyshire, Walton

England, , Devon, Hevitree

England, , Devon, Northam

England, , Durham, Durham

England, , Gloucestershire, Hill

England, , Gloucestershire, Kingsgrove

England, , Gloucestershire, nr Ross on Wye

England, , Gloucestershire, St Leonard

England, , Gloucestershire, Stoke Gifford

England, , Gloucestershire

England, , Hampshire, Milton

England, , Herefordshire, Hereford

England, , Herfordshire, Whitney

England, , Hertfordshire, Aldenham

England, , Hertfordshire, Ashwell

England, , Hertfordshire, Baldock

England, , Hertfordshire, Codicote

England, , Hertfordshire, Great Wymondley

England, , Hertfordshire, Hertford

England, , Hertfordshire, Hinxworth

England, , Hertfordshire, Hitchin

England, , Hertfordshire, Newnham

England, , Hertfordshire, Walkern

England, , Hertfordshire, Watton On Stone

England, , Hertfordshire, Watton Stone

England, , Hertfordshire

England, , Kent, Benenden

England, , Kent, Charing Cross

England, , Kent, Chislehurst

England, , Kent, East Oxford

England, , Kent, Great Mongeham

England, , Kent, Herne

England, , Kent, Kingstone

England, , Kent, Sandwich

England, , Kent, Tenterden Parish

England, , Kent, Tenterden

England, , Kent, Thanet

England, , Kent, West Peckham

England, , Lancashire, Dalton in Furness

England, , Lancashire, Furness

England, , Leicestershire, Leic

England, , Lincolnshire, Blankney

England, , Lincolnshire, Bonthorpe

England, , Lincolnshire, Greenfield Priory

England, , Lincolnshire, Grimsby

England, , Lincolnshire, Kettleby

England, , Lincolnshire, Scotter

England, , Lincolnshire, Welles

England, , Lincolnshire

England, , London, Bethnall Green

England, , London, Holborn

England, , London, Islington

England, , London, London

England, , London, Middlesex

England, , London, Newgate

England, , London, St Faith Church

England, , London, St Katherine by the Tower

England, , London, ST Leonards

England, , London, St Luke

England, , London, St Marylebone

England, , London, St Olave

England, , London, Stepney

England, , London, Wandsworth

England, , London, Whitechapel

England, , Middlesex, Hampton

England, , Middlesex, Holborn

England, , Middlesex, London

England, , Middlesex, Teddington

England, , Norfolk, Wormegay

England, , Northamptonshire, Harlestone

England, , Northumberland, England Ive

England, , Northumberland, Riding

England, , Nottinghamshire, Shelford

England, , Oxfordshire, Oxford

England, , Shropshire, Great Hanwood

England, , Shropshire, Ludlow

England, , Shropshire, Much Wenlock

England, , Shropshire, Munslow

England, , Shropshire, Myddle

England, , Shropshire, Pontesbury

England, , Shropshire, Shrewsbury

England, , Shropshire, Source Richard Ripley

England, , Shropshire, Sutton Maddock

England, , Shropshire, Wrockwardine

England, , Somerset, Montacute

England, , Suffolk, Eye

England, , Surrey, Addington

England, , Surrey, Frensham

England, , Surrey, Guildford

England, , Surrey, London

England, , Surrey, Redhill

England, , Surrey, Reigate

England, , Surrey, Richmond

England, , Surrey, Ripley

England, , Sussex, Sandwich

England, , Sussex, Worthing

England, , Warwickshire, Birmingham

England, , Warwickshire, Coventry

England, , Yorkshire, Aldwark

England, , Yorkshire, Bedale

England, , Yorkshire, Burton

England, , Yorkshire, North Elmsall

England, , Yorkshire, Whixley

England, Allerton, Lancashire

England, Arel Court, Worcestershire

England, Banbury, Oxfordshire

England, Beaksbourne

England, Beauchamp Court, Worcestershire

England, Bedfordshire, Buzzard, Leighton

England, Bedfordshire, Leighton Buzzard, 171 Vandyke Road

England, Bedfordshire, Stanford

England, Benenden, Kent

England, Bitton, Gloucestershire

England, Blankley, Lincolnshire

England, Bonthorpe, Lincolnshire

England, Bradwell, Gloucestershire

England, Burton by Lincoln, Lincolnshire

England, Butterwick, Lincolnshire

England, Cambridgeshire, Barrington

  • ? and ? (Marriage)

England, Cambridgeshire, Bassingbourn

England, Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, St Andrew The Less

England, Cambridgeshire, Guilden Morden

England, Cambridgeshire, Hildersham; Hall

England, Cambridgeshire, Soham

England, Carmarthenshire, , Cilsant

England, Cassington, Oxfordshire

England, Cheshire, Altrincham

England, Cheshire, Audlem

England, Cheshire, Backford

England, Cheshire, Dodcott-cum-Wilkesley

England, Cheshire, Mobberley

England, Cheshire, Nantwich

England, Cheshire, Stockport

England, Cheshire, Wrenbury

England, Cheshire, Wybunbury

England, Chestershire, Timperley

England, Cockerington, Lincolnshire

England, Colchester, Essex

England, Crambridge

England, Cranbrook, Kent

England, Devon, Barnstaple

England, Devonshire, Churston Ferrars

England, Devonshire, Churston Ferrers

England, Devonshire

England, Dorchester

England, Dudley Castle, Staffordshire

England, Dudley, Staffordshire

England, East Yorkshire

England, Eaton, Cheshire

England, Essex, , Rivenhall

England, Essex, Arundel

England, Essex, Bardjua

England, Essex, South Weald

England, Essex

England, Gloucester, Bristol

England, Gloucester, Toddington, Hailes Abbey

England, Gloucester

England, Gloucestershire, Bristol

England, Gloucestershire, Icomb

England, Glouchester

England, Goulton, Lincolnshire

England, Greenfield Priory, Lincolnshire

England, Halstead

England, Halton, Runcorn, Cheshire

England, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

England, Hereford, Ashwell

England, Herefordshire, Brampton Bryan Castle

England, Herefordshire, Hoddam

England, Herfordshire, Whitney

England, Hertford, Hertfordshire

England, Hertfordshire, , Windridge

England, Hertfordshire, Aldenham

England, Hertfordshire, All Saints

England, Hertfordshire, Ashwell

England, Hertfordshire, Hitchin

England, Hertfordshire, Ickleford

England, Hertfordshire, Newnham

England, Hertfordshire

England, Herts, St. Albans, Windridge

England, Herts, Stevenage, Lister Hospital

England, High Toynton

England, Hoxton Old Town, 4 Hoxton Market

England, Hull

England, Huntingdon

England, Ipswich

England, Kelvedon, Essex

England, Kent, Addisham

England, Kent, Ashford, Beever

England, Kent, Barham

England, Kent, Bekesbourne

England, Kent, Canterbury, Deal Parish

England, Kent, Canterbury, Northbourne

England, Kent, Challock

England, Kent, Denne Hill

England, Kent, Ickham

England, Kent, Kingston, Dennehill

England, Kent, Kingstone, Denne

England, Kent, Kingstone, Marley

England, Kent, Kingstone

England, Kent, Ripple

England, Kent, Sussex, Northiam

England, Kent, Woolwich, Woolwich

England, Ketelby, Lincolnshire

England, Kingsgrove, Gloucestershire

England, Kyme, Sleaford, Lincolnshire

England, Lancashire County, Burnley, 'Holme'

England, Lancashire, Ashton Under Lyne

England, Lancashire, Brierly

England, Lancashire, Chadderton

England, Lancashire, Eltonhead

England, Lancashire, Oldham, Chadderton

England, Lancaster, Whally Parish

England, Laon

England, Leciester, Long Clawson

England, Leicester, Leicestershire

England, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

England, Lincoln, Stallingborough

England, Lincolnshire, Baumber

England, Lincolnshire, Bonthorpe

England, Lincolnshire

England, Liverpool

England, London, Bermondsey

England, London, Bethnal Green

England, London, Bishopsgate

England, London, Clerkenwell

England, London, Ely Rents and Hatton Garden and Saffron Hill

England, London, Hackney

England, London, Holborn

England, London, Holton Jarden

England, London, Islington

England, London, Lambeth

England, London, Middlesex

England, London, North Middlesex

England, London, Shepherds Bush

England, London, Shoreditch Haggerston

England, London, Shoreditch

England, London, South Norwood, 51 South Woodside

England, London, St Andrew Holborn Above The Bars and St George The Martyr

England, London, St Andrew

England, London, St Andrews

England, London, St James Clerkenwell

England, London, St Leaonard Shoreditch

England, London, St Leaonards

England, London, St Leonard Shoreditch

England, London, St Leonard

England, London, St.Pancras

England, London, Terling

England, London, Vanxhall

England, London, Vauxhall Bridge Road

England, London, Westminister, St Margarets

England, London, Westminster, St. Margaret's

England, London, Westminster, St. Martins Lane

England, London, Whitechapel St Mary

England, London

England, Low Toynton

England, Madresfield, Worcestershire

England, Malpas, Cheshire

England, Middlesex, , Stevenheath

England, Middlesex, Camden

England, Middlesex, Clerkenwell

England, Middlesex, Hackney

England, Middlesex, Hampton Wick

England, Middlesex, Hampton

England, Middlesex, London, London Bethnal Green Parish

England, Middlesex, London

England, Middlesex, Magna, Stanmore

England, Middlesex, Mile End

England, Middlesex, Richmond Upon Thames

England, Middlesex, Southwark

England, Middlesex, St Leonard Shoreditch, St Leonard Shoreditch

England, Middlesex, St Luke

England, Middlesex, St Pancras

England, Middlesex, Stevenheath, Stepney

England, Middlesex, Teddington

England, Middlesex, Tower Hamlets

England, Monmouthshire, Abergavenny, Priory Church

England, Monmouthshire, Usk, Rhaglan

England, Norfolk, Norwich

England, North Yorkshire, Ryedale, Hovingham

England, Northamptonshire, Kempston

England, Northumberland, Newcastle Upon Tyne All Saints

England, Nuthall, Nottinghamshire

England, Oxford, Balliol College

England, Oxfordshire, Ambrosden

England, Oxfordshire, Banbury

England, Powys, Montgomeryshire

England, Ruskington, Lincolnshire

England, Salehurst, Robertsbridge

England, Sandwich, Kent

England, Selby, West Riding, Yorkshire

England, Shepway, Kent

England, Shropshire, Atcham, Abbey Foregate

England, Shropshire, Battle of Blore Heath

England, Shropshire, Dawley

England, Shropshire, Kettley Wellington

England, Shropshire, Ludlow

England, Shropshire, Oswestry

England, Shropshire, Shrewsbury

England, Shropshire, Stokesay

England, Shropshire

England, Shropshire-Cheshire, Ash

England, Shropshire

England, Somerset, , Wiveliscombe

England, Southampton

England, Staffordshire, Rushton

England, Staffordshire

England, Stallingborough, Lincolnshire

England, Stepney

England, Suffolk Co., St. Edmunds Bury

England, Suffolk, Aldebrugh

England, Suffolk, Aldeburgh

England, Surrey, Camberwell, 155 St George`s Road

England, Surrey, Frensham

England, Surrey, Lambeth Marsh

England, Surrey, Lambeth

England, Surrey, Leatherhead, Fetcham, 58 Orchard Close

England, Surrey, Marsh, Lambeth

England, Surrey, St Mary Newington

England, Surrey, Walton

England, Surry County, Lambeth Parish

England, Sussex, Angmering

England, Sussex, Battle

England, Sussex, Croydon

England, Sussex, Parham

England, Sussex, Tufton

England, Sussex, West Marne

England, Sussex

England, Sutton on Trent, Nottinghamshire

England, Tenterden, Kent

England, Tufton

England, Tunbridge Castle, Staffordshire

England, Uley, Dursley, Gloucestershire

England, Upton, Gloucestershire

England, Warwickshire, Arrow

England, Warwickshire, Estingdon

England, Warwickshire, Of Arrow

England, Washingborough, Lincolnshire

England, Westmorland, Kendall

England, Whitechurch, Cheshire

England, Wiltshire, Overton

England, Worksop, Northamptonshire

England, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

England, Worlaby, Lincolnshire

England, Wye, Kent

England, Yarmouth

England, Yorkshire Co., Farlington

England, Yorkshire Co., Fulford

England, Yorkshire Co., Hovingham

England, Yorkshire Co., Kilham

England, Yorkshire Co., Langtoft with Cottam

England, Yorkshire Co., Oswaldkirk

England, Yorkshire Co., Owthorne

England, Yorkshire Co., Rudston

England, Yorkshire Co., Sutton on the Forest

England, Yorkshire, , Of Cowling

England, Yorkshire, Drypool

England, Yorkshire, Hanging Grimston

England, Yorkshire, Hull


Essex SW, Leytonstone, Whipps Cross Hospital

Essex, Braintree

Essex, Epping, Walthamstow, 78 Bedesford Road

Essex, Forest, Knotts Green, Public air-raid shelter

Essex, Foxearth

Essex, Parish Church of Foxearth

Europe, Schuntz Deu. Germany

Evergreen Cemetery in Everett

Evergreen Cemetery

Fifeshire, Cupar


Fla, Jacksonville


FLINT Clwyd Wales



Four Mile Tree at Browne family home

Foxearth Essex, Liston

Foxearth Essex

France, Alsace

France, Battle of Passchendiele

France, Caen, Low Normandy

France, Eure, Montfort Sur Ris

France, Evreux

France, Falaise, Low Normandy

France, La Lucerne

France, Lorraine, Moselle, Rhodes, St. Croix

France, Lyons-la-Foret, High Normandy

France, Marville

France, Mirepoix, Aude, Languedoc

France, Montfort Amaury Castle, Ile-de-France

France, Montfort, Sur-Risle, Eure, High Normandy

France, Montmorency, Ile-de-France

France, Normandie

France, Normandy, Fecamp

France, Normandy, Montfort

France, Normandy

France, Picardie, Somme, Y

France, Rhone, Lyons

France, Romelfing

France, Rouen, Seine-Inferieure, High Normandy

France, Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees

Frontenac county Ontario Canada

GA, Sandersville

GA, Washington Co

Georgia, Baldwin County, 10 mi fr Milledgeville, Shinholzer Farm

Georgia, Baldwin County, Milledgeville

Georgia, Baldwin County

Georgia, Elbert

Georgia, St. George

Georgia, Wilkes County


Germ, Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen, Essenheim

Germany, , , Heizenbach

Germany, , , Lamberthein

Germany, , , Saltzberg

Germany, , Saltzberg

Germany, Baden-W rttemberg

Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Calw, Eschbach

Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hohenlohekreis, Eschelbach

Germany, Bavaria

Germany, Bayern

Germany, Brandenburg, , KONIGSBERG IN NEUMARK

Germany, Deu., Hessendarmstadt

Germany, Eschbach

Germany, Hamburg, , Saltzburg

Germany, Hesse, Lahn-Dill-Kreis, Braunfels

Germany, Hesse, Limburg-Weilburg, Blessenbach

Germany, Hesse, Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Altengronau

Germany, Hesse

Germany, Hessen, , Grossen Engels

Germany, Hessen, Hamberg, Salzberg

Germany, Hessen, Waldeck-Frankenberg, Wega

Germany, Kreis Kusel, Waldmohr

Germany, Lambsborn

Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz, Mainz, Laubenheim

Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz, Mainz-Bingen, Grolsheim

Germany, Saar, Waldmohr

Germany, Salzgitter

Germany, Wuerttemberg, Dusslingen

Germany, Wuerttemberg, Oetisheim



Glasgow, Anderston

Glasgow, Milton


Goodman's Fields

Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

Great Walford

Greenwood Memorial Park Cemetery

Grey County, Bruce East, Carrick


Hackney Borough, Dalston St. Mark, 228 Dalston Lane

Hackney Hospital

Hackney Road, 4 Coleharbor Street

Hackney Road, 5 Virginia Row

Hackney, 228 Dalston Lane

Hackney, Lower Clapton Road, St. John's Parish Church

Hackney, Metropolitan Hospital

Hackney, Register Office

Haggerston), Shoreditch (St. Columba, St. Leonard, 3 Reeves Place

Haggerston, 3 Nuttall Street

Haggerston, 3 Reeves Place

Haggerston, 50 Mansfield Street

Haggerston, 9 Nuttall Street

Haggerston, St. Mary's


Haggerstone, 16 Boston Street


Hampshire, Southsea, Hyde Park Road, 3 Hyde Park House

Hampstead, Belsize Park, Royal Free Hospital

Harefield, Hill End Road, Harefield Hospital

Hastings Co Ontario Canada

Hastings county. Ontario

Hastings County

Hatzey Memorial Cemetery

Hatzic Cemetery

Hertfordshie, Ashwell

Hertfordshire or London

Hertfordshire, Aldenham

Hertfordshire, Ashwell

Hertfordshire, St. Albans


Herts, Barnet

Herts, Welwyn Garden City, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

Highbury, St. Augustine's

Highgate, Islington

Highgate, Unitarian Church

Highgate. St. Michaels

his ashes were scattered at sea in Essex, Colchester crematorium; later, 8 February 2005

Holborn District London

Holborn, City Road, 5 Gastigny Place


Holbourn District Middx

Homerton, 14 Brooksby's Walk

Hoxton New Town, Hoxton Street, 11 Walbrook Place

Hoxton Old Town, 6 Wilshire Row

Hoxton Old Town, 65 Ivy Lane

Hoxton Square, St. Monica's Chapel

Hoxton Street, 11 Walbrook Place

Hoxton, 204 Hoxton Street

Hoxton, 4 Land of Promise

Hoxton, Earl Road, 11 Mount Row

Hoxton, St. John the Baptist

Hoxton, St. Saviour's

Idaho, Canyon County

Ilinois, Vermillion Co

Illinois, Adams County, Old Wallace Cemetery

Illinois, Adams County

Illinois, Clark Co

Illinois, Edgar County

Illinois, Edjar County, Prarie

Illinois, Elwood

Illinois, La Salle, Vermilion Cemetery

Illinois, McLean Co

Illinois, Pike County, Griggsville, Griggsville Cemetery

Illinois, Pike County, Griggsville

Illinois, Scotland

Illinois, Stanton

Illinois, Vermilion Co., Elwood

Illinois, Vermilion County, Elwood

Illinois, Vermilion County

Illinois, Vermillion County, Elwood

Illinois, Vermillion County, Georgetown, Elwood Friends Cemetery

Illinois, Vermillion County

Illinois, Vermillion


IND, Decatur

IND, Hopewell MM

Indiana, Fountain County

Indiana, Grant, Fairmont

Indiana, Grant, Fairmount, Back Creek Friends Cemetery

Indiana, Grant, Liberty, Little Ridge Friends Cemetery

Indiana, Grant

Indiana, Jackson

Indiana, Union Co., Liberty

Indiana, Union County, Salem

Indiana, Union

Indiana, Vigo County, Terre Haute

Indiana, Washington County

Indiana, Washington


Iowa Census, Clinton Co., De Witt

Iowa, Clinton Co., De Witt, Elmwood Cemetery

Iowa, Des Moines

Iowa, Fremont, Fisher

Iowa, Guthrie

Iowa, Hardin Co., Levin Hill

Iowa, Hardin Co., Providence Twp., Chester Cemetery

Iowa, Hardin Co., Providence Twp., Honey Creek Cemetery

Iowa, Hardin Co., Providence Twp

Iowa, Hardin Co

Iowa, Hardin, New Providence

Iowa, Scott Co


Iraq, Baghdad

Iraq, Mosul

Iraq, Taktak

Ireland, , Kerry, Munster

Ireland, Clonbulloge

Ireland, Cork, Carrigaline

Ireland, County Cork, Schull, Crookshaven

Ireland, County Cork, Schull

Ireland, County Cork

Ireland, County Down, Killinchy, Ballygeegon

Ireland, County Down, Newcastle

Ireland, County Down

Ireland, Down, Derryboy

Ireland, Down, Kellyuch Parish

Ireland, Down, Killeen

Ireland, Killarney

Ireland, Monaghan

Islington Green, St. John's Place

Islington London England

Islington SE, 48 Norfolk Road

Islington, Highgate

Islington, Mydleton Square, St Mark

Islington, Newington Green, Tudor House

Islington, Upper Holloway, Archway Hospital

Islington, Upper Holloway, Royal Northern Hospital



Jefferson County


Jewin St City

Jordan, Amman


Kent England, West Peckham

Kent, Broadstairs, Sea View Cottage

Kent, Chislehurst, Church of the Annunciation

Kent, Eastry, 6 Swaynes Way

Kent, Eastry, St. Mary The Virgin Churchyard

Kent, Maidstone

Kent, Rainham

Kent, Sandwich, Eastry, 28 Boystown Place

Kent, Tudely

Kentucky, Breckenridge County

Kingston on Thames

Kingston, St. Georges Cathedral (Anglican)


Knotts Green, Public air-raid shelter

LA, Bienville Parish, Old Saline Baptist Church Cemetery

LA, Bienville Parish

Lake Eunice

Lakeview Cemetery

Lambeth Registry Office

Lanark Co, Fallbrook

Lancashire, Ormskirk

Lancashire, St.Helens


Lebanon Methodist Church

Leicestershire. England

Lennox & Addington County, Fredericksburgh Township

Leytonstone, Burial 08/29/1969 at Queen's Road Cemetery

Leytonstone, Lanthorne Hospital

Leytonstone, Whipps Cross Hospital

Line Kiln Lane Ashwell Herts

Little Lake Cemetery

LIVERPOOL Merseyside England

Liverpool Registry Office

LMA, Register of Baptisms

Lodging with Henry and Maria Watson with brother Timothy - they are brothers of Marias

LONDON (N) London England, Islington

LONDON (N) London England

London N.19, Islington, Sunnyside Road

London Township

London UK, Highgate

London, Bethnal Green, St.Matthews

London, Bethnal Green

London, City Road, St. Luke's, 4 Ironmonger Street

London, Clapham, 72 St. Alphonsus Road

London, East Peckham

London, Edmonton

London, Fulham Hospital

London, Fulham

London, Greenwich

London, Highgate

London, Holborn, 17 Tysoe Street

London, Hornsey

London, Islington Upper Holloway

London, Islington, Junction Road

London, Islington

London, Lambeth

London, Wapping

London, Whitechapel

London, Wood Green


Los Angeles CA, Hill City Cemetery

Louisiana, Bienville, Police Jury Ward 6

Louisiana, Washington Parish


Lower Homerton, St. Paul's

Lucas Lane Ashwell Herts


MA, Berkshire, Lee

MA, Bridgewater, Plymouth Co

MA, Plymouth Co

MA, Scituate, Plymouth Co


Maidenhead, Register Office

Maidstone Kent England

Maine, Portland

Malpas St.Oswald

Malpas, Wybunbury

Manitoba, Argyle

Manitoba, Arygle, Baldur

Manitoba, Baldur, Baldur Cemetery

Manitoba, Baldur, Otenaw

Manitoba, Baldur

Manitoba, Cartwright, Belmont

Manitoba, Emerson

Manitoba, Eriksdale

Manitoba, Gimli

Manitoba, Glenboro

Manitoba, Glenora

Manitoba, Lander

Manitoba, Lauder

Manitoba, Lisgar, Argyle

Manitoba, Lisgar

Manitoba, Marquette

Manitoba, Melita

Manitoba, Morden

Manitoba, Neelin

Manitoba, Pilot Mound

Manitoba, Pine Falls

Manitoba, Poplar Point

Manitoba, Portage La Prairie

Manitoba, Portage-La-Prairie

Manitoba, RM of Argyle

Manitoba, RM Strathcona

Manitoba, Selkirk

Manitoba, Souris

Manitoba, South Norfolk

Manitoba, St. Boniface

Manitoba, Transcona

Manitoba, Treherne

Manitoba, Warren

Manitoba, Waskada

Manitoba, Wellwood

Manitoba, Whitemouth

Manitoba, Winnipeg


Manstown End Ashwell Herts

March Quarter

Marion Lake

Martin County North Carolina

Martin N

Maryland, Frederick Co

Maryland, Probably Washington

Maryland, Washington



Marysburgh North


May be 1834

medicine hat ab canada

Mexico, Vera Cruz, Tuxpan

Mexico, Vera Cruz

MICH, Midland Co., Coleman Village

Michigan, Huron, Sheridan

Middlesex East County, Westminster Township

Middlesex, 12a George Street

Middlesex, Edmonton, Register Office

Middlesex, Edmunton

Middlesex, Enfield

Middlesex, Greenford

Middlesex, Hackney

Middlesex, Holborn

Middlesex, Shoredtich

Middlesex, St. Luke's, Goswell Street, 2 Middle Row

Millidgeville Georgia

Minnesota, Becker, Audubon Village

Minnesota, Becker, Detroit Lakes

Minnesota, Becker, Detroit Village

Minnesota, Becker, Detroit Ward 3

Minnesota, Becker, Detroit

Minnesota, Becker, Lake Eunice

Minnesota, Becker, Lake Park

Minnesota, Becker

Minnesota, Beltrami, Bemidji & Forhn Villages

Minnesota, Beltrami, Eckles

Minnesota, Beltrami, Township 147

Minnesota, Fillmore, Jordan

Minnesota, Foston

Minnesota, Goodhue Co., Frontenac

Minnesota, Hennepin Co., Greenwood

Minnesota, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis

Minnesota, Hennepin Co., New Hope

Minnesota, Hennepin Co., Robinsdale

Minnesota, Hennepin, Minneapolis Ward 6

Minnesota, Lake Co., Two Harbors

Minnesota, Otter Tail, Clitherall

Minnesota, Otter Tail, Fergus Falls City

Minnesota, Ramsey Co., St. Paul

Minnesota, Ramsey, St Paul

Minnesota, Ramsey

Minnesota, Redwood, Paxton

Minnesota, St. Paul


Mission BC

Mississippi, Calhoun, Ellard

Mississippi, Hinds Co., Raymond


Missouri, Caldwell Co., McDonald Family Graveyard

Missouri, Caldwell Co., Polo

Missouri, Clay, Gallatin

Missouri, Jackson, Independence Ward 1

Missouri, Jackson, Independence Ward 4


MN, Ramsey

Montana, Big Horn, Hardin

Montana, Cascade, Great Falls City

Montana, Cascade, Great Falls

Montana, Madison, Hot Springs

Montana, Richland, School District 74

Montana, Teton



Mt. Olivet Cemetery

N. Devon, Littleham, St. Swithun's

N. London, Edmunton

N.Y, New Baltimore

N.Y, Rockland Co., Kakiat

N.Y, Schoharie Co., Gilboa


NANTWICH Cheshire England

Nantwich Civil Marriage. March 1899

Nantwich, St.Mary

Napanee Ontario Canada

NB Canada, York City, Prince William

NB, York City, Prince William

NB, York County, Prince William

NC, Alamance, Cane Creek MM

NC, Almanace Co

NC, Bath, Beaufort Co

NC, Beaufort Co

NC, Beaufort County

NC, Bertie Co

NC, Bertis Precinct, Albemarle

NC, Brunswick Co

NC, Brunswick County

NC, Davidson Co., Abbott's Creek Primitive Baptist Cemetery

NC, Guilford Co

NC, Guilford County, Greensboro

NC, Guilford

NC, Hyde County

NC, Iredell Co

NC, Martin County

NC, New Bern, Craven Co

NC, Northampton Co

NC, Northampton

NC, Orange County

NC, Pasquotank Co

NC, Perquimans Co

NC, Perquimans County

NC, Perquimans

NC, Pitt Co

Nc, Pitt County, Bethel Township

Nc, Pitt County

NC, Randolph County

NC, Randolph, Back Creek Friends Cemetery

NC, Randolph, Concord Church

NC, Randolph, Level Cross, Timber Ridge Cemetery

NC, Randolph, Poplar Ridge Church

NC, Randolph

NC, Rowan Co

NC, Rowan

NC, Sampson Co

NC, Surry (Yadkin), Rockford

NC, Surry County, Dobson

NC, Surry County

NC, Tyrrell Co

NC, Wayne Co


Nebraska, Harlan



New Brunswick, St.John

New Brunswick, York County, Prince William

New Brunswick

New York, Broome, Binghampton City

New York, Broome, Binghamton City

New York, Broome, Binghamton Ward 1

New York, Columbia, Ghent

New York, Jefferson, Not Stated

New York, Jefferson, Watertown Ward 10

New York, Lewis, West Turin

New York, Lewis

New York, Monroe County, Rochester

New York, Monroe, Rochester

New York, New York, Manhattan

New York, New York

New York, Niagara, Niagara Falls

New York, Oswego Co., Oswego

New York, Rens. Co., Poestenkill

New York, Renssalaer Co., Sand Lake

New York, Saint Lawrence, Massena

New York, St. Lawrence, Massena Village

New York, Tioga, Owego

New York, Wyantskill

New York

New Zealand, Christchurch, Rangiora

New Zealand, Christchurch

New Zealand

Newberry County, Bush River MM

Newberry County, Bush River

Newfoundland, St Johns

Newington, Mildmay Maternity Nursing Home


Niagara Falls New York

NJ, Monmouth

NM, Albuquerque

No. 3 Middle Row

Norfolk, Great Yarmouth

Norfolk, Norwich

Normany, Bretagne

North Africa

North Carolina, Beaufort, Tranters Creek

North Carolina, Beaufort

North Carolina, Martin, Williamston

North Carolina, Martin

North Carolina, Orange City

North Carolina, Perquimans

North Carolina, Pitt County

North Carolina

North Dakota, Cavalier, Dresden

North Dakota, Dunn

North Dakota, Grand Forks, Grand Forks City

North Dakota, McHenry, Drake

North Dakota, McHenry, Grilley

North Dakota

North London, Edmunton

North London, Winchmore Hill

Northampton County NC

Northampton, Barratt Maternity Home

Northampton, Spratton, St. Andrew

Northamptonshire, Kislingbury, Baptist Chapel

Northern Iraq

Northern Ireland, Antrim

Northiam Church

Northwest Territories, Yellowknife

Northwest Territories

Norway, Telemark, Skjoen

Nova Scotia, Bridgewater

Nova Scotia, Burlington

Nova Scotia, Hants Co, Burlington

Nova Scotia, Hants, Burlington

Nova Scotia, Louisbourg

Nova Scotia

NS, Halifax

NY USA, Monroe, Rochester

NY, Albany, Churchtown

NY, Albany, Claverack Ref Ch

NY, Albany, Claverack

NY, Albany, Kinderhook

NY, Albany, Wynantskill

NY, Apalachi

NY, Bradford Co., Rome

NY, Bradford Co

NY, Broome Co., Johnson City

NY, Claverack Co., Dutchess

NY, Columbia Co., Churchtown

NY, Columbia Co., Claverack Twp., Dr Bardwell Cem

NY, Columbia Co., Claverack, Dutch Ref Ch

NY, Columbia Co., Claverack, Dutch Ref Church

NY, Columbia Co., Claverack, Dutch Ref

NY, Columbia Co., Claverack

NY, Columbia Co., Gallatin Ref

NY, Columbia Co., Germantown, The Camp

NY, Columbia Co., Hudson

NY, Columbia Co., Linlithgo Ref

NY, Columbia Co., Linlithgo

NY, Columbia Co., Old N Chatham Ce

NY, Columbia Co., West Copake

NY, Columbia Co

NY, Columbia County, Claverack

NY, Columbia, Churchtown

NY, Columbia, Germantown, Germantown Ref

NY, Columbia, Kinderhook

NY, Columbia, Red Hook, Red Hook Luth

NY, Cortland Co, Baltimore

NY, Duchess Co

NY, Dutchess Co., Kinderhook

NY, Dutchess Co., Red Hook

NY, Dutchess Co., Rhinebeck, German Ref Ch

NY, Dutchess Co., Rhinebeck

NY, Dutchess Co

NY, Germantown Ref

NY, Hempstead, Nassau Co

NY, Kinderhook, Kinderhook Ref

NY, Kinderhook, Kinderhook Reformed Church

NY, New Baltimore

NY, New York

NY, Rennselaer, West Sand Lake

NY, Rensselaer Co, Ref Church

NY, Rensselaer, Poestenkill or Brunswick

NY, Rensselaer, West Sand Lake

NY, Rockland Co., Bethleham

NY, Rockland Co., Kakiat

NY, Ulster Co., Kingston, Kingston Ref

NY, Wilseyville, Wilseyville Cem


NZ, Wellington

Occupation: Lawyer

Ohio, Brown, Perry

Ohio, Clermont, Williamsburg

Ohio, Highland Co

Ohio, Montgomery County, Rocky Spring

Ohio, Perry, Hopewell Twp

Ohio, Preble, Eaton

Ohio, Seville, Mound Hill Cem

Ohio, Union County, Byhalia

Ohio, Warren County, Caesars Creek


Oklahoma, Kay, Ponca City

Old Street, St. Mark's

ON, Lennox Addington, Ernestown Twp

ON, Port Hope

ONT, Deseronto

Ont, Frontenac County, Olden Twp

Ont, Lennox & Addington Co., Richmond

Ont, St Thomas

Ontario - Canada, Lennox & Addington Co

Ontario - Canada

Ontario Canada, Addington

Ontario Canada, Fredericksburg

Ontario Canada, Sheffied Twp

Ontario Canada, Tamworth

Ontario Index

Ontario, Addington Co., Fredericksburgh

Ontario, Addington Co., Tamworth

Ontario, Addington County, Sheffield Twp

Ontario, Addington, , Sheffield

ontario, addington, sheffied

Ontario, Addington, Sheffield, Tamworth

Ontario, Addington, Sheffield

Ontario, Battersea

Ontario, Beckwith Twp., Dewars Cemetery

Ontario, Bellevile

Ontario, Belleville, 107 Cedar Street

Ontario, Belleville

Ontario, Bruce Co., Greenock TWP

Ontario, Bruce Co., Greenock Twp

Ontario, Bruce Co., Greenock TWP

Ontario, Bruce Co., Greenock Twp

Ontario, Bruce Co., Greenock TWP

Ontario, Bruce Co., Greenock Twp

Ontario, Bruce Co., Greenock TWP

Ontario, Bruce Co

Ontario, Carleton County

Ontario, Cit )

Ontario, Durham County, Port Hope

Ontario, Durham District East, Millbrook

Ontario, Exeter

Ontario, Fort Frances

Ontario, Frontenac County, Kingston

Ontario, Frontenac County, Sydenham

Ontario, Frontenac County

Ontario, Frontenac Cty, Kingston Twp

Ontario, Frontenac District, Kingston

Ontario, Frontenac District, Loughborough

Ontario, Frontenac District, Portland Twp

Ontario, Frontenac District, Portland

Ontario, Frontenac District, Storington Twp., Sandhill Cemetery

Ontario, Frontenac District, Storrington

Ontario, Frontenac District, Sydenham, Primitive Methodist Church

Ontario, Frontenac District, Sydenham

Ontario, Frontenac District, Verona

Ontario, Frontenac District

Ontario, Frontenac, Hinchinbrooke

Ontario, Frontenac, Kingston Twp

Ontario, Frontenac, Kingston

Ontario, Frontenac

Ontario, Grey County South, Normanby

Ontario, Hastings Co., Desoranto

Ontario, Hastings County, Tyendinaga

Ontario, Hastings county

Ontario, Hastings east, Hungerford twp

Ontario, Hastings West

Ontario, Huron Co., Morris Twp

Ontario, Huron County, Hay Twp

Ontario, Kennebec

Ontario, King City

Ontario, Kingston City

Ontario, Kingston Twp., Hinchenbrooke

Ontario, Kingston, Hinchenbrooke Twp

Ontario, Kingston

Ontario, L&A, Fredericksburg, Ebenezer Lutherin Church

Ontario, Lambton Co., Wyoming

Ontario, Lanark Co., Beckwith Twp

Ontario, Leamington

Ontario, Leeds District, Bedford Mills

Ontario, Lennox & Addington, Sheffield twp, District 12

Ontario, Lennox and Addington, Camden Twp

Ontario, Lennox and Addington

Ontario, London City

Ontario, London, Parkwood Hospital

Ontario, London, St. James Church

Ontario, London, St. Paul's Cathedral

Ontario, London

Ontario, Middlesex East

Ontario, Milltown

Ontario, Napanee

Ontario, Northumberland District, Port Hope

Ontario, Northumberland

Ontario, Olden

Ontario, Perth

Ontario, Peterborough District West, Peterborough

Ontario, Peterborough District, Ashburnham

Ontario, Peterborough East, Ashburnham

Ontario, Petrolia

Ontario, Portland District, Harrowsmith

Ontario, Prince Edward, Hillier Township

Ontario, Reid

Ontario, Richmond Township

Ontario, Sarnia, Lakeview Cemetary

Ontario, Sarnia

Ontario, Sheffield Twp., Christ Church Anglican Cemetery

Ontario, Sheffield Twp., Huffman Cemetery

Ontario, Sheffield Twp

Ontario, Sheffield, Addington

Ontario, Sheffield

Ontario, Simcoe District North, Barrie

Ontario, Stirling

Ontario, Tamworth

Ontario, Thunder Bay

Ontario, Tyendinaga Twp, Hastings Co

Ontario, Uxbridge

Ontario, Walton

Ontario, Wellington District, Arthur Twp

Ontario, Wellington, Luther Township

Ontario, Wentworth Co., Ancaster

Ontario, Wyoming

Ontario, York, Weston

Ontario. Canada



OR Woodhouses Shropshire, Cheshire, Nantwich

Oregon, Multnomah

Oregon, Newberg

Oregon, Washington


Orillia Village

Orkney Is. Scotland, Shapinshay, Balfour Village


PA, Bradford Co., Athens, Tioga Point Cem

PA, Bradford Co., Beaver Meadows C

PA, Bradford Co., Beaver Meadows

PA, Bradford Co., Clapper Hill

PA, Bradford Co., Fowler Hill Cem

PA, Bradford Co., Herrickville

PA, Bradford Co., Opposition

PA, Bradford Co., Rush Twp., Fowler Hill

PA, Bradford Co., Sayre

PA, Bradford Co., Sheshequin

PA, Bradford Co., Silvara

PA, Bradford Co., Skinners Eddy

PA, Bradford Co., Spring Hill, Beaver Meadows

PA, Bradford Co., Spring Hill

PA, Bradford Co., Stevensville Cem

PA, Bradford Co., Tuscarora Twp

PA, Bradford Co., Tuscarora, Clapper Hill

PA, Bradford Co., Tuscarora

PA, Bradford Co

PA, Bradford, Springhill

PA, Bradford, Tuscarora

PA, Bucks County

PA, Columbia Co., Fishing Creek

PA, Factoryville

PA, Montrose

PA, Rome

PA, Schuykill Co., Pottsville, Charles Baber Cem

PA, Scranton

PA, Towanda, Oak Hill Cem



Paraguay, Fernheim

Pataha Prairie Cemetery


Pennsylvania, Bradford, Pike

Pennsylvania, Forest, Jenks


Penticton BC

Peterborough District Ontario, Ashburnham


Pitt County North Carolina

Plunket MB?

Pomeroy City Cemetery

Port Hope

Port Uncertain

Portage la Prairie

poss Shropshire


possibly during or shortly after childbirth, both of whom died in infancy. Margaret also died, Note: Margaret had two children with Luke

possibly Leighton or Wybunbury

Prince Edward County

Prince George's County VA

Qc, Lachine

QC, Montreal

QC, Richilieu Co., Sorel, Christ Church

Quaker Hill Indiana

Qu bec, Montr al (Presbyterian Erskine)

Qu bec, Montr al (Presbyterian Saint Andrew)

Qu bec, Qu bec (Notre-Dame)

Qu bec, Qu bec (Presbyterian) (Qu bec (Saint Andrew`S Church))

Qu bec, Saint Andrew), Lachine (Presbyterian

Qu bec

Quebec, Lachine

Quebec, Montreal

Quebec, Sorel


rAudlem.St James

Rhode Island, Newport Co, Newport

Rhode Island, Newport County, Newport

Rhode Island, Newport, Newport

Rhode Island, Newport, Portsmouth

Rhode Island, Newport

Rhode Island, Wakefield, Kingston

Rhode Island, Washington, New Shoreham

Rhode Island, Washington, North Kingstown

Rhode Island, Washington, South Kingston

Rhode Island, Washington, South Kingstown

RI, Kent, West Greenwich

RI, Kings Co., South Kingstone

RI, Newport, New Shoreham

RI, Newport, Portsmouth

RI, Portsmouth, Portsmouth

Ri, Washington Co., North Kingstown


Rocky Swamp Methodist Church

Rose Cottage Gates Northchurch Herts

Ross Bay Cemetery

Russia, Memrick

Russia, Muntau

S Carolina

S. London, Upper Clapton, 54a Geldeston Road

S. Wales, Glamorgan, Hilary, Church Street, St. Hilary

Sailed Holland to England

Salop, Adderley

Salop, Possibly Market Drayton

Saltfleet Township

Sarnia Ontario

Sask, Swift Current, Mount Pleasant Burial Park

Sask, Swift Current

Sask, Waldeck

Saskatchewan, Fort Qu'Appelle

Saskatchewan, Humboldt

Saskatchewan, Lloydminster

Saskatchewan, Loganton, 3, 7, 34

Saskatchewan, Maidstone

Saskatchewan, Prince Albert

Saskatchewan, Regina

Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Loganton, 3, 7, 34

Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Saskatchewan, Smiley

Saskatchewan, Swift Current

Saskatchewan, Waldeck


SC aboard the Oliver or the Samuel, From Germany. Arrived in July at Charleston

SC, "Old White Church" on the Santee Wateree River

SC, Aiken County, Rocky Springs Baptist Church

SC, Aiken County

SC, Aiken, Rocky Springs

SC, Barnwell County

SC, Berkley County

SC, Charleson, St. John's Lutheran Church

SC, Charleston, Charleston, St. Philip's Churchyard

SC, Charleston, Colleton Parish, St. John's

SC, Charleston, St. John's Lutheran Cemetery

SC, Charleston, St. Philip's Church

SC, Clarendon, Santee

SC, Colleton, St. John's Parish

SC, Edgefield Co

SC, Edgefield County

SC, Edgefield District

SC, Edgefield

SC, Gaffney

SC, James Island

SC, Kershaw Co

SC, Neeses, Lebanon Methodist Church

SC, Newberry Co., Bush River

SC, Newberry County, Bush River MM

SC, Newberry, Bush River

SC, Newbury

SC, Norway

SC, Orangeburg County, Rocky Swamp Methodist Church

SC, Orangeburg County, Springfield, Rocky Swamp Methodist Church

SC, Orangeburg County, Springfield

SC, Orangeburg County

SC, Orangeburg District, Goodland Creek

SC, Orangeburg District

SC, Orangeburg, Cattle Creek

SC, Orangeburg, Church Of The Reedemer, Christened "Christian" Snell

SC, Orangeburg, Neeses

SC, Orangeburg, Orangeburg

SC, Orangeburg, Rocky Swamp Cemetery

SC, Orangeburg, Sawyerdale

SC, Orangeburg, Springfield

SC, Orangeburg, Tampa Mill

SC, Orangeburgh

SC, Salley, Gin Branch Cemetery

SC, Santee, Dutch Fort of the Congaree

SC, Santee, Grant's Ferry

SC, SC. of Beaufort, "Old White Church" on the Santee Wateree River

SC, Springfield, Methodist Church

SC, St. Motees Parish

SC, Sumter District, Statesboro

SC, Sumter, Stateburg, The Church of the Holy Cross

SC, Union Co., Union

SC, Williamsburg Co, Witherspoon Burying Ground

SC, Williston


Scotland to Canada

Scotland, , , Castleton Parish

Scotland, , , Fochabers

Scotland, , Aberdeenshire, Forgue

Scotland, , Berwickshire, Earlston

Scotland, , Inverness-shire, Invernesshire

Scotland, , Lanarkshire, Glasgow

Scotland, , Roxburghshire, Castleton Parish

Scotland, , Roxburghshire, Jedburgh

Scotland, , Roxburghshire, Lilliesleaf

Scotland, , Roxburghshire, Maxton

Scotland, , Roxburghshire, Minto

Scotland, Angus, Dundee, Dundee

Scotland, ANGUS, Forfar, 76 Castle Street

Scotland, Angus

Scotland, Ayrshire or Renfrewshire

Scotland, Banff, Keith

Scotland, Banffshire, Banff

Scotland, Banffshire

Scotland, Berwick, , Gordon

Scotland, Edinburgh

Scotland, Edingurgh

Scotland, FIFE, Cupar

Scotland, Glasgow

Scotland, Lanark, Glasgow, Anderston

Scotland, Lanark

Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow St Mungo

Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow

Scotland, MIDLOTHIAN, Edinburgh, 6 Brighton Street

Scotland, MIDLOTHIAN, Leith

Scotland, Midlothian, Leith

Scotland, Roxburgh

Scotland, Stirling, Falkirk

Scotland. United Kingdom, Banff, Rothiemay

SE St. Pancras, Royal Free Hospital

Sept quarter

Sheffield Addington Ontario

Sheffield twp Lennox and Addington County Ontario


Shoreditch Industrial School

Shoreditch Infirmary

Shoreditch London, St.Leonards

  • ? and ? (Marriage)

Shoreditch NW, 76 Mintern Street

Shoreditch Workhouse

Shoreditch, 112 Long Alley

Shoreditch, 2 Dunstan Road

Shoreditch, 2 Hudson's Place

Shoreditch, 32 Hoxton Street

Shoreditch, 39 Fanshaw Street

Shoreditch, 40 Essex St

Shoreditch, 43 Cavendish Street

Shoreditch, 5 Barton Court

Shoreditch, 66 Charlotte Street

Shoreditch, Curtain Road, 20 Phipps Street

Shoreditch, Hackney Road, 9 Cambridge Circus

Shoreditch, Kingsland Road, 6 Wilmer Gardens

Shoreditch, Margaret Place

Shoreditch, St. Anne's, 45 Ivy Street

Shoreditch, St. James

Shoreditch, St. Leonard, 82 Old Street Road

Shoreditch, St. Leonard's Hospital

Shoreditch, St. Leonard's

Shoreditch, St. Lukes

Shoreditch, St. Paul, 82 Old Street Road

Shoreditch, Whitmore Ward, 9 Nuttall Street

Shrewsbury, Atcham

Shrewsbury, Castlefields

Shrewsbury, St.Michaels


Shropshire Ash

Shropshire, Acham

Shropshire, Alberbury

Shropshire, Ash, Moreton Say

Shropshire, Bromfield

Shropshire, Christened at Highley

Shropshire, Dawkey Magna

Shropshire, Dawley Magna

Shropshire, Dawley

Shropshire, Little Drayton

Shropshire, Salop, Meole

Shropshire, Shrewsbury, Coalbrook

Shropshire, Shrewsbury, St.Alkmund

Shropshire, Stoke

Shropshire, Strichley


Singapore, East Shore Hospital

Slough, Wexham Park Hospital

So Shields

Sodington, Worcestershire

Somers Town, Christ Church

Sophiasburgh Township


South Carolina, Kershaw County, Camden, Knights Hill Cemetery

South Carolina, Kershaw County

South Carolina, Lexington District

South Carolina, Orangeburg

South Carolina, Orangeburgh

South Carolina

South Croydon, 56 Byrnes Road

South Dakota, Huges Co., Pierre

South Dakota

South Northwood London England


Southgate, Avenue Road, Chase Bank

Southgate, Bourne Methodist Church

Southwark London England

Southwark, Walworth


St James; Clerkenwell

St Mary Chester

St Paul City

St. Benedict's Hospital

St. Catherines Ontario

St. John at Hackney Parish Church

St. John at Hackney

St. Leonard's Shoreditch

St. Marylebone, Middlesex Hospital

St. Pancras, 88 Euston Street

St. Peters Cemetary

St.Mary Chester

St.Saviours London

Staffordshire, Longton

Staffordshire, Stoke

Staffs, Wednesbury

STOCKPORT Cheshire England

Stoke Newington, 3 Marton Road

Stoke Newington, 7 Shipway Terrace

Stoke Newington, Bouverie Road, Our Lady of Good Counsel

Stoke Newingtons, All Saint's

Suffolk, Lewestoft

Summerland BC

Surrey, Addiscombe, 16 Alpha Road

Surrey, Addiscombe, 18 Alpha Road

Surrey, Addiscombe, 4 Bridge Terrace

Surrey, Addiscombe, 94 Cross Road

Surrey, Addiscombe, St. Mary Magdalen

Surrey, Addiscombe

Surrey, Cheam, Worcester Park, 94 Cheam Common Road

Surrey, Croydon Registry Office

Surrey, Croydon, 126 Cherry Orchard Road

Surrey, Croydon, 20 Lower Addiscombe Road

Surrey, Croydon, Queen's Hospital

Surrey, Croydon, Queen's Road Cemetery

Surrey, Croydon, Queens Road Cemetery

Surrey, Mitcham Road Cemetery

Surrey, Reigate, 11 Willow Road

Surrey, Shirley, Shirley Methodist Church

Surrey, Warlingham, All Saints

Sussex, Brighton, Elm Grove, St. Joseph's

Sussex, Brighton, The Royal Sussex County Hospital

Sussex, Brighton

Sussex, Eastboruen

Sussex, Haywards Heath

Sussex, Portslade by the Sea, 3 Chapel Place

Sutton on the Forest

swift current sask canada

Switzerland, Basel, Farnsburg, Zeglingen

Switzerland, Basel-Town, Basel

Switzerland, Bern, Albligen

Switzerland, Bern, Bibern, Ferenbalm

Switzerland, Bern, Bibern

Switzerland, Bern, Canton, Ferenbalm, Albligen

Switzerland, Bern, Canton, Ferenbalm

Switzerland, Bern, Ferenbalm, Bibern

Switzerland, Canton Bern, Ferenbalm, Bibern

Switzerland, Salothurn, Bern, Bibern

Switzerland, Zeglingen

Switzerland, Zeilingen

Tamworth Ontario

Tamworth Ontario

Tamworth United Church Cemetery


Tennesee, Franklin Cemetery

Tennessee, Giles County

Tennessee, Jackson

Tennessee, Memphis

Terrence NIX

Texas, Lavaca, Lavaca

Texas, Pleasanton

TN, Jefferson


Tottenham, Cambridge Road, Edmonton Cemetery, Grave 136 AH

Tottenham, St. Ann's Hospital

Tower Hamlets, St. Thomas's Eccles. district, Bethnal Green, 4 Coleharbor Street

Tower Hamlets, Walbrook Place

Townsend Ashwell

Tumwater, Masonic Memorial Park

Tuxford, East Retford, Nottinghamshire

Two Mile Swamp

Tyendinaga Township


UK, Bournemouth

UK, Islington, St. Mary's

UK, London, South Northwood

UK, Middlesex, Hackney, Bethnal Green

UK, Middlesex, St. Lukes

UK, Surrey, Fetcham


United Kingdom, England, Cambridge

United Kingdom, England, Cambridgeshire, Wilburton

United Kingdom, England, Cambridgeshire

United Kingdom, England, Cheshire, Alderley

United Kingdom, England, Cheshire, Macclesfield

United Kingdom, England, Cheshire, Nantwich

United Kingdom, England, Cheshire, Wybunbury

United Kingdom, England, Cheshire

United Kingdom, England, Devon, Ilfracombe

United Kingdom, England, Devon

United Kingdom, England, Essex, Colchester

United Kingdom, England, Hampshire, Winchester

United Kingdom, England, Hampshire

United Kingdom, England, Kent, Dover

United Kingdom, England, Lancashire, Ormskirk

United Kingdom, England, London, Camberwell

United Kingdom, England, London, Islington

United Kingdom, England, London, Kings Cross

United Kingdom, England, London, Wandsworth

United Kingdom, England, Middlesex, Finchley

United Kingdom, England, Middlesex, Highgate

United Kingdom, England, Shropshire, Buildwas

United Kingdom, England, Shropshire, Shrewsbury, St.Mary

United Kingdom, England, Shropshire, Shrewsbury

United Kingdom, England, Shropshire, Whitchurch

United Kingdom, England, Shropshire

United Kingdom, England, Suffolk, Nayland

United Kingdom, England, Suffolk, Sudbury

United Kingdom, England, Worcestershire, Kidderminster

United Kingdom, Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire

United Kingdom, Ireland, Kilkenny

United Kingdom, Ireland, Wicklow

United Kingdom, London, Greater London, St Pancras (1902-1977)

United Kingdom, Middlesex, London, Greater London, Islington

United Kingdom, Middlesex, London, Greater London

United Kingdom, Middlesex, London, Holborn

United Kingdom, Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow Anderston

United Kingdom, Scotland

United Kingdom, Surrey, Kent, Greater London, Croydon

United Kingdom, Surrey, Reigate

United Kingdom, West Bromwich

United Kingdom

United States of America, California, Riverside, Riverside

United States of America, Minnesota, Ramsey, Saint Paul

United States of America, Missouri, Jackson, Independence

United States, California, Orange County

United States, Connecticut, Hartford, Avon

United States, Connecticut, Middlesex

United States, Florida, Pasco, Zephre Hills

United States, Georgia, Emanuel

United States, Georgia

United States, Indiana, Ripley, Knight Source Richard

United States, Indiana, Ripley, Source Richard

United States, Indiana, Ripley

United States, Iowa, Fremont, Fisher

United States, Iowa, Mills, Silver Creek

United States, Iowa, Monroe, Albia

United States, Louisiana, Bienville, 6th Ward

United States, Louisiana, Bienville, Friendship

United States, Louisiana, Bienville, Saline

United States, Louisiana, Bienville, Ward 6

United States, Maine, York, Kittery

United States, Maryland, Harford, Street

United States, Maryland, Washington, Hagerstown

United States, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Sheffield

United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Norfolk

United States, Minnesota, Becker, Detroit Lakes

United States, Minnesota, Becker, Lake Eunice

United States, Minnesota, Becker, Lake Park

United States, Minnesota, Becker, Oak Lake

United States, Minnesota, Becker

United States, Minnesota, Beltrami, Bemidji

United States, Minnesota, Hennepin, Minneapolis

United States, Minnesota, Jackson, Sioux Valley

United States, Minnesota, Kittson, Donaldson

United States, Minnesota, Otter Tail, Battle Lake

United States, Minnesota, Otter Tail, Clitherall

United States, Minnesota, Otter Tail, Fergus Falls City

United States, Minnesota, Otter Tail, Fergus Falls

United States, Minnesota, Otter Tail, Girard

United States, Minnesota, Otter Tail, Maine

United States, Minnesota, Otter Tail, West Battle Lake

United States, Minnesota, Ramsey, St Paul Ward 3

United States, Minnesota, Ramsey, St Paul

United States, Minnesota, Ramsey, St. Paul

United States, Minnesota, Winona, Minnesota City

United States, Minnesota

United States, Missouri, Cedar, Lebeck

United States, Missouri, Clay County

United States, Missouri, Platte, Platte City

United States, Montana, Cascade, Great Falls

United States, Montana, Cascade

United States, New Jersey, Hunterdon, Oldwick

United States, New York, Albany, Bethlem

United States, New York, Albany, Troy

United States, New York, Broome, Lisle

United States, New York, Broome, Nanticoke

United States, New York, Cattaraugus, Olean

United States, New York, Columbia, Camp Queensbury

United States, New York, Columbia, Claverick

United States, New York, Columbia, East Camp

United States, New York, Columbia, Germantown

United States, New York, Columbia, Linlithgo

United States, New York, Columbia, Livingston Manor

United States, New York, Columbia, Rhinebeck

United States, New York, Columbia, Teerbush

United States, New York, Columbia, West Camp

United States, New York, Dutchess, Red Hook

United States, New York, Dutchess, Rhinebeck

United States, New York, Dutchess

United States, New York, Germantwon

United States, New York, Greene, West Camp

United States, New York, Lewis, Constableville

United States, New York, Monroe, Pittsford

United States, New York, Monroe, Rochester

United States, New York, Otsego, Otsego

United States, New York, Ulster, East Camp

United States, New York, Ulster, West Camp

United States, New York, Washington, Kingsbury

United States, New York

United States, North Carolina, Alamance, Cane Creek

United States, North Carolina, Chowan

United States, North Carolina, Martin

United States, North Carolina, Northampton

United States, North Carolina, Orange

United States, North Carolina, Perquimans, Berkeley Parish

United States, North Carolina, Perquimans

United States, North Carolina, Wayne, Mar

United States, North Carolina, Yadkin, Deep Creek

United States, North Carolina

United States, North Dakota, McHenry, Drake

United States, Ohio, Medina, Seville

United States, Ohio, Warren

United States, Oregon, Washington, Forest Grove

United States, Pennsylvania, Adams, Tyrone

United States, Pennsylvania, Bradford, Tuscarora

United States, Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania

United States, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Windham

United States, Rhode Island

United States, South Carolina, Charleston, St Phillips Church

United States, South Carolina, Edgefield, Edgefield

United States, South Carolina, Lancaster

United States, South Carolina, Orangeburg, Orangeburg

United States, South Carolina, Orangeburgh

United States, South Carolina, Spartanburg, Fairforest

United States, South Carolina, Spartanburg, Spartanburg

United States, South Carolina

United States, Vermont, Addison, Orwell

United States, Virginia, Chesterfield, Bristol Parish

United States, Virginia, Chesterfield, Chesterfield

United States, Virginia, Gloucester, Gloucester

United States, Virginia, Henrico, Bristol Parish

United States, Virginia, Henrico, Bristol

United States, Virginia, Henrico

United States, Virginia, Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight

United States, Virginia, Isle of Wight, Upper

United States, Virginia, Isle

United States, Virginia, New Kent, New Kent

United States, Virginia, Surry, Surry

United States, Virginia

United States, Washington, Snohomish, Monroe

United States, Wisconsin, Ozaukee, Fredonia

United States, Wisconsin, Ozaukee, Newburg

United States, Wisconsin, Polk, Amery

Unknown. Reginald was an ADOPTED Nephew



Upper Canada

Upper Holloway, Royal Northern Hospital

USA, Alabama

USA, California, , Del Paso Height

usa, california, tehama county, cottonwood

USA, California

USA, Georgia, Baldwin

USA, Georgia, Camden

USA, Iowa, Mills, Silver Creek

USA, Iowa

USA, Kentucky, Nelson, Bardstown

USA, Maine, Penobscot, Argyle

USA, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Diss

USA, Minnesota, Becker, Audubon

USA, Minnesota, Becker

USA, Minnesota, Beltrami, Bemidji & Forhn Villages

USA, Minnesota, Beltrami, Bemijdi

USA, Minnesota, Otter Tail, Marion Lake

USA, Minnesota, Otter Tail, West Battle Lake

USA, Minnesota, Otter Tail

USA, Minnesota

USA, Missouri, , Lebeck

USA, Montana, Big Horn

USA, Montana, Cascade

USA, Montana, Madison, Hot Springs

USA, NC, Martin

USA, NC, Pitt

USA, New York, Albany

USA, New York, Bay Center

USA, New York, Columbia, Linlithgo

USA, New York, Columbia, Rhinebeck

USA, New York, Greene, Athens

USA, New York, Queens

USA, New York, Tioga County, Candor

USA, North Carolina, , Martin

USA, North Carolina, , Tyrell

USA, North Carolina, Carteret, Beaufort

USA, North Carolina, Chatham

USA, North Carolina, Chowan County

USA, North Carolina, Davidson, Abbotts Creek

USA, North Carolina, Halifax

USA, North Carolina, Martin, District 2

USA, North Carolina, Martin, Edenton

USA, North Carolina, Martin

USA, North Carolina, Pitt

USA, North Carolina, Randolph, Back Creek

USA, Ohio, Huron County

USA, Oregon, Washington, Beaverton

USA, Pennsylvania, Bradford, Springhill

USA, Pennsylvania

USA, Rhode Island, Newport, Portsmouth

USA, South Carolina, Aiken, Aiken

USA, South Carolina, Aiken

USA, South Carolina, Orangeburg, Goodland

USA, South Carolina, Orangeburgh

USA, South Carolina

USA, Tennessee, , Stewart

USA, VA, Chesterfield

USA, VA, Dinwiddie

USA, VA, Henrico, Bristol Parish

USA, VA, Lunenburg

USA, Virginia, , Isle Wight

USA, Virginia, , Isle

USA, Virginia, , Northampton CO

USA, Virginia, , Northampton

USA, Virginia, , Surry

USA, Virginia, Accomack

USA, Virginia, Chesterfield, Matoaka

USA, Virginia, Faifax

USA, Virginia, Henrico County

USA, Virginia, Henrico, Bristol Parish

USA, Virginia, Henrico, Dale Parish

USA, Virginia, Henrico

USA, Virginia, Isle Of Wight, Isle Wright

USA, Virginia, Isle of Wight

USA, Virginia, Isle Of Wight

USA, Virginia, Nansemond

USA, Virginia, Northampton, Cherrystone

USA, Virginia, Northampton

USA, Virginia, Surry

USA, Virginia, Warwick

USA, Washington, Seattle

USA, Washington, Sumas

USA, Washington, Whatcom County

USA, Wisconsin, Polk, Amery

USA, Wisconsin


Utah, Salt Lake City


VA, Augusta

VA, Brunswick Co

VA, Culpepper

VA, Frederick

VA, Henrico Co

VA, Isle of Wight Co

VA, Isle of Wight County

VA, Isle of Wight

VA, Isle Wight

VA, James City Co

VA, Jamestown

VA, Loudon Co

VA, Perquimans Co

VA, Southampton Co

VA, Southwark Parish

VA, Surry Co., Swanns Point

VA, Surry Co

VA, Surry, Swanns Point

VA, Surry

VA, Warwick Co

VA, Westmoreland, Machodoc


Vancouver BC

Vermillion Cemetery


Virginia, Dinwiddie County

Virginia, Grayson County

Virginia, Henrico County

Virginia, Henrico

Virginia, Isle of Wight County

Virginia, Isle of Wight

Virginia, Isle Of Wright

Virginia, James City County

Virginia, James City Parrish; New Kent Co

Virginia, King William County, James City

Virginia, Middlesex

Virginia, Northampton

Virginia, Northhampton

Virginia, Surry, Swanns Point

Virginia, Surry

Virginia, Warwick County, Jamestown

Virginia, Warwick County


Viscount, 2, 25, 34

Wales, , , Cilsant

Wales, , , Picton Castle

Wales, , , Pwildyfarch

Wales, , , Winton

Wales, , Anglesey, Llechylched

Wales, , Breconshire, Llan

Wales, , Carmarthenshire, 1651513

Wales, , Carmarthenshire, 1651560

Wales, , Carmarthenshire, Cilsant Castle

Wales, , Carmarthenshire, Dyfed

Wales, , Carmarthenshire, Picton Castle

Wales, , Carmarthenshire, Picton

Wales, , Montgomeryshire, Montgomery

Wales, , Pembrokeshire, Haverford

Wales, , Pembrokeshire, Haverfordwest

Wales, , Pembrokeshire, Pembroke

Wales, , Pembrokeshire, Picton

Wales, , Pembrokeshire, Weston

Wales, , Pembrokeshire, Wiston

Wales, Flintshire, Tallarn Green

Wales, Hawarden, Flintshire

Wales, Montgomery, , Aberbechan

Wales, Montgomery, Newtown

Wales, Sir, , Cilsant


Walthamstow Infections District Hospital

Walworth, Newington


Warlingham Park Hospital

Washington, Callam Co

Washington, Garfield Co., Pataha Flat, Pataha Flat Cemetery

Washington, Garfield Co., Pomeroy

Washington, Garfield Co

Washington, Garfield, Pomeroy, Pataha Flat Cemetery

Washington, Jefferson, Port Townsend Ward 1

Washington, King, Seattle Ward 3

Washington, Pierce Co., Tacoma

Washington, Pierce

Washington, Pomeroy, Pataha Prairie Cemetery

Washington, Retsil

Washington, Snohomish Co., Everett, Evergreen Cemetery

Washington, Snohomish Co., Everett

Washington, Snohomish Co., Lowell

Washington, Spokane

Washington, Thurston Co., Tumwater

Washington, Vancouver

Washington, Walla Walla

Washington, Whatcom, Nooksack

Washington, Whatcom, Surnas


Welwyn, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

Wem Shropshire England

Wesleyan Circuit Biggleswade Beds

Wesleyan Methodist Church

West Croydon, 76 Eridge Road

West Virginia, S.C. to Greenbrier Co., From Orangeburgh

West Virginia: 321 acres on Muddy Creek (West of the Alleghaney Mountains), Greenbrier County

West(Ontario), Sheffield, Addington


where he shared an apartment with his sister Mary until her death in July 1959, He lived in Winnipeg

WHITCHURCH Shropshire England


Windsor, 70 Alma Road


Winnipeg Manitoba, St. Norbert Cemetery

Winnipeg Manitoba

Winnipeg. Manitoba



Wisconsin, Barron Co., Turtle Lake

Wisconsin, Burnett, Swiss

Wisconsin, Dane Co

Wisconsin, Lafayette Co., Monticello

Wisconsin, Polk Co., Home of his daughter Mrs. Ole Lewis in Richardson

Wisconsin, Polk Co., Little Falls

Wisconsin, Polk Co., Richardson

Wisconsin, Polk Co., Webb Lake

Wisconsin, Polk, Amery

Wisconsin, Rusk Co., Ladysmith

Wisconsin, St. Croix Co., New Richmond

Wisconsin, Walworth Co., Delavan

Wisconsin, Washington, Port Washington

with her Mother], Tottenham [joint grave No. 136 AH, Cambridge Road, Edmonton cemetery

Wood Green but Birth Year may be wrongby one year

Wood Green




Wybunbury October 7th 1810


Wyoming Cemetery

York Center Cemetery

Yorkshire Co, Langtoft with Cottam

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